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Recent content by trickshotwin

  1. trickshotwin

    [Hamlet]SkyForge[24](Good)(Xandria Dominion)MoveThreadToGraveyard

    Why do you wish to join Skyforge?: In the past (with the exception of last map) I have really liked the town of Skyforge. I like how the city is floating and I think It's very cool. I would also like to be with Entun and Tom How long have you been on the server?: Since about halfway through zeal...
  2. trickshotwin

    New skills: Fade & Camouflage

    They are too good!
  3. trickshotwin

    [Town] Belegost (20) [Good] [XD] -Recruiting

    *cough cough* trickshotwin *cough cough*
  4. trickshotwin

    [Town] Lightforge {45} [Good] Xandria Dominion*RECRUITING*

    Well, no offense but firebomb wasn't exactly liked...
  5. trickshotwin

    Read Video Contest!

    I would if I could :(
  6. trickshotwin

    Suggestion Voting

    Why does it not matter?
  7. trickshotwin

    What class will YOU be next?

    Ninja for my main, Smith, alchemist or merchant for my profession.
  8. trickshotwin

    Read Patch 3.51 - More balance & Self-Served Regions!

    Does you're client freeze and you can't close it when you try to log in? Thanks @Kainzo for changing hamlet costs!
  9. trickshotwin


  10. trickshotwin

    [Town] Lightforge {45} [Good] Xandria Dominion*RECRUITING*

    Finally, it's about time for the walls!
  11. trickshotwin

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    I dunno, I don't really want to.