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Beguiler Pair.jpg
Male skin Female skin

Master of Confusion

of the Caster Path

Beguilers are the mischievous casters, the ones who wish not to directly harm their opponent, but to harass and misdirect them. They can remove magical enchantments, as well as summon food to them. A favorite trick of the Beguiler is to summon a pig for their unlucky opponent, magically binding them to it and forcing them to ride it around for the amusement of the Enchanter. They work with illusions, making souls not feel the exhaustion of battle, allowing them to fight more vigorously for longer periods of time. These souls live to enchant others, either with a positive boon or for negative effect.

Strength 5
Constitution 14
Endurance 10
Dexterity 5
Intellect 29
Wisdom 20
Charisma 17
Base Health 710
Increase per level 2
Health @ 50 808*
Regen by Foods
Base Stamina 1000
Regen per 1 sec 100*
Base Mana 1145
Increase per level 2
Mana @ 50 1268
Regen per 5 sec 50
Shield 200
Regen per 1 sec 25
Oak Wand Diamond Hoe.png
Base Damage 25*
PvE Damage @ 50 69*
Offhand Items
Watch Clock.png
Book Book.png
Paper Paper.png
Suggested Armor
Armor Weight 35
Head Grid Leather Cap.png
Chest Grid Leather Tunic.png
Leggings Grid Leather Pants.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png
*These values are based on the original Atributes. Increasing the attributes will increase the stats. (Attributes Explanation)

Beguiler: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost CoolDown Effect
Scan 1 10 1 sec Reports the target's health.
Fireball 1 100 5 sec You shoot a ball of fire that deals 145* damage and lights your target on fire.
Pulse 1 150 10 sec You inflict 138* force damage to up to a maximum of 5 enemies within 5 blocks of yourself.
Clarity 1 90 20 sec You and your party within 10 blocks benefit from an additional 29* mana points regeneration per 5 second tick for 3 minutes.
ChaoticVisions 5 150 10 sec Launch an illusion of chaos in front of you. The spear will travel up to 12 blocks, pass through enemies and damage all targets hit for 183 damage.
Dispel 10 80 1 sec You remove up to 1 harmful magic effect from your target.
Piggify 10 115 25 sec You force your target (within 12 blocks) to mount a pig for 4.7* seconds. Breaks when damage has been inflicted on the victim.
Beguile 15 100 15 sec Your target (within 8 blocks) wanders witless, drifting a block or two every half-second for 5.3* seconds.
Reflect 15 190 5 sec You reflect 50% of all damage back to your attacker for 5 seconds.
SummonFood 20 50 1 min You summon 1 bread at your feet.
ManaShield 25 100 10 sec Uses your mana as a shield for 20 seconds.
PlagueBomb 25 120 10 sec Throw out a fucking sheep that explodes!
Icebolt 30 250 11 sec You launch a ball of ice that deals 86 damage to your target and slows them for 4 seconds.
QuantumLeap 30 100 30 sec You change place with your target (a player within 15 blocks). Requires line of sight, and can be used through 1x1 holes.
Might 35 150 30 sec You increase your party's damage with weapons by 20%.
SafefallOther 35 150 15 sec Stops your target from taking fall damage for 10 seconds.
FauxBomb 40 100 10 sec Spawn a diseased explosive sheep. Or so it would appear... (The sheep has no actual effects).
Purge 40 100 1 sec You remove up to 1 beneficial magic effects from your target.
Replenish 50 50 2 min You regain 50% of your mana.
Teleport 50 250 3 min You are teleported to a party member. Takes 10 seconds to warm up.
Use: /skill teleport [target's name]
  • Requires 1 Diamond

These values are based on the original Atributes. (Attributes Explanation)
*Increase by Intelect
All skills and weapons damage deals more damage to MOBS as your level increase.

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