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Supporting Herocraft

Supporters sustain the server's operating costs and support the purchase, development and maintenance of software and hardware to provide an optimal gaming experience at Herocraft!

Supporters gain in-game benefits on a tier system which relates to the level of the gift payment (see below). Benefits include a period of time on the reserve list (providing access when the server is full) as well as extra and free LWC protections and the ability to use additional commands.

Please be aware, server owner Kainzo’s policy is that monetary support will not translate into game-breaking benefits. Gift payments are received on the understanding they have been made out of appreciation for the server and not with the expectation of gaining certain advantages. Monetary supporters will not be granted immunity from the rules or free items. Demands for certain perks will not be tolerated, nor will complaints. All supporter perks are subject to change without notice at the server owner's discretion if change is considered appropriate for maintaining a healthy and balanced server environment.

Making contributions

Contributions can be made via the Online Store.

You will usually gain your benefits within 24 hours of making the transaction. If you do not, tag Kainzo (for in-game benefits) or an Admin (for your Forums tag) in the appropriate thread for:

Supporter Benefits and Perks

Gift transactions are cumulative. For example, if you contribute $20 (for Tier 3) and then a further $40 six months later, you will be Tier 5 (i.e.$60 total) after the second contribution. Where possible you gain the benefits of the lower tiers when you upgrade.

Supporter Overview
Contribution Benefits starting this level Locks EXP
Boost %
Reserve list
For chests For free For coins
1 $10 2 0 249c - - (x)
2 $15 3 0 248c - - (x)
3 $20 4 1 247c - - (x)
4 $40 5 2 246c - - (x)
5 $60
  • Hats
  • Free Herogates
  • Access to /backpack clean (Deletes the contents of your backpack)
  • Discord rank (t5+)
6 2 245c - - (x)
6 $80 7 3 244c - 6 months (x)
7 $100 8 3 243c - 12 months <x>
8 $150 9 4 242c - 16 months
9 $200 10 4 240c - Life
10 $300
  • "Colossal" Backpack (81 slot)
  • Lava Trails - /trails lava
  • Lag meter - /tps
  • Discord rank (MAX DONORS)
10 5 235c 15% Life ✯✯✯