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Joining a party can be a great way to level up. In a party you can share XP, gain benifits such as healing, Mana or Stamina regeneration and teleporing around the overworld or to the nether. If you find yourself using the, currently in the re-works, HeroModPack, you will recieve party frames that show HP, Mana, and combat level. If you play without the mod, on your Hero Sidebar you can see the names of your party member and their hp percentage. Soon party members will also have colored names so they stand out easier in large scale group battles.

Exp is shared over 50 blocks. When you move out of the range of the party, you will no longer gain shared exp.


Parties are currently capped at 10 players


NOTE: all commands can be used as /party, /p, or /pc

/party invite [player name]
Invites a player to your party.
/party accept [player name]
Accepts an invitation you've received.

/party [message]

Sends a message to everyone in your party.
/party who
Lists all players in your party.
/party leader
Returns the name of your current party leader.
/party mode PvP
Toggles pvp within the party on and off. Is set to off when party is formed.
/party leave
Takes you out of the party.
/party kick [party member name]
Kicks someone from your current party (if you are the party leader)
/party lead [party member name]
Promotes a member of your party to the party leader.
/party disband
Disbands your party (if you are the leader).

/party or /pc

Changes your chat channel to the party.
/party [message]
Quick-messages your party without taking you out of your current chat channel.