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Ninja male female.png
Male skin Female skin

Master of Stealth

of the Rogue Path

Not all of the fighting souls enjoy being in the thick of battle, or even to be seen. Those rogues who wish a silent death on their targets are Ninjas. Sneaking by with poisoned blades, they use the element of surprise to catch their prey off-guard and kill quickly. Some Ninjas are rumored to be able to hide in plain sight, unseen by anyone until it is much too late, for once you hear the whistling of their blade, you are already dead.

NOTE: Values marked with * in this table are shown as if Attribute points were set to zero.

Base Health Points 700*
Increase per level 1.75
Health Points @ 60 931
Regen by Foods
Base Mana Points 625*
Increase per level nil
Mana Points @ 60 528
Regen amt per 5 sec 25
Base Stamina Points 1000
Increase per level n/a
Stamina Points @ 60 1000
Regen amt per 1 sec 60

The following values are modified by Attribute allocations as follows:

Health Points: Constitution
8 HP per CON point
Mana Points: Intellect
5.5 per INT point
Mana Regen: Wisdom
1 per WIS point
Stamina Regen: Endurance
1 per END point

Ninja: Base Attribute Allocations+
Strength 25 Constitution 16 Endurance 20 Dexterity 24 Intellect 5 Wisdom 5 Charisma 5

+Tier I classes have the base attribute allocations from start to mastery.

Ninja: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost Cool down Reagents Effect Calculations
Tumble 1 passive You are able to fall 5.4* blocks without taking damage.
Blocks = 3 + (0.1 * 246)
Base MC fall dist + (0.1 * Dex)
Sneak 1 200 3 sec You go into a sneaking state for 8 minutes, which holds if you attack but is cancelled if you are attacked or otherwise damaged. You can not initiate some actions such as opening chests and furnaces while sneaking.
Kick 1 250 9 sec You deal 71.25 damage to your target within 4 blocks and silence your target for 2.5 seconds. Silencing an enemy means to disable them from using abilities
Damage = 40 + (1.25 * 25)
Base Damage + (1.25 * STR)
Backstab 1 passive When attacking from behind with your sword or shears, you do 96% more damage. While sneaking your attacks are more precise and deal an additional 144% more damage.
Backstab = 4 * 24
Base * DEX
Sneak Backstab = 6 * 24
Base * DEX
Fade 5 25 250 30 sec You become invisible for 30 seconds when the light level is 8 or less. Your protection ends if you move. Although you can still be damaged by weapons and projectiles, and by AoE effects, other skills will not find you. This ability is best used to camp out an area, or you can trick your enemies by using this ability when you are not in their line of sight.
Blitz 5 125 200 20 sec You deal 160 lightning damage to your target within 6.1 blocks. Pierces armor. Takes 1 second to warm up.
Damage = 150 + (2 * 5)
Base Damage + (2 * INT)
Range = 6 * (0.025 * 5)
Base Range + (0.025 * INT)
EscapeArtist 10 250 1.5 min Over 7 seconds, you break free of all roots, slows or other effects that impede your movement(save for stuns), and gain a speed boost, moving twice as fast. Great when used with the Smoke ability.
Smoke 15 50 200 60 sec For 6.5 seconds, you are invisible, and can execute some of your more stealthy skills. Although you can still be damaged by weapons and projectiles, and by AoE effects, other skills will not find you. You may move during this state. This ability is best used in conjunction with backstab.
Backflip 20 300 7 sec You leap backwards through the air. Dexterity points increase the vigor of your leap! When you have learned your Shuriken skill (but not just used it such that it is on cool down), it will activate automatically as you Backflip.
Eviscerate 25 500 30 sec Your shears deal 180 instant damage to your target within 4 blocks, bypassing armor.
Damage = 130 + (2 * 25)
Base Damage + (2 * STR)
DeathMark 30 450 40 sec 200 hp You mark a target for death for 30 seconds during which time your compass will point directly to their location and they will take an extra 10% damage from your attacks. Takes 10 seconds to warm up. Must specify target's name ie /skill deathmark [name]
Energize 35 175 45 sec You pay 175 mana points to restore 500 stamina to yourself.
Envenom 40 75 300 30 sec You apply a deadly venom to your sword, shears or arrows for 14 seconds. Your auto attacks cause great pain, dealing an extra 9.3 bonus damage to your target. This bonus damage pierces armor.
Damage = 8 + (0.25 * 5)
Base Damage + (0.25 * INT)
GrapplingHook 45 400 40 sec You attach a grappling hook to your next arrow fired within 4 seconds. If you aim up and hit the landscape you are pulled to the point where your arrow lands (up to 40 blocks away) and are protected from fall damage for 4.5 seconds. If you hit a target (player or mob), it is pulled to you. However, if you aim at the same level or lower than yourself, the power of the shot is halved and you are not protected from fall damage. The grappling hook weighs down your arrows, affecting their trajectory.
Shuriken 50 100 1 sec By right-clicking with a flint, you throw 3 shuriken, each dealing 22 damage. Shurikens ignore invincibility time frames between hits, thus, it is possible to land all 3. (Does not cause knockback on monsters, however it does with players)
Damage = 10 + (0.5 * 24)
Base Damage + (0.5 * DEX)
Blind 55 200 24 sec You hinder the vision of your target (within 8 blocks), blinding them for 2.5 seconds. Use directly after or before using Smoke for excellent vision impairment.
Blind = 2.25 + (0.044 * 5)
Base Blind + (0.044 * CHA)
Shadowstep 60 150 30 sec You teleport behind you target within 6.8 blocks and stun them for 0.5 seconds.
Distance = 6 + (0.15 * 5)
Base Dist + (0.15 * INT)

*These values are not static and can be modified with attribute changing buffs. These calculations can be found in the calculation column.
All skill damage deals more damage to MOBS as your levels increase.

Ninja: Armor
Head Grid Leather Cap.png Gold Helmet.png Chain Helmet.png
Chest Grid Leather Tunic.png
Leggings Grid Leather Pants.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png
Ninja: Weapons (damage in hp)
Item Name Damage* Attack Speed Health Knockback Resistance Luck
Finesteel Dirk 55 100%
Finesteel Dirk +1 57 100% 2 1% 1
Finesteel Dirk +2 59 100% 4 2% 2
Finesteel Dirk +3 61 100% 6 3% 3
Finesteel Dirk +4 63 100% 8 4% 4
Finesteel Dirk +5 65 100% 10 5% 5
Offhand Items
Bow Bow.png
Shears Shears.png
Least Leash.png
NOTE on Weapon Damage:
  • The numbers in this table show:
    • Base Damage + Strength modifiers for Melee Weapons
    • Base Damage + Dexterity modifiers for Bows
  • Strength damage modifier is (0.4*STR)
  • Dexterity damage modifier is (0.6*DEX)
  • Weapon damage is also multiplied by (0.035 * Level) against PvE targets. (not shown in this table)
  • More information here on calculating weapon damage.

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