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The petitions function allows users to contact our senior staff directly with issues requiring their attention. Use it wisely!



  1. STAND AT THE SITE of the issue when you make your petition.
(Staff will teleport to this point when investigating the issue.)
  1. If your petition is CLOSED, read the comments before submitting more petitions.
    1. Type /pe list closed <# OF PE's to Show> to get the number of the closed petition.
    2. Type /pe view [petition number] to view comments added to the petition.

Use petitions for these issues

This is a guide to the issues that are appropriate for petitions. Go to the linked pages for more detail on the criteria and procedure in each case.

Rule breaking
- reporting rule breaking such as exploiting, hacking, use of illegal mods where the rule breaking is site-specific. If it is not specific to the site, report at including as much evidence as possible ie video, screenshots etc.
Chat channel
- requesting an ingame chat channel (for your town or because you are T4+ donor). State the name and and a short nickname (ie 3 letters) you would like for your channel. Example:
/pe new may I please have a donor chat channel called Awesome nick AWS
Teamspeak channel
- requesting a Teamspeak channel (for your town or because you are T3+ donor). Note: the channel can be created at any time but you will need to be in TS to be added as admin for your channel.
Approval for builds
- requesting approval for structures covered by the Rules such as town walls or roofs or redstone circuits.
- requesting titles for length of membership titles or other titles that you had previously and have lost.
Issues with LWCs, Trade District Shops and Noble Plots
- stand at the site of the issue and clearly explain your request.
Herocraft SHOP
- items/titles/perms bought at the Herocraft Shop that haven't been allocated to you ingame.
- requesting assistance with game play issues that haven't been resolved by asking in Help or Tour chats or researching the Herocraft wiki and forums.

Use other avenues for help with the following

These issues are best dealt with in other ways.

-reporting broken game mechanics that are not site-specific - please report game bugs at
Short links
-requesting a short link for your town's recruitment thread - instead, tag @admins in the thread to request the short link.


Lists the petition commands you can use.

/pe new [message] or /pe create [message] or /pe open [message]

Creates a petition directly to senior staff with the message text.
/pe list
Lists your current petitions along with the petition ID and current status of each of the petitions.

/pe list closed or /pe list closed [quantity]

Lists your closed petitions. If a quantity is specified, lists that number of closed petitions.
/pe view [petition ID]
Displays your petition and any comments that have been added to it.
/pe comment [petition ID] [message]
Allows you to add information to your petition or comment on what's been said on it.
/pe close [petition ID] [message]
Leaves a closing message on your petition and marks it as resolved.

Short Link

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