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The Master Chemist

To select the Alchemist profession, do /hero profession Alchemist in game. Cost: 100 coins normally or 500 coins if you have already been this class.

Alchemist is one of the specializations a player can choose upon mastering their Crafter profession and paying the appropriate amount of in-game currency. While this specification lacks a large quanitity of skills, their skill Cauldron enables a large range of abilities. This skill lets the player use Cauldrons from the Craftbook mod added to the server. Alchemists can transform certain blocks and items (such as soil and mushrooms) into other blocks or items which are much harder to get (such as Obsidian and Clay Blocks). In addition to making rare blocks, Alchemists can also make naturally inaccessible blocks, such as Grass and Ice Blocks.

Crafting Recipe Restrictions

The Alchemist's expertise enables them to craft:

  • items for brewing stands and cauldrons
  • potion ingredients
  • enchanted food items.
  • potions

Alchemist: Skills
Skill Level/s Mana cost Cool down Reagents Effect
TownSpawn 1 100 15 min 25 coins You can teleport to your town's homeblock. Cannot be used in combat. Takes 15 seconds to warm up. 5 coins from the 25 coin fee goes to the town bank.
Mark 1 100 55 min 1 Block of Redstone.png You can mark a location for Recall. Takes 5 seconds to warm up.
Recall 1 100 15 min 10 Redstone.png You can teleport to the location of your Mark. Takes 10 seconds to warm up.
Potion 1 3 min 1 Potion.png You can use Potions.
Artisan Crafter
1 passive You can:
  • place lava
  • use flint and steel as a tool or weapon
  • use shears
Alchemy 1 passive You can brew potions.
Herbalism 5 - passive You have a [0 to 4] percent chance, depending on your level, of double drops from plants.
Overgrowth 5 50 10 sec 1 Redstone.png You can turn a sapling (within 6 blocks) into a tree.
Cauldron Use 10 to 50 - passive You can combine various items in your cauldron to create new items.
TransmuteOre 30 to 40 100 2 min You can transform certain mined ores into precious gems and metals:
30 : 12 Lapis Blocks into 1 Diamond (returns 10 Exp)
30 : 64 Coal into 1 Diamond (returns 5 Exp)
40 : 18 Iron Ore into 1 Gold Ingot (returns 7.5 Exp)
40 : 20 Iron Ingot into 1 Gold Ingot (returns 5 Exp)
Artisan Alchemist
50 - 50 coins per shop You can create Chest Shops for:
  • Potions
  • Mob drops: Sulphur, Feathers, String, Slimballs and blocks, Eggs, Bones, Leather, Rotten flesh, Enderpearls, Spider eyes
  • Miscellaneous items: Beds, Books, Bowls, Bricks, Clay Balls, Coal, Ender Eyes, Flint, Glowstone Dust, Paintings, Paper, Saddles, Signs, Snowballs, Sticks and Sugar

Alchemist: Tools (damage in hp)
Material Sword Pick axe Axe Spade Hoe
Wood Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4
Stone Red XN Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8
Iron Red XN Green TickY 12 Green TickY 12 Green TickY 12 Green TickY 12
Diamond Red XN Green TickY 16 Green TickY 16 Green TickY 16 Green TickY 16
Gold Green TickY 25 Green TickY 20 Green TickY 20 Green TickY 20 Green TickY 20
Shears Green TickY
Fishing Rod Green TickY
Max Level
Max 60
Exp gained from
Building Red XN
Crafting Red XN
Farming Green TickY
Fishing Red XN
Logging Green TickY
Mining Green TickY
Skills where noted Green TickY

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