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minecraft multiplayer server

  1. Kainzo

    ALERT Community Update

    Greetings Minecraft Heroes! I wanted to touch base with the community and let you know whats happening in Herocraft and the direction we're taking with the Minecraft server. Right now, we're recovering from losing devs that were pushing the new (and amazing) item system, Relics. We're searching...
  2. Kainzo

    January Notes

    8.5.5 - /hero roll need | greed | pass | off - are now viable options for loot selectors. - Added Domus Bow of Regius to the T5 drop tables as an epic item (purchased via http://hc.to/itemdesign) - Added Great Donor items to the T5 drop tables as epics (purchased via hc.to/itemdesign) - Adjusted...
  3. Kainzo

    ALERT Patch 8.4.0 - Citadel Dungeon Portals and Mastery Reduction!

    Greetings Heroes of Minecraft! Wanted to give you a quick update that we have pushed Patch 8.4.0 to Herocraft