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ALERT Quick update.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, Oct 25, 2017.

By Kainzo on Oct 25, 2017 at 6:18 PM
  1. Kainzo

    Kainzo The Disposable Hero Staff Member Founder Adventure Team

    Jan 7, 2011
    Trophy Points:
    Hey guys!

    So we got some big things in the works for our Minecraft RPG server. A complete rework of our systems, read more for the major points. Things that have been the same for 5+ years are getting much needed love and care. I'd like to welcome some new additions to our team.

    @Soren_Endon (development partner) - Behind the scenes for almost 3 years, Soren now has a stake in the success of Herocraft and is considered full-time in our mix!
    @Piptendo (admin/community management) - Piptendo has been with our community for many years and is stepping up as an acting admin and community manager. He will be taking on the day to day of announcements, notes and so forth to ensure the community is informed

    New Systems
    • Skill Memorization/Prep System with additional skills added to each class (20+)
    • Skill Learning System - find skills in dungeons, off mobs, from other players, etc.
    • Combat Update - Stamina regen x3 faster but is consumed on hits/misses and regen stops when sprinting
    • Kingdoms - now manages the claiming, war system and protection system
    • Auction House - now post items for sale
    • Removal of LWC
    • Removal of locked death chests
    • 5000x5000 map with herogates
    • Dungeons placed in the overworld with overworld mobs
    • Re-balanced mob drops
    • Re-balanced leveling rate bonuses to have a progressive feel

    Early Release Date - Nov. 2nd (3PM CST)
    • Staff and Supporter only early access
    New Release Date - Nov 3rd (Friday
    • Full public release
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, Oct 25, 2017.

    1. Air_Restraint
      RIP all melee classes
    2. LightTheAbsol

      @Kainzo I hope this brings back players or gains new ones. It's hard nowadays with minigame servers dominating everything but I believe in you.
    3. MysticMight
      Where can I find more information on skill memorisation and learning?
    4. anevia
      What does it mean by removal of deathchest on lwc? No chance of getting things back when killed in pvp?
    5. Air_Restraint
      I mean, it's pretty self explanatory.
      It says "Removal of LWC"
      That means LWC's are being removed from the game.

      It says "Removal of locked death chests"
      That means they are removing death chests.
      So by default, your shit will drop on the ground like it normally does in minecraft. So yes, when a player kills you. Your stuff will drop on the ground.
      Or unless he just means a chest will drop but not be locked. So pretty much you are not getting your shit back.
    6. LordZelkova
      Unlocked chests spawn when you die. So your shit doesn’t go everywhere but anyone can take it.
    7. Jreems
      ayyeeee you already know noob lord jreems will be there <3

      Will there be new classes or an updated wiki so I can figure out what class I can be before I start playing again?
    8. cat8898
      unlucky that kainzo is taking away a core feature to left clicking in minecraft. Sprinting while in combat and left clicking = 0 stamina permanently. Play mage classes or bust, or just dont sprint while left clicking but you'll never kill anything so glhf trying xd

      Edit: I really do like the skill preparation process, however I dislike that you need to "find" or "craft" skills instead of just getting them with levels. Sound like extra hassle I dont feel like is necessary.
    9. Kainzo
      We're reducing immunity frames by 3/4 (0.25s) - so a good pvper (note good not autoclicker) will be able to do more damage if they are accurate since the rate of outgoing damage has just risen by 75%.

      This change has gone in based on feedback and is ready for live-consumption on release.

    10. Irishman81
      If you used an autoclicker you could just set it to swing at the exact time the frames came up so its not that much different
    11. Kainzo
      With server delay, ping, etc - it'd be hard pressed to make it 100% efficient with the swing/miss stam costs
    12. GoldenBoy204420
      Any fighting game is all about the combos. Spamming anyone one move (right click) should never be king shit

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