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List of Commands

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  • : : : Herocraft Commands : : :
    There are many commands in Herocraft - below is a list of the most available commands and their uses.

    : : : General : : :
    /register <email> - Register your Email in game to become whitelisted (must)
    /bookrules get 1 - Allows you to resummon the WelcomeBook
    /who - Shows the amount of users online on your current server including title features
    /glist - Shows all online players total
    /pos - Lists the current XYZ position of yourself
    /kill - Allows the player to commit suicide - dropping gear and exp, requires confirmation with /kill confirm
    - Displays the currently held item stats to the current focused channel of the user
    /rules - Shows the basic rules (visit hc.to/rules for more info)
    /time - Shows the in game time of the current server/world
    /buy - Opens the linked HC Item Shop
    /vote - Shows the voting site link and the current lucky prizes for voting
    /gm - Shows the current gamemode applied
    /tomblist - Gives you the coordinates of your Death Chests to claim
    /afk - Enter's the afk mode, notifying other players that message you about your status
    /roll - The classic command to roll the dice for any occasion (25 blocks range)
    /boost - Gives information regarding the current EXP boost and time left
    /sroff - Turns off the speed boost at Central. To reactivate, enter: /sron (works in Central only)

    : : : Chat : : :
    /ch <channel> - Focus on a particular channel without the need to retype the channel quickchat letter
    /ch help <page#> - Lists up all available & regular Herochat commands
    /ch list <page#> - List up all available chat channels (inlcuding private ones)
    /ch join <channel> - Join chat <channel>. You will receive messages from that channel then
    /ch leave <channel> - Stop receiving messages from a specific channel
    /ch who <channel> - Shows all players using the <channel> specified
    /ch qm <channel> <message> - Sends a message without changing your active chat channel
    /ignore <player> - Ignore the chat messages from <player>
    /ignore - Lists up all players ignored in chat
    /w <player> <message> - Sends a direct message to a player (whisper/private message)
    /r <message> - Sends a message back to the last person to message you directly
    /t - Trade Chat
    /h - Help Chat
    /g - Elite Chat (Supporters/Staff only)
    /re - Town/Clan Recruitment
    /lfg - Looking for Group Chat
    /shout - Shout Chat
    /l - Local/Say Chat
    /tour - Tour/Newbie Chat
    /p - Party Chat (only works in a party)
    /party - Set focus on party chat (only works in a party)

    : : : Currency : : :
    /money - Displays current account balance
    /money list - Lists regular /money commands
    /money top - Displays top 10 account holders
    /money top soul [page#] - Displays the richest players
    /money pay <name> <amount> - Sends specified <amount> of money to the player <name>

    : : : Heroes : : :
    /hero paths <page#> - Lists the choosable classes for Herocraft
    /hero choose <type> - Chooses the class specified if the requirements are met
    /hero profession <type> - Chooses the profession specified if the requirements are met
    /hero specs <primary|profession|class> <page#> - Displays classes and Professions your class can spec into
    /hero reset - Resets the player back to the base combat/profession - requires confirmation
    /hero level - Displays hero level information
    /stats - Shows stats on your Hero character
    /skills <prim|prof|heroclass> <page#> - Displays a list of your class skills (Default is: Lost_Soul)
    /book - Grants a book with current information of your Hero
    /bind <skillname> - Binds specified skill to the item you are holding.
    /unbind - Unbinds the held item
    /hp - Shows the amount of Healthpoints (HP) in decimal and %
    /mp - Shows the amount of Manapoints (MP) in decimal and %
    /stamina - shows the amount of Stamina in decimal and %
    /attributes - Special GUI window to select attributes.
    /attribute add <attribute> <amount> - failsafe link to add attributes
    /attribute reset - Failsafe link to reset attributes for 100 souls.
    /attribute info <attribute> - Displays infromation regarding attributes
    /hero armor - Lists current equipment weight on each piece of armor
    /hero tools - Lists tool/weapon information for your class
    /hero stfu <exp|mana|stamina|info> - Toggles the suppression of skill messages
    /hero verbose <exp|mana|stamina|info|skills> - Toggles feedback on the specified item.
    /hero who <class> - Displays online users of the selected class.
    /hero whois <player> - Displays the class and profession information of the specified user
    /hero sidebar <cooldown, party, none> - Toggles the sidebar information (Default disabled the sidebar only).
    /hero level <toggle> - Shows you the EXP in numbers for the Class/Profession EXP bar currently toggled.

    : : : Party : : :
    /party invite <name> - Invites player <name> to your party
    /party accept <name> - Accept the party invitation from player <name>
    /party who - Lists party members names in detail
    /party leave - Leave your current party
    /party mode <pvp|exp> - Toggles party PvP or EXP Sharing on/off
    /party lead <player> - Assign party lead to <player>
    /party kick <name> - Kick player <name> from your current party

    : : : Petition : : :
    /pe - Lists up all available petition commands
    /pe new <message> - Creates a petition directly to senior staff with the <message> text
    /pe list - Lists your current petitions along with the petition ID and current status of each of the petitions
    /pe list closed - Lists your closed petitions
    /pe view <petition ID> - Displays your petition and any comments that have been added to it
    /pe comment <petition ID> <message> - Allows you to add information to your petition or comment on it
    /pe close <petition ID> <message> - Leaves a closing message on your petition and marks it as resolved

