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minecraft rpg

  1. Kainzo

    ALERT Herocraft turns 8 years old! Happy Birthday!

    Greetings Minecraft Heroes! Its been eight years! Wanted to give you guys a heads up that we're planning on having a birthday month sale on the store as well as a refresh patch for the Atlas Map. We could use your help, so if you have any development experience, are confident in your building...
  2. Kainzo

    ALERT Community Update

    Greetings Minecraft Heroes! I wanted to touch base with the community and let you know whats happening in Herocraft and the direction we're taking with the Minecraft server. Right now, we're recovering from losing devs that were pushing the new (and amazing) item system, Relics. We're searching...
  3. Kainzo

    ALERT The Era of the Infinite Multiverse

    Please read this important message regarding future Herocraft updates and the direction of the server. This is the final phase of the server. You can also find our working to-do-list here. After lots of meditation on several ideas and concepts, the major take-home points are. SUPPORTER...
  4. Kainzo

    ALERT Quick update.

    Hey guys! So we got some big things in the works for our Minecraft RPG server. A complete rework of our systems, read more for the major points. Things that have been the same for 5+ years are getting much needed love and care. I'd like to welcome some new additions to our team. @Soren_Endon...
  5. Kainzo

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    We want to make Herocraft even better! Give us some feedback on Herocraft!
  6. Kainzo

    ALERT Herocraft: Rise of Atlas! (NEW MAP, NEW ERA)

    Greetings Heroes and Heroines! FULL RELEASE = 7PM CST 05/19/17. We are announcing a new map named, Atlas! Atlas will introduce many changes and improvements to the server in order to provide a much better experience for new and older players. A beta test of the new systems and changes...
  7. Kainzo

    ALERT Happy Remembrance of Easteria!

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Rise of Easteria ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its time to announce the new event that will be running through this Friday (04/21/17!) for our glorious...
  8. Kainzo

    ALERT Dungeons and Arenas coming FRIDAY! (02-24-17)

    Greetings Minecraft Lovers! Dungeons: We're going to be re-adding the old Dungeon nexus/system of the past. Please note that all of these dungeons will have PVP-ON minus the first few. These will not be placed around the map and will have a portal to use near the Pantheon spawn area. You...
  9. Kainzo

    The Super Ultra Mega Thread of What You Want + Herocraft RPG

    @Admins, @Heralds, @Moderators @Coders For those of you who don't know me, I've been pounding the Herocraft name close to my chest for over 6 years. I love this server, I love the community (even you toxic trolls who never btfo). I think we've come to a conclusion that no amount of money will...
  10. Kainzo

    ALERT The Frostsworn Gift! FREE GIFT! /claim newyears (Ends Jan 9th)

    Greetings Heroes! We'd like to announce to you that we have a gift package (randomized rewards) for everyone that logs in @ play.hc.to, to show our apprecation, we're giving everyone something! Watch out for KRAMPUS and coal! Gifts can have AMAZING gear, random ITEMS, TITLES, DECORATIONS and...