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ALERT The Era of the Infinite Multiverse

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, Nov 2, 2017.

By Kainzo on Nov 2, 2017 at 6:08 PM
  1. Kainzo

    Kainzo The Disposable Hero Staff Member Founder Adventure Team

    Jan 7, 2011
    Trophy Points:
    Please read this important message regarding future Herocraft updates and the direction of the server. This is the final phase of the server and massive overhaul of systems will no longer be happening. You can also find our working to-do-list here.

    After lots of meditation on several ideas and concepts, the major take-home points are.

    SUPPORTER RELEASE DATE = NOV 2nd @ 9PM CST (http://hc.to/store, to purchase supporter)

    Maps will be cached, still active, but accessible through a set of portals labeled "Planar Archives" at spawn. EXPERIENCE will NOT be reset, Items will NOT be reset. Nothing resets from map to map, we only add more land to play, systems, mobs, skills, classes and other balancing factors to play with.
    Whats this mean for players?

    • Your stuff won't be deleted. Your builds will be accessible for as long as we are online.
    • Leveling will be harder. Gaining "good" items may take more time.
    • Better system of play for classes over time, with dedicated developer(s) to fix issues.
    • Currency may be affected by inflation and counter measures will be implemented.
    • Experience is never lost through an update but the sliding scale of "levels" may be different, if a major update happens and we had to adjust exp scaling, you may go from level 40 to level 35, or from level 20 to 30, depending on the curve.
    • Item degrade faster.
    • EXP loss on PVE deaths.

    Melee hits (given and received) in combat will now drain stamina . Sprinting halts the recovery of stamina, and it will regenerate rapidly during combat while walking or standing still. This should create a more patient, tactical approach to combat.

    Immunity frames are now being treated as 1/2 of their original duration. This means spammed left clicks are more viable, however at the cost of draining your stamina. Left clicks deal no damage with depleted stamina. Manage your combat resources!

    • Immunity frames are now 1/2 of what they used to be (100% more left click uptime!)
    • Combat is revamped, swings, hits, damage taken now affects your stamina
    • Stamina now regenerates x3.5 faster (depending on class) than normal
    • Swinging a weapon at low to no stamina will do less damage.
    • Items will override your class defaults and will use the stamina drain of the weapon you are using.

    The new system for skill management. All classes are granted additional skills to allow players to select between which ones they want to be combat ready with. In addition, skills can now be learned through quests, tomes, dropped off bosses and more.
    • Consumable skill books can teach spells
    • Gain skill memorization points by leveling
    • Memorize up to 7 skills at a time
    • Change skills out in a shrine in New Atlas (right now anywhere out of combat)

    Each "map expansion," we generate the new world under new parameters.
    Skylands, Pure underground, Skygrid, Insane Terrain, Skyblock, Deep Desert, End, Maze World, Etc.
    Every release will have an event, major releases are scheduled every 3 months with minor releases happening every month.
    New worlds will be drastically smaller than the main world.

    • NewAtlas Size = Roughly 10,000 x 10,000
    • Set release schedule (3 months)
    • More content to consume
    • More fun overall!

    Each major release, we increase the global level cap, by 5~ levels. In addition to levels, your character skill points, stats and other things will increase. Expect new or re-released skills at major releases. This is to ensure that content is fresh and you will be able to continue to have things to do in Herocraft.
    • Current cap = Level 50 - estimated time = 2 weeks.
    • 3 months = Level 55 - estimated time 2.5 weeks
    • 6 months = Level 60 - estimated time 3.5 weeks

    The addition of the new combat system makes for a way easier configuration of new classes. You'll be able to choose the play style of your class much more easily now with the addition of the memorization skill system. All classes start with 7 skill slots and 30 memorization points. You can gain more points by leveling.
    • Classes now can be specialized based on your class selections
    • Different classes have different swing endurance, ninjas will swing faster and longer, where as Dragoon may be only able to swing a few times before running out of stamina.
    • A character will be considered fully progressed at level 50, you may need to find optional skills and learn them instead of mere leveling, however!

    The Kingdoms system allows for easy to manage chunk control and defense, its a fluid system that allows your kingdom to be under siege when online, it now holds the resource management system to "lock" your chests. Claiming chunks for your Kingdom takes up "resource points," which you accumulate by giving your Kingdom certain materials found in the world. Warring with another kingdom will be very expensive, but the payout is to forcibly unclaim chunks of your enemies, paving way for a full-scale raid on their homes. You can only wage war or have someone wage war on you once a month - whether successful in your endeavors or not.
    • Kingdoms are citizen capped (use resource points to upgrade)
    • Locked chests cost resource points per lock
    • Chunks are fluid and can be unclaimed during war
    • Special chat for you and your ally, including titles!
    • Virtual and tangiable conquest points to battle enemies for more resource points!

    Dungeons will be added every major release, featuring new content, new items, new bosses and more! In addition to placed dungeons in the overworld of New Atlas, mobs now spawn everywhere and are stronger further away from spawn. These mobs are very similar to vanilla Minecraft, unlike the mobs in the dungeons.
    • Current Dungeons
      • Redhand Keep / Faceless Palace
      • Sky Castle / Ivory City
      • Elven Palace / Desert Bazaar
      • Stoneflow Castellum / Tricksters Domain
      • Demon Necropolis / Crushflame Keep
    • Planned Dungeons
      • Pit of Despair
      • Keep of Varson
      • Epicenter of Madness

    Gold wont just be the only currency in town, a new currency, Platinum will be obtainable via quests, masteries and more. Spend platinum on hard to find items or trade it to players for better goods. This system is an alternative system that will feature hc.to/store items for purchase for all players.
    • Gold is the primary currency
    • Platinum is a premium currency, highly sought after!