    : : : Regions : : :
    /res ? <page#> - Lists up all available residence/regions commands
    /res select worldedit - Select the area that you've marked with a wooden hoe before
    /res create <name> - Creates the personal region <name> with the prior selected area
    /res remove <name> - Removes the personal region <name>, you must confirm deletion
    /res removeall - Removes all personal regions, you must confirm deletion
    /res confirm - Confirm residence removal
    /res limits - Shows all your personal region limitations/restrictions (0 = No limit).
    /res rename <oldname> <newname> - Allows you to rename your personal region
    /res unstuck - Allows you to escape from a personal region you are imprisoned in
    /res select size - Shows the cost of the prior selected area and it's size
    /res list - Lists up all of your personal regions
    /res listall <page#> - Lists up all existing regions
    /res pset <name> <player> build true - Allow <player> to build on your personal region <name>
    /res pset <name> <player> use true - Allow <player> to use your personal region <name>
    /res info - Shows details about ownership, size, etc. of a region (only works inside the region)
    /res message enter <message> - Set an entering <message> for your personal region
    /res message leave <message> - Set a leaving <message> for your personal region
    /res subzone <region> <subzone> - After marking an area within your <region> create a <subzone>
    /res remove <region>.<subzone> - Remove <subzone> of a personal <region>
    /res sublist - Lists up all subzones of the region you are currently in
    /res version - Shows the plugin's version

    : : : Towns : : :
    /town <page> - Opens the Townships 3.0 command menu
    /town who <player> - Shows the town affiliation of an online player
    /town who - Lists up all regions of your current location, plus all owners and members of the region
    /town listall - Lists all townships existing on the server
    /town whatshere - Lists all applicable regions for your current location
    /town shop - Opens the township regions shop to unlock new regions for souls
    /town list - Open the township regions UI, showing all unlocked regions
    /town info <region> - Opens the info UI for the specific <region>
    /town create <town region type> <town name> - Creates the town with the specified region type and name
    /town create <region> - Creates the <region> desired at your current location
    /town destroy - Destroys the region at your current location
    /town addmember <player> - Adds the <player> to the region of your current location
    /town addmember <town> - Adds all members of <town> to the region of your current location
    /town addowner <player> - Adds a <player> as owner to the region of your current location
    /town setowner <player> - Sets the <player> as primary owner (Administrator) of a region
    /town remove <player> - Removes the <player> from the region
    /town addowner <player> <town name> - Adds the <player> as additional owner of a town
    /town addplayer <player> <town name> - Invites the <player> to the township
    /town remove <player> <town name> - Removes the <player> from the township
    /town addplayer all - Allows all players on the server to access the region of your current location
    /town toggleperm <player> <permission> <town name> - Gives the <player> a specified <permission>
    /town settaxes <amount> <town name> - Sets the daily tax amount for each town member
    /town toggleperm <player> taxes <town name> - Exempts the <player> from paying daily taxes
    /town deposit <amount> <town name> - Deposits the <amount> of souls in the town bank
    /town withdraw <amount> <town name> - Withdraws the <amount> of souls from the town bank
    /town war <enemy town> <your town> - Declare war on an enemy township for a fee
    /town peace <enemy town> <your town> - Sue for peace with an enemy township for a fee

    : : : Plots : : :
    /srm help - Shows all commands for spawn/central plots
    /srm addmember <player> <region> - Add <player> to plot <region>
    /strm remmember <player> <region> - Remove <player> from plot <region>

    : : : LWC : : :
    /lwc - Lists all regular & necessary LWC commands
    /cpersists - Causes the next LWC command to persist (for multiple use in a row)

    : : : Bounty : : :
    /bounty - Lists up all bounty commands
    /bounty place <player> <amount> - place a bounty with an <amount> on a <player>
    /bounty accept <player> - accept the bounty (headhunt) for <player>
    /bounty list - shows the list of all available bounties

    : : : Clans : : :
    /clan - Lists up all regular & necessary clan commands
    /clan list - Lists all clans existing including KDR & member count
    /clan lookup <player> - Look up the clan of the specified player
    /clan stats - Shows stats of your current clan
    /clan profile <clan tag> - Views the profile of the specified clan

    : : : Pets : : :
    /pet <type> - Summons pet of the specified type if permitted
    /pet - Summon/Unsummon the chosen pet
    /pet list - Displays a list of all pets, with the ones you own in green
    /pet help - Lists up all available pet commands in chat

    : : : Titles : : :
    /title list <page#> - Lists available titles (Prefix:Title Name)
    /title prefix <title> - Sets the chosen title prefix
    /title suffix <title> - Sets the chosen title suffix
    /title - Lists up all available title commands in chat

    : : : Supporter/Special : : :
    /backpack - Opens the backpack (Only if acquired from HC Shop/Loot Crates)
    /title color - Lists available name colors (Requires T2+)
    /title color <color> - Changes your name color to the <color> chosen (Requires T2+)
    /hat - Allows you to use the item held as a hat (Requires T5+)
    /cdroptransfer select - Allows you to select a LWC-protected chest to transfer drops (Requires T6+)
    /cdroptransfer on - Activates Drop Transfer (Requires T6+)
    /cdroptransfer off - Deactivates Drop Transfer (Requires T6+)
    /cdroptransfer status - Checks if Drop Transfer is activated/deactivated (Requires T6+)
    /workbench - Opens up a virtual workbench UI (Requires T7+)

    : : : Item Kits : : :
    /kit starter - Provides starter equipment for beginners (can be used in Central only)

    Shortcut for this site: hc.to/commands