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Abbreviations and terminology used at Herocraft.

AFK Away from keyboard
AoE Area of Effect, refers to the effect of certain skills
BBL Be back later
BRB Be right back
DM Deathmatch
DoD Dome of Death
DoT Damage over Time, refers to the effect of certain skills
DPS Damage per second
EXP Experience points
FFA Free for all
GG Good game
GL Good luck
GY Graveyard
HC Herocraft
HP Health points
KOS Kill on sight
LWC Lightweight chest protection
MA Mob Arena (historical reference)
MOTD Message of the day
MP Mana Points
Nexus The Herogates hub
NP No problem
OMW On my way
OP Opening Post or Overpowered
PC Price check (used in trade chat)
PE Petitions used to contact staff when a problem/rule braking occurs.
PvE Player vs Environment battle (ie mobs)
PvP Player vs Player battle
RS Redstone
SIC Second in Charge
Spawn The centre of that particular world
TB Town Bank
TD Trade District
TIC Third in Charge
WB Welcome back
WC Wrong chat/channel
WTB Want to buy
WTS Want to sell
WTT Want to trade
XP Experience