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ALERT Community Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, Mar 2, 2018.

By Kainzo on Mar 2, 2018 at 4:33 PM
  1. Kainzo

    Kainzo The Disposable Hero Staff Member Founder Adventure Team

    Jan 7, 2011
    Trophy Points:
    Greetings Minecraft Heroes!
    I wanted to touch base with the community and let you know whats happening in Herocraft and the direction we're taking with the Minecraft server.
    Right now, we're recovering from losing devs that were pushing the new (and amazing) item system, Relics. We're searching for additional developers that will help make the Relics system a reality (80% complete), as many of our new systems hinge on it. We are not calling it quits on Minecraft / Herocraft development but we are at an impass where we can't push the project further without completing an item system that will last us for years to come.

    The future of Herocraft.
    We're continuing on our mission to focus on character progression both in items and levels and an evolving community that supports one another in achieving its goals. The player vs environment aspect of Herocraft is something our team is focusing solely on. Later we will revisit the PVP side of the server once we are happy with the leveling rate, leveling gains, mob difficulty and item progression.

    The short term.
    • Expontential per-level gains (damage/health/mana/etc) - capping at 6K hp for tanks, 10K fully geared
    • Expontential item stats
    • Mob difficulty adjustment to the new expontential gains
    • Platinum Currency
    There won't be any wipes.
    Your stuff is safe, we will be launching new maps but we wont be removing exp, items, currency or builds. Our focus is still steadfast on not having any more wipes to prolong and instill a "lasting" gameplay. We will however run number crunches where necessary if we feel we've done something wrong and that may require players to re-level if we change the per-level exp up.

    What we need.
    Scripters, developers and builders who want to push Herocraft to be an immersive role playing experience. Once we have an progressive item system that suits our needs, we will be aggressively advertising to our community and the minecraft playerbase to obtain at minimum 100 player count during peak hours.

    We hope you stick with us on the revamps and changes. Its been over 7 years since we started this project and with our focus is on the community and making sure we have something that players want to talk about, enjoy with others and continue to forge bonds that will last for another 7 years.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, Mar 2, 2018.

    1. Air_Restraint
    2. ChromosomeCramp
      Im glad this server stills alive, also talking about ´´taking a direction´´ i always felt like the main issue with the server wasnt the content but rather the feeling of playing in a middle ground, it doesnt completly feel like a cooperative roleplay where everything is based on player interaction or like a hardcore pvp based anarchy (we cant mass grief https://herocraftonline.com/wiki/Category:Rules) it is divided between PVP and PVE players.
      I think that the most needed thing right now is a way to make the whole community focus in a single game concept and somewhat encourage a little bit of player interaction between these two groups (other than being killfarmed in a gate).

      -English isn´t my native language so i most likely did a lot of awkward word combinations, feel free to correct me :)
    3. Kainzo
      Which is why our primary focus is shifting towards PVE. We will hammer out every aspect until we are happy before mass-re-introducing PVP. Its very important to us to know we have balance in one aspect of play before we continue on to others.
    4. MAGYAR12
      Good point, well said.
    5. Trazil
      Honestly imho I don't think this is the correct move, there are plenty of servers that do already offer PvE content but this PvP that HC had provided was something special. When there is healthy PvP there is constant content that is not stale. I've been away for a long time, mostly due to irl issues and other commitments but I can tell you that PvP is the only thing that attracted me to HC.
    6. spiralz

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