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minecraft pvp

  1. Kainzo

    ALERT The Era of the Infinite Multiverse

    Please read this important message regarding future Herocraft updates and the direction of the server. This is the final phase of the server. You can also find our working to-do-list here. After lots of meditation on several ideas and concepts, the major take-home points are. SUPPORTER...
  2. Kainzo

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    We want to make Herocraft even better! Give us some feedback on Herocraft!
  3. Kainzo

    ALERT Dungeons and Arenas coming FRIDAY! (02-24-17)

    Greetings Minecraft Lovers! Dungeons: We're going to be re-adding the old Dungeon nexus/system of the past. Please note that all of these dungeons will have PVP-ON minus the first few. These will not be placed around the map and will have a portal to use near the Pantheon spawn area. You...
  4. Kainzo

    ALERT Looking for Quest, Mob & GUI scripters

    Title says it all! Herocraft is seeking skilled scripters to make new bosses, mobs and quests! The platform: MythicMobs Denizen ChestCommands We'll be paying with in-game ranks and store allocations, if you are interested drop an app to @Kainzo. Thanks!
  5. Kainzo

    ALERT The Frostsworn Gift! FREE GIFT! /claim newyears (Ends Jan 9th)

    Greetings Heroes! We'd like to announce to you that we have a gift package (randomized rewards) for everyone that logs in @ play.hc.to, to show our apprecation, we're giving everyone something! Watch out for KRAMPUS and coal! Gifts can have AMAZING gear, random ITEMS, TITLES, DECORATIONS and...
  6. Kainzo

    Suggestion Map Feedback - Pantheon

    Please leave feedback here over anything you've seen in the beta or release! We're listening! Minecraft on!
  7. Kainzo

    ALERT Herocraft: Beta & New Map - READ!

    Greetings Heroes and Heroines! 12-18-2016 6PM = BETA 12-26-2016 6PM = RELEASE On 12-18-2016 at 6PM, there will be the Herocraft Beta server released. Survival server will be shut down and the ip will be forwarding to this server. The beta will run for roughly one week, during which we fix...
  8. Kainzo

    To beyond!

    Hello Herocrafters, @Admins @Heralds @Moderators It's been a bit quiet around here so I thought I'd touch base with you guys. First off, we have a beta server releasing in 2~ weeks. This server will have the majority of changes for the new content coming for Herocraft. It will allow you...
  9. Kainzo

    ALERT Factions Heroes Revamp - Reset on 04/22/16

    So we've had a very interesting run on the factions map and there were some major issues at play in the beginning that have been worked out. We consider this soft release as a trial run and gathered very needed data to run a successful factions server. We're planning to wipe the Factions map...
  10. Kainzo

    ALERT New Server: Faction Heroes! 03/31/16 @ 6PM CST

    Herocraft Network is proud to present the newest addition to our network on 03/31/16 @6pm CST: Faction Heroes! @Admins | @Heralds | @Moderators | @Balance Team The simplistic RPG system that combines classes and skills with fluid PvP! Vanilla medium map (2000x2000) for focused PvP...