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Wizard pair.png
Male skin Female skin

Master of the Arcanium

of the Caster Path

Wizards are powerful and mysterious, yet well-respected. They can draw upon the fury of thunder, calling down lightning to shock and burn their targets. They can also throw balls of fire at their enemies, catching unwanted intruders on fire. Additionally, they are masters of travel, able to teleport themselves and group members over large distances in the blink of an eye. Thunderous incantations are a sign of their rage, which they can and will unleash upon all who defy them.

Strength 6
Constitution 17
Endurance 12
Dexterity 6
Intellect 31
Wisdom 23
Charisma 5
Base Health 630
Increase per level 2
Health @ 50 728*
Regen by Foods
Base Stamina 1000
Regen per 1 sec 37*
Base Mana 1255
Increase per level 2
Mana @ 50 1353
Regen per 5 sec 43
Shield 250
Regen per 1 sec 25
Oak Greatstaff Diamond Hoe.png
Base Damage 28*
PvE Damage @ 50 77*
Offhand Items
Book Book.png
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl.png
Paper Paper.png
Suggested Armor
Armor Weight 35
Head Grid Leather Cap.png
Chest Grid Leather Tunic.png
Leggings Grid Leather Pants.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png
*These values are based on the original Atributes. Increasing the attributes will increase the stats. (Attributes Explanation)

Wizard: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost CoolDown Effect
Scan 1 10 1 sec Reports the target's health.
Fireball 1 100 5 sec You shoot a ball of fire, instantly launching it dealing 149* damage and lights your target on fire.
Icebolt 1 100 6 sec You launch a ball of ice that deals 88 damage to your target and slows them for 4 seconds.
Replenish 5 2 min You regain 54.5%* of your mana.
DeepFreeze 10 150 15 sec You freeze your target for 5 seconds and 1 ice damage. Burning the target will shatter the effect for 11 extra damage.
Entangle 15 70 8 sec Roots your target in place for 3 seconds. The effect breaks when the target takes damage.
ManaShield 20 30 sec Uses your mana as a shield for 20 seconds.
Pulse 20 100 10 sec You deal 142* damage to enemies within 5 blocks. Takes 0.5 seconds to warm up.
Bolt 25 120 12 sec Calls a bolt of lightning down on the target dealing 217 damage. Takes 2 seconds to warm up.
Fireblast 25 80 15 sec You strike a location within 6 blocks of you with a blast of fire. An enemy within the explosion will be dealt 122 damage and will be knocked away from the blast.
Port 25 250 5 min You teleport yourself and party members within 10 blocks to the set location! Can not be used while in combat. Takes 10 seconds to warm up.
  • Use /skill port spawn
  • 25: spawn: 0,78,0
Blink 30 85 8 sec Teleports you up to 12 blocks away. Can be used through 1x1 holes. Can not be used while you are rooted. This skill must be learned from a book.
Chain Lightning 35 75 20 sec Strikes lightning at target location, dealing 120* damage. Every 2 seconds, the spell will attempt to bounce to another player within 10 blocks, dealing 50% damage on bounce. Every successive hit will decrease the caster's cooldown of this skill by 0 seconds. This skill must be learned from a book.
Megabolt 40 160 15 sec Calls down multiple bolts of lightning on your target, dealing 212* damage to them and all enemies within 5 blocks. Takes 2 seconds to warm up.
GroupTeleport 45 200 5 min You summon your group to your location. Party members are not teleported if in combat. Takes 15 seconds to warm up. This skill must be learned from a book.
  • Uses 1 Slimeball
EnderPearls 45 You can throw ender pearls! If you are in combat when throwing an ender pearl, you will not be able to throw another for 60 seconds.
  • Uses 1 Enderpearl
ArcaneStorm 50 250 35 sec Call upon the forces of the arcane to damage and knock back enemies within 8 blocks for 46* damage every 1 seconds for 4 seconds.
ArcaneBlast 60 400 15 sec You arcaneblast the target for 288* ligth damage. Takes 4.5 seconds to warm up.
Blizzard 60 200 15 sec You summon a powerful blizzard to your target location within 24* blocks .You shower 297* ice bolts within 4 blocks of your target, each of which deals 57.125* damage to and slows any targets they hit for 2 seconds. Takes 1.5 seconds to warm up.

These values are based on the original Atributes. (Attributes Explanation)
*Increase by Intelect
All skills and weapons damage deals more damage to MOBS as your level increase.

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