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Pyromancer Pair.jpg
Male skin Female skin

Master of the Dark Flame

of the Caster Path

Pyromancers are a Specialization of the Caster path. They are embodiments of the flame, and command it and bring it forth into the world to scorch their enemies. The Pyromancer is known for its deadliness; having one sneak up on you with axe in hand will almost always mean certain death. Being able to shoot Fireballs, smite their targets with fire, or even splash an array of fire over the enemy, a Pyromancer is certainly a being to be feared. Easy to spark and quick to anger, the sect of Casters that chose to embrace fire is surely not one to reckon with.

Strength 17
Constitution 16
Endurance 13
Dexterity 5
Intellect 27
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8
Base Health 684
Increase per level 2
Health @ 50 782*
Regen by Foods
Base Stamina 1000
Regen per 1 sec 118*
Base Mana 1115
Increase per level 2
Mana @ 50 1213
Regen per 5 sec 43
Shield 250
Regen per 1 sec 25
Short-Axe Diamond Axe.png
Base Damage 77*
Damage @ 50 209*
Suggested Armor
Armor Weight 45
Head Grid Leather Cap.png
Chest Chain Chestplate.png
Leggings Grid Leather Pants.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png
*These values are based on the original Atributes. Increasing the attributes will increase the stats. (Attributes Explanation)

Pyromancer: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost CoolDown Effect
Scan 1 10 1 sec Reports the target's health.
Fireball 1 100 6 sec You shoot a ball of fire, instantly launching it dealing 149* damage and lights your target on fire.
Kick 1 100 90 7 sec Kick your target, dealing 57 physical damage, interrupting their casting and silencing them for 2.5 seconds.
Main 1 250 8 sec You Maim your target with your axe, dealing 49 physical damage and slowing them for 2.5 seconds
Infernoflash 1 85 15 sec Teleports you up to 10 blocks away in a fiery flash.
InfernoOrb 5 85 7 sec You shoot a magical orb that deals 162 damage and lights your target on fire.
FlameTouch 10 50 100 25 sec Imbues your strikes with fire for 10 seconds, causing you to deal 11.1 more damage and igniting your target for 2 seconds.
Fireblast 10 80 15 sec You strike a location within 6 blocks of you with a blast of fire. An enemy within the explosion will be dealt 122 damage and will be knocked away from the blast.
Flameshield 15 50 30 sec You become resistant to fire for 12 seconds.
Cauterize 15 50 100 18 sec Cauterize the wounds of your target, extinguishing their fire ticks and removing bleeds.
DragonsBreath 20 200 14 sec You unleash the furious breath of a dragon in from of you, up to 6 blocks. Targets hit will be dealt 128 fire damage.
Fireblade 25 150 5 sec Your attacks have 20% chance to ignite their target.
Withering 25 200 10 sec Wither the soul of your target, causing confusion and nausea. Withered targets also take 135 damage over 8 seconds.
Pulse 30 250 10 sec You deal 142* damage to enemies within 5 blocks. Takes 0.5 seconds to warm up.
GreatCombustion 30 140 400 40 sec Unleash a mass of condensed flame in front of you, striking up to 6 blocks away. An enemy within 3 blocks of the explosion will be dealt 117 damage and will be stunned for 1.75 seconds.
Darkbolt 35 120 275 20 sec Launch a Wither Skull imbued with dark energy. The skull will explote shortly after launching, or after hitting an enemy. Enemies caught within 4 blocks of the explosion are withered for 10 seconds. Withering deals 96 instant damage, disrupts their sense of health, and weakens all incomming healing by 35%.
Toxicblade 35 250 25 sec Imbue your blade which will deal an extra 20 damage every 10 seconds.
Darkblade 40 200 12 sec Strike your target with a blade of dark, dealing 78.75 physical damage, draining 70 of their mana and giving it to you.
Reflect 40 132 30.5 sec You reflect 50% of all damage back to your attacker for 5 seconds.
Inferno 45 200 8 sec Unleash an inferno upon your enemies, randomly dealing spurts of 26 damage around you within a 12 blocks radius for the next 6 seconds.
Absorb 45 110 10 sec You absorb half the damage you take as mana.
ChaosOrb 45 120 8 sec You throw an orb of chaos that deals 162 damage and ignites the target. If you are able to use EnderPearls, you will teleport to the orb when it makes contact with an object.
Curse 45 100 275 18 sec You curse the target for 7 seconds. giving their attacks a 50% miss chance.
ChaoticStrength 50 90 14 sec Imbue yourself with Chaotic Strength, granting you 15 Strength, but draining your Intellect by 25 for 8 seconds.
EnderPearls 50 100 275 You can throw ender pearls! If you are in combat when throwing an ender pearl, you will not be able to throw another for 60 seconds.
  • Uses 1 Enderpearl
Firewave 50 300 10 sec Unleash a wave of fire around you, launching 22 fireballs in every direction. Each fireball deals 133 fire damage.

These values are based on the original Atributes. (Attributes Explanation)
*Increase by Intelect and Strength
All skills and weapons damage deals more damage to MOBS as your level increase.

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