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Ranger male female.png
Male skin Female skin

The Tracker

of the Rogue Path

Masters of the bow and the wilderness, Rangers are the hunters of this world. These souls are valued not only for their fighting prowess, but their ability to track any target, no matter how hard it tries to hide. Marksmen in their own right, with arrows both poisonous and combustible, these souls of the wild can follow for any distance, waiting for the right moment to send an arrow whistling towards their mark.

Strength 14
Constitution 19
Endurance 16
Dexterity 31
Intellect 10
Wisdom 5
Charisma 5
Base Health 840
Increase per level 2
Health @ 50 938*
Regen by Foods
Base Stamina 1000
Regen per 1 sec 136*
Base Mana 675
Increase per level 1.5
Mana @ 50 748.5
Regen per 5 sec 25
Shield 0
Regen per 1 sec 0
Oak Greatbow Bow.png
Base Damage 47*
PvE Damage @ 50 128*
Offhand Items
Bow Bow.png
Arrow Arrow.png
Wood Axe Diamond Axe.png
Suggested Armor
Armor Weight 50
Head Grid Leather Cap.png
Chest Chain Chestplate.png
Leggings Gold Leggings.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png
*These values are based on the original Atributes. Increasing the attributes will increase the stats. (Attributes Explanation)

Ranger: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost CoolDown Effect
Tumble 1 passive You are able to fall 6.1* blocks without taking damage.
Sneak 1 200 3 sec You go into a sneaking state for 8 minutes, which holds if you attack but is cancelled if you are attacked or otherwise damaged.
SummonArrow 1 50 100 10 sec You summon 5 arrows.
Kick 5 300 9 sec You deal 57.5 damage to your target within 4 blocks and silence your target for 2.5 seconds.
Envenom 15 300 30 sec Your Axe and Bow is poisoned for 14 seconds, delivering 10.5 damage to your target.
ExplosiveShot 20 75 250 17 sec You apply an explosive charge to an arrow which, if fired within 4 seconds, will damage all targets within 4 blocks of where the arrow lands for 96.3 damage. Targets hit with the blast are knocked away from the explosion. A target hit directly with the arrow takes an additional 50 damage.
Camouflage 25 75 500 30 sec You become invisible for 30 seconds by blending into certain landscapes. Ends if you move or an entity comes within 1 block of you. Although you can still be damaged by weapons and projectiles, and by AoE effects, other skills will not find you.
Track 30 400 45 sec You obtain X,Y,Z coordinates to within 100 blocks of a player. Mana cost decreases as your levels increase.
  • 1 Compass
Maim 35 300 30 sec You maim your target (within 4 blocks) with your axe, dealing 61 damage and slowing them for 2.5 seconds.
Gills 40 70 200 1 min For 1 minute you can breathe underwater.
AimedShot 45 25 500 25 sec Line up the cross-hairs on your target (within 25 blocks) and your next shot, fired within 4 seconds, will find that target and deal 206.4 damage. Takes 3 seconds to warm up.
GrapplingShot 50 500 40 sec You attach a grappling hook to your next arrow. If you aim up and hit the landscape you are pulled to the point where your arrow lands (up to 40 blocks away) and are protected from fall damage for 4.5 seconds. If you hit a target (player or mob), it is pulled to you. However, if you aim at the same level or lower than yourself, the power of the shot is halved and you are not protected from fall damage. The grappling hook weighs down your arrows, affecting their trajectory, although your superior bow strength negates some of this impact.
IceVolley 55 375 21 sec You prepare an array of ice-infused arrows. Your first shot, if fired within 4 seconds, looses up to 5 arrows at once. Any target hit by these arrows will be slowed for 2.5 seconds. Your arrows are weighed down by the ice imbued upon them, hence changing their trajectory, but your immense skill and strength with the bow reduces this effect to a degree.
Ruptureshot 60 10 per shot 375 25 sec [Toggle] You draw serrated arrows from your quiver. These arrows rupture your enemies causing them to bleed for 4 bleeding damage every second for 5 seconds

These values are based on the original Atributes. (Attributes Explanation)
*Increase by Intelect and Wisdom
All skills and weapons damage deals more damage to MOBS as your level increase.

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