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Recent content by _phant0m_

  1. _phant0m_

    Suggestion Map Feedback - Pantheon

    Also for some reason each vote gives 25 coins to the tip jar because that totally makes sense.
  2. _phant0m_

    Suggestion Map Feedback - Pantheon

    I think your pretty spot on with this one. I used to care a lot about being in money top as it was a nice goal to set for myself but now I see no point. I understand that it's not exactly pay-to-win in most terms but it certainly feels like it. I also understand that Kainzo needs money and that...
  3. _phant0m_

    Not a Bug Shovels can't be crafted

    Pretty much the same for every tool besides picks.
  4. _phant0m_

    Oh thanks bby also idk why it says 36 lol

    Oh thanks bby also idk why it says 36 lol
  5. _phant0m_

    Guide Application: _phant0m_

    So I still would love to become a guide if that was possible.
  6. _phant0m_

    Bug HonorBlade/Samurai|ParryMagic - Doesn't actually block/reflect

    This is do to skills not being labeled as magic and instead as light or fire damage. Changing all damage types of non physical moves to magic would most likely fix this issue and fix DevourMagic aka buff runeblade.
  7. _phant0m_

    Suggestion Incentives For Social Media!

    The big problem I see with a Refer-A-Friend system though is the potential abuse of the system by players with more than one account. As most of us know on Herocraft if something can be abused it will be so I say we plan accordingly.
  8. _phant0m_

    Bug bugs

    So beds change your spawn point and leather armor breaks incredibly quick.
  9. _phant0m_

    Suggestion Townships + Mechanics Feedback

    Definitely wasn't removed by the way.
  10. _phant0m_

    Suggestion Townships + Mechanics Feedback

    town spawn is instant and seems to not work for anyone other than leader
  11. _phant0m_

    ALERT The Final Stand - New Era/Map Reset

    I think we should take out the market all together as it imo took away from the spawn experience as I felt no need to explore it at all because all I wanted to buy was right there.
  12. _phant0m_

    Suggestion Townships: Revamped

    Don't let it mass generate money like last time lol.
  13. _phant0m_

    Account and Email cleanup.

  14. _phant0m_

    So GW2 went F2P and...

    I have 2 80s but I never really got into the expansion and kinda stopped playing. Perhaps I'll start it up again.
  15. _phant0m_

    So GW2 went F2P and...

    Oh I play this game a lot.