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Herocraft - RPG Minecraft Server

Herocraft is a unique RPG Minecraft server. We combine Classes, Leveling Survival and Roleplay into an amazing experience.

Greetings Minecraft Heroes!
BETA STARTS @ OCT 1st 2017! The beta will last roughly 2-3 weeks depending on how we feel progression and gameplay is, we rely on you for community feedback on the polish, features and game design so we have the time to fix it. After the beta, we will be wiping all characters, levels, money, etc and starting fresh.

Much has changed in the passed year - some good, some bad - but we feel we can make it better. We could use your help, so if you have any development experience, are confident in your building skills, or would like to help out with a staff position, apply to our team > here

Here's the release schedule.
Oct 1st - Beta
- Levels carry to all betas.
- New Plugins
- Basic Feature Tests
- Skill tests
- MC Version tests
- Bug fixes from new system loading
- Random Loot Chests tweaks
- Crate key testing
- Kingdoms testing

Oct 13th - Beta 2
- Levels carry to all betas.
- Kingdoms tweaking, balancing
- Skill learning implementation on classes
- Skill preparation implementation on classes
- Tweaking of the drop system (Reduce rates)
- Armor takes more damage.
- Mob / Boss random spawning

Oct 20th - Final Beta 3
- Levels carry to all betas.
- Stress test of features
- Stress test of war system
- Polish for new systems in place
- Item upgrade system tweaking
- Forums revamp (if ready)
- Stamina changes implmenetation on classes with balance
- Dungeons on the overworld
- New Terrain (Same as release)
- Item Upgrade System revamp

Oct 27th - Full Release
- Full release, with store sales and happy people everywhere.

Without further delay, here's the changes:

Coming in for Townships we have a new system that is publicly produced for on Spigot. It allows a different take on the political featureset of the server. We are not decomissioning Townships, it will be maintained for the other servers...
Greetings, Heroes!

Today I have a rather large update to push to the Townships/Live server. This is a Huge revamp of the Dungeons PVE system! Below I will list off as many of the balance changes and additions, as well as some of what's coming next! As for the future, I will list the upcoming changes first, since those are much shorter. I hope you guys enjoy these changes and I look forward to seeing more feedback from you in-game or through discord. This update is so large in-fact, I implore any Heroes in the Nexus to please use the /petition system to create bug reports for me, as I actively work to iron it out.

First up, upcoming changes. With the addition of my third iteration of our Dungeons project I have implemented a lot of new skills, but some of the old disguises are broken or missing textures, plus I feel that even with 35+ mob skills now, we could use a lot more animations and sounds with each faction and specific ideas I had in mind while doing the more mechanical fixes and changes.

Some of these include new creature-type skills, as well as themed faction skills, and even boss skills. You guys might want to expect to see some more mob types coming in the future, like Knights riding mounts, and "Anomalies". On another hand, we may also be trying to do some very meta-level skill related stuff, which could take some more work, but I've got plans to test the feasibility of this stuff before revealing further details! So stay tuned! :)

  • Lastly, here are the patch notes for Dungeons 3.0! (as I can get to them, and recall specifically.)
  • All mobs now have scalable drops, and stats.
  • All mob skills now scale with mob level
  • Mob Health has been adjusted across all tiers. Roughly speaking T1 Minions have around 500 Base Health, and T6 Bosses have around 5000 Base Health.
  • Mob Damage has been nerfed across all tiers. Several dozens of mobs had incorrect damage values.
  • Ranged mobs are now more interesting,...
  • PVP ELO will reset at the end of every month.​
  • PE at location of chest for your prize if you won!​
    • You have 1 week to claim your prize.​
  • Top 5 PVPers are based off /pvp top.​
Monthly Prizes:
First Place: 3 Crate Keys
Second Place: 2 Crate Keys
Third Place: 1 Crate Key
Fourth Place: 300 coins
Fifth Place: 150 coins

Greetings Heroes and Heroines!

FULL RELEASE = 7PM CST 05/19/17.

We are announcing a new map named, Atlas!
Atlas will introduce many changes and improvements to the server in order to provide a much better experience for new and older players.

A beta test of the new systems and changes proposed is currently being planned and we are aiming to begin the beta this Friday the 5th of May (ETA 6 pm CST) with a full release following in 1 to 2 weeks. During the beta the survival server will be shutdown and the ip will be forwarded to the beta server.

The beta will run for roughly one to two weeks, during which we will fix bugs, prepare for the new release and gather feedback on the changes and new content being released


  • First Mastery of COMBAT class -- 1000c at the start of the map
  • First to 100 kills -- 10 unopened crates at the start of the map
  • First Mastery of CRAFTER -- 500c at the start
  • First Mastery of Profession -- 1000c at the start
  • Highest Upgraded Town -- 1000c at the start
  • /pvp top (#1 slot - gets a FREE SUPPORTER TIER UPGRADE)
  • /pve top (#1 slot - gets a FREE SUPPORTER TIER UPGRADE)
  • /money top (#1 slot - gets a FREE SUPPORTER TIER UPGRADE)

Key changes to note:
New Map:
  • There will be a new map with this update which will be called Atlas!
  • We will be reducing (or removing) the number of NPC guards around spawn to help with clutter and the entity count at spawn.
  • Spawn plots will return! Players will be able to purchase/rent areas of spawn where they will be able to construct housing for themselves to store items and act as a base in the center of the map.
  • Atlas will be 2500R and release 500R every month until it caps at 5000R.
  • Gold will return to being the main currency in Herocraft...

The Rise of Easteria !

Its time to announce the new event that will be running through this Friday (04/21/17!) for our glorious Minecraft RPG server! Please read below for more information. Additional info will be released this Friday for vendor information.

Easterian Easter Eggs:
  • Golden Easterian Medallion (Traded with a vendor in spawn for titles, gear, etc)
  • All "Easterian" armor type sets, increased stats (10-15hp etc)
  • All "Easterian" style weapos, increased stats (10-15hp etc)
  • Random Badges, Lore items, etc.
Additional Changes;
  • ENERGY SHIELDING - mechanic on magic based classed for increased effectiveness in combat without the need to eat food to regen their shields. (Please note this is in heavy testing and will have fixes implemented as we get bug reports)
  • New CLASS: Swashbuckler - a deadly pirate that uses his bravado, swagger and hardened life at sea and looting to dominate his foes!
  • All mage-enemies now have a new ranged attack (Thanks @Versile)
  • There's new gear dropping from dungeons! (Thanks @Versile)
Hail Herocraft!

I have an update from the Team we're pushing in on Tonight's restart!

/skill warp - should now properly take you to the Dungeon Nexus while in HeavensGate.

/arena join - is now in and should be working.
Kit's should be up to date.

A little message from me. I've been inactive recently but decided to spend some time helping improve things around the network, so expect to see more of me and I plan to get some more activity in on fixes!

But more importantly, I'm planning to fix any quality of life things that's within my power and expertise to do while maintaining a more active presence here.

I also may be hosting some events in my spare time, more on that later!

Thanks for playing! See you in-game!
Greetings Minecraft Lovers!

We're going to be re-adding the old Dungeon nexus/system of the past. Please note that all of these dungeons will have PVP-ON minus the first few. These will not be placed around the map and will have a portal to use near the Pantheon spawn area. You can battle here for loot and levels!

Arenas: --- Pushed back a week, sorry!
Test out that new loot and those levels in an arena style system! You will be able to fight for higher ratings and prestiege! The arena system will be using the old battlearena system, simply use /arena to get into the flow of things!

We are still working on the massive class restructure and overhaul of Herocraft, however, bringing these two things out won't deviate time from that much and may add some fun to those who are enjoying Herocraft!

Enjoy "DUNGEONS4LIFE" coupon code to get an extra 10% off your basket until Monday!
Sadly the Tournament is being canceled.

This is mostly due to lack of players.
Thanks for signing up to those who did!
Next time we'll try to get more notice so people have time to plan it out.​

What: Diamond Castle - Build Competition
Where: Creative Server (/Creative)
When: 01/19/17 till 02/04/17 @ 6pm CST
  • Type /creative and claim a plot (/plot claim)
  • No teams allowed, single builds only.
  • There will be two weeks allotted for build time.
  • Staff of Mod or Higher will vote on the winner.
  • The current layout for Diamond Castle is 5 Chunks shaped like a Plus Sign.
    • Your build must conform to this size; F3 + G will show you chunks.
  • Expertly drawn layout of the current PvP On Zone (Don't ask about the odd sizes..)
    • [​IMG]
How to join:
  • Claim a plot and create a petition while standing on it (/pe new Build Entry)
  • Type /pe comment (#) (Plot Coords)
    • We are unable to TP to PE's, so we will require your coords.


First Place:
- Plot Pasted into Spawn for Diamond Castle
- Names Recorded on the build
- 2,000 Souls
- 5 Keys

Second Place:
- 1,000 Souls
- 3 Keys

Third Place:
- 500 Souls
- 2 Key

All Non-Placing Participants:
- 1 Key

Greetings Minecrafters!
@Heralds | @Admins

We are happy to introduce a new feature to our minecraft server, furniture! These pieces allow for decorations and more immersive experiences. Over time we will hopefully integrate these into professions so classes like Engineer will have catapults for their TNT cannons.

You can get an extra 10% off your CRATEKEYS tomorrow by using coupon code "CRATEFIVE" on http://hc.to/store

Player Furniture from Crate V's!