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Cleric male female.png

Divine Healer

of the Support Path

Clerics are the guardians of the Multiverse. These souls wished nothing more than to protect others, so this ability they were given. Clerics travel in the company of others, aiding them in both combat and support. Rumor has it that some Clerics are such devotees of life, they can pull souls back from the brink of death and resurrect their fallen allies. With their weapons and their magics, a cleric is a powerful ally, and an equally powerful enemy.

Strength 9
Constitution 17
Endurance 10
Dexterity 5
Intellect 24
Wisdom 30
Charisma 5
Base Health 825
Increase per level 1.75
Health @ 50 910.75*
Regen by Foods
Base Stamina 1000
Regen per 1 sec 100*
Base Mana 1220
Increase per level 1.5
Mana @ 50 1293.5
Regen per 5 sec 50
Shield 200
Regen per 1 sec 25
Swift Oak Hammer Bone.png
Base Damage 25*
PvE Damage @ 50 69*
Offhand Items
Shield Shield.png
Book Book.png
Paper Paper.png
Suggested Armor
Armor Weight 55
Head Grid Leather Cap.png
Chest Chain Chestplate.png
Leggings Chain Leggings.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png
*These values are based on the original Atributes. Increasing the attributes will increase the stats. (Attributes Explanation)

Cleric: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost CoolDown Effect
Scan 1 10 1 sec Reports the target's health.
Smite 1 80 7 sec You smite the target, dealing 63 light damage to the target. Will instead deal 123 damage if the target is undead.
SacredWord 1 90 5 sec SacredWord relieves your target, restoring 166 of their health and removing any blind effects that they may have. You are only healed for 116 health from this ability.
HolyAura 1 150 20 sec You radiate an aura that heals 22 health every second to all party members within 6 blocks.
Antidote 1 110 30 sec You cure your target of poisons.
HolyWater 5 170 14 sec You throw a potion of Holy Water at your target location. Allies affected by the potion are healed for 135 health. Undead affected by the potion will be dealt 135 damage instead.
DivineBlessing 15 200 15 sec You bestow upon your group a Divine Blessing, restoring 196 health to all nearby party members.
Pray 20 150 3 sec Prays your target, restoring 246 health and curing withering effects. You are only healed for 172 health from this ability.
SacredHymn 20 180 25 sec Bless your target with a Sacred Hymn, restoring 172 health to your target. You are only healed for 120 health from this ability.
Wrath 25 120 10 sec You instill wrath to the target, dealing 81 light damage to the target. Will instead deal 151 if the target is undead.
Invuln 25 200 5 min You become inmune to all attacks, and may not attack for 4 seconds.
SacredTouch 25 150 16 sec Apply a Sacred Touch to the target, restoring 328 of their health and extinguishing any fire effects present. You are only healed for 229 health from this ability.
Revive 30 175 3 min Revives your target, teleporting them to their place of death.
Might 35 100 30 sec You increase your party's damage with weapons by 20%!
FullHeal 45 250 30 sec You restore your target to full health. However, this ability will only heal you for 50% of your max health.
MindSear 45 150 15 sec Shatter the minds of all enemies within 10 blocks, dealing 51 damage and rooting them in place for 1 second.
Blessing 50 150 10 sec Bless the target, increasing their attributes by 5 for 4 minutes (per level).
Chant 50 400 10 sec Chants your target, restoring 163 health and removing bleed effects. You are only healed for 114 health from this ability.
GroupHeal 60 200 15 sec Heals your party within 8 blocks for 186 health.

These values are based on the original Atributes. (Attributes Explanation)
*Increase by Intelect and Wisdom
All skills and weapons damage deals more damage to MOBS as your level increase.

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