    Its been 7 years since the start of Herocraft. We've opt'd to remove some decaying systems that have fallen to the wayside or just are no longer part of our vision. Below is a list of removed/added plugins that you can see. This list will probably expand as time passes.
    • Locked Death Chests removed (Death chests still spawn)
    • Townships removed, Kingdoms added (more fluid pvp, less protections though!)
    • Safe Trade added /trade <name> within range
    • Auction House added - /market
    • mPets added (nicer, smaller pets!)
    • BackPacks removed, MinePacks added (Same features, different plugin)

    RELIC ITEMS(Code done, scripting left).
    Being in testing for over 6 months, we are now releasing the Relics Item system. This will allow players to left-click an item they are holding to have it "equipped" to their character. Relics items will allow players to find randomly generated items that have a varying range of quality, item-level and more. Relics items can also have gem sockets to allow for socketing for further increased stats. This system is still being polished and will require additional feedback to be exactly what we need!
    • Hero attributes will now appear on armor and weapons to assist in your class
    • Ability to seamless upgrade your gear through the APEX anvil system
    • More items to find, trade and wear!
    • Class/level restricted gear

    Alternatively leveling system that allows you to re-level your primary class as many times as you want. This is being refined but will be released in the next major patch. Optional titles, currency and other goodies available for prestiging your class.
    • Alternative leveling methods
    • Unique optional titles
    • Medals and in-game rewards
    • Alternative premium currency

    While quests have been in Herocraft for a few years, we've decided to redo the system and make them more of a staple. The leveling system will be primarily done through the quest system. The spawn is revamped and has 500x500 blocks to contain all the quest givers and any other NPC that we need. Expect quests to be out on a minor release for the ease of leveling and hunting!
    • Better leveling rates through quests
    • Currency rewards and other gear prizes!
    • Long lore based quest chains that have proper rewards

    We're accepting more staff so the server will be better prepared for the influx of players! We want to bolster our ranks to ensure Herocraft has the people it needs to thrive. @Soren_Endon is now full time for Herocraft and has a stake for the server. If you have issues, let us know and we'll patch them up!

    Events will be happening more often and not just simply mob spawn events. Easter egg hunts, hide and seeks, spleef, pvp and more!

    Kain-notes: I have delayed this update for over a month. I feel like I could delay it even longer but if I keep pushing it back, people will lose interest entirely and more over, it may never be done. I am releasing it as is and will be patching it as bugs come in. I really hope you guys appreciate the time we took to get this together. It isnt easy hosting a server and over the last 7 years, Herocraft has been a second life to me. It means a lot that we've had over 250K playres log in and see this creation! WIth proper community feedback and development path, I believe Herocraft will be here for another 7 years, even if I'm not in charge of everything. Special thanks go out to everyone that helped me along the way, including Mung3r, Sleaker, DThielke, greatman, zidane, Rigby, RightLeftRed, Soren, Ampayne and many many more
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, Nov 2, 2017.

    1. iAlchemist
      This sounds like exactly what Herocraft needed. I avoided putting a lot of time into the server due to the resets. Now I can really get into a build.
    2. Kainzo
      It was definitely an area of concern. I feel this is better for everyone, we'll just need to be careful with what items we throw in, etc.
    3. Raolyth
      Quick question. With LWCs being removed, is there still a way to secure PRs? Possibly through the Kingdoms system outside of an actual town? Or are just going to be dirt locking everything?

      Excited for the release in the next hour :D
    4. UndeadxSlayer
      3rd or 4th? Hahaha
    5. deathfyre8
      If you need staff, I'm available. I've been on HC for so damn long anyways. Message me if you want to talk further about this possibility.
    6. Kainzo
      You can resource point lock a chest. You can also have a kingdom chunk placed anywhere but it may be "raidable".

      Please note that this is one of many worlds, there may be worlds in the future that are more build-friendly, less pvp focused.
    7. Rihawk_
    8. Perboni
      A W E S O M E !
    9. Mr_DagALkeef_B7
    10. RegularHumanMode
      Well damn. I haven't been active for a while, but this actually looks like a new and interesting direction that caters to a few playstyles. Will be sure to drop in if I ever get some solid free time.
    11. Recovery999
      you can always use means to manipulate the economy, such as spending 64 diamonds for a title or something
    12. peterpunx
      "Consumable skill books can teach spells"
      Any idea how to get them?
    13. radicater11
      If the scripters don't finish them soon, I'll make them and add them to the drop table.
    14. peterpunx
      Thanks god for answering radi, i was going crazy thinking i was just being unlucky xD
    15. GoldenBoy204420
      I love the No More Resets part. I kept building Massive builds with AD (and occasionally building my own town.) This is perfect. If we dig up all the resources then BAM portal to new land with lots of goodies to dig up :D

      The builds will be epic!
      Looking forward to this wonderful journey with everyone.
    16. GoldenBoy204420
      I have a Great Idea for an additional world. The Inn. So new players don't have to jump into a Kingdom immediately. Small Rooms with limited storage, but enough storage for all players to keep their most valuable possessions safe from all raids or random PVP encounters.
      Last edited: Nov 19, 2017

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