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Suggestion Ebb's WIP Balance Team List/Discussion

Nov 28, 2017
I will be using this thread to work on suggestions/ideas for PvE, PvP and economy based balance changes that I come across and to keep from spamming up any other thread.

First, I would like to say that after searching all around this server has the most unique potential out of any I've seen. I also understand the goal is to be it's own game that is just run on the mc engine. Many of these ideas will be influenced by most of the blizzard games as it is what I have the most experience with. FFXI/XIV have been what I've played in content droughts in other games and I've tended to rotate around.

I was initially a very involved competitive PvPer in WoW but once the PvP was dictated by item level and the resilience changes of WotLK I began to focus on the other aspects of the game. In my recent years I focused mostly on PvE and the economy, funding my guilds through expansion releases and raiding. Experience in both Diablo 2/3 since release of both and a fondness for the item generation will always be a strong influence as well.

Forgive me if these have been stated or beaten into the ground, this is just an attempt to get suggestions organized and consolidated from other threads and discord.
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Nov 28, 2017
more transmutations of metals/gems
MANA potions, mp5 potions, extended buff hi-potion/vials
creates either OH or neckalce(think a stone that has a chance to heal when you recieve damage) con/int/wis
armor coating that gives +armor
creation of heavy left side armor chain/iron/diamond(maybe, thoughts on jewler/gemcraft/gemsmith), MH heavy weapons + OH shields con/end/str/block?
creation of basic gatherer tools
creation of heavy horse armors/pet armors

weapon enchant types(also for use in random item enchants)
- lifesteal, elemental damage, %chance hook(tether to weilder, possible eng), %chance ability on swing, %chance+armor, %chance +mp5,
creation of OH books/scrolls/crystals for wis/int/cha based classes
creation of neck/ring/earring/OH devices(rocket launcher/knockbacks/hooks(on cooldown)
belt w/enchants- tool belt
creation of gatherer/crafter specialty tools
ability to create saddles
-ability to create saddles that have mounts attached to them, horses, slow-regular horse, fast - skeletal horse, fastest - zombie horse : posibility to add riding bears/wolves/etc as rare world drop/expensive crafted/raid/dungeon
creation of other farmer tools: lead, scythe(aoe crop harvesting)

EXP from mining etc. i've dug out huge farms underground with no xp to show for most of it. even a minimal amount would be reasonable

creation of auction hubs in their own towns only- higher global tax than other AH to limit inflation
turning gold into coin w/tool and possible reagent
creation of mailbox(maybe engineer or required materials)
mass smelting
--chance on additional ingots, smelt requires cast time, smelt ~10/time(based on level) %chance to get +amount(based on level)
have craft spell queueing? will run until you move or run out of materials in held hand? cuts down on smelt sound spam(annoying as all hell)
smelting of ingots+gems/alchemy items to create alloy/other for crafters

ability to make either permanent monoliths or portable monolith/shrines for "free" out of combat class changes
creation of RUNES!
-- runes augment abilites for your class, give you temporary buffs(think trinkets in wow) based on class as well as beneficial to all classes
-- runes that gives certain abilites to other classes (rune of dragoon jump:gives acess to jump- takes no skill slot- longer cooldown possibly?)
-- materials from enchanter/drops(much like current relics?- type of mob decides what sort of class ability you get?)
-- tpa runes? both members buy rune-pairs and must have them in inventory to tp to either, each having a certain amount of charges+required mat per use(probably redstone or something) and allow runesmith to charge it
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Nov 28, 2017
PvE related suggestions(anything related to PvE: item drops, exp, mob behavior etc):

Solo mob kill time should be around 10-15 seconds(per Kainzo). This means a mob of roughly equal or lesser health(read NOT greater) should take no more than 25 seconds to kill with a very BASIC understanding of the class being played even with a sub-optimal setup. With support on the higher end of time taken, warrior in the middle, and the mage/rogue path on the lower.

Overall Classes:
Pip had mentioned added more available skills to all classes, while retaining the amount of actives to 7, to allow for a more choose-your-own-path feel on each class. Giving classes who use wis more heal options, supports with dex/str/int more dps options etc.

EXP in party at high tier dungeons not rewarding enough, currently solo grinding in necro is more xp/hr than grouping.
-- possible xp boost % per party member, flat ~5% per party member up to a certain amount, or tune xp/hp up on dungeon mobs
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Nov 28, 2017
PvP related suggestions(skill balance*DEEP FREEZE* mostly, anything related to player vs. player combat):

( Deep freeze, that is all.) Has been fixed to a root and not a stun, needs testing
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Nov 28, 2017
General profession and economy:

Profession specialties: w/implementation of monoliths the ability to change classes would be removed/reduced at monoliths(preferably removed to incentivise playing more and having more classes maxed) allowing people to become omni-crafter/gatherers. With this, we could introduce an artisan/journeyman crafting system where you pick 3 artisan crafts and the rest are journeymen, where artisan is the only one you have access to chest shop/max level ability use.

possible addition for Tinker's Construct for "auto"-crafting (church mentioned this after I was talking to him about how much of a pain it is to mass craft things with wrist injuries/etc.)
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Nov 28, 2017

COIN GENERATION- currently only from mob drops, gold turn in, votes, tip jar, lottery. making miner the "best"(if not only) profession for in game coin generation w/smeltgold

-npc that buys items for minimal c, trash/junk/basic @~.01-.1, ore/ingot at higher prices relevant to gold/coin

auction house use restricted to items of your class +5-10 items out of your class based on level
-merchant not restricted at all
trade district either separated by class type and have miners alley/the farmers market/enchanters hovel/etc organized in terms of relation, have merchant only section central and right near auction house, like a flea market of sorts. restrict non-merchants to ~3 chest shops and merchant allowed ~10?

left side right side armor, left side head chest gloves? pants feet, right side neck ring/earring belt cloak? RUNES! (explained in runesmith) +mh/oh
--all crafters ability to make either left side/right side armor types

Food that restores mana, something else besides emeralds
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Nov 28, 2017
Most immediate problems/suggestions- (things to make the baseline game work how it should before making changes)

  1. exp in dungeons w/party member(s) too low, general leveling experience feels too much like old-style grindy jrpgs
  2. tooltips should have a consistent layout and provide consistent information: cost/reagent/range/effect/damage
  3. Shears do not work to cut vines nor sheep wool.
  4. town chunk amount/costs not proportionate
  5. teleport chat prompt
  7. tumble not reapplying after death- requiring a relog
  8. Placing items in the /skills menu deletes the item
  9. Fix the Disarm item deletion bug

the monolith system- promotes playing more, group play etc. more rewarding for your time spent in game, not punished for wanting to level multiple classes

SiC able to withdraw from bank now
farmer summon animals works (only half tested)

/test -

all skill buttons/books included with the class button
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