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    Herocraft has it's very own server database, containing all the information you are looking for about classes & Professions, Townships & residences, money & trading, and much more, in full detail!



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    Heroes Combat Classes
    Your combat class dictates the armor you can wear, items you can use as weapons, and skills available to you.
    Classes are broken up into the following themes:
    • Warrior Path - Melee classes with a tankier potential.
    • Rogue Path - Melee and ranged classes with a focus on misdirect or control.
    • Caster Path - Offensive magic users.
    • Support Path - Classes with a focus on boosting other party members.

    Heroes Professions
    Professions are similar to jobs - what you are able to do in a non-combat setting. Some professions give skills to make specific tasks easier and more productive, such as farming and mining. Some are the only way to make specific items, such as engineers and Enchanters.
    • Crafting Recipe Restrictions

    Heroes RPG Plugin
    • Player info
    • Skills use
    • Bars: Health/Stam/Mana/Exp
    • Stats
      • PvE Exp, Damage, Health
      • Crafter/Professions Exp
      • Weapon Damage calcs
    • Player titles


    COMMANDS summary list

    Server Mechanics
    • Boosts & the Tip Jar
    • Bounties
    • Chat
    • Chest shops
    • Death Chests
    • LWC protections
    • Money / Currency
    • Parties
    • Petitions for Staff help

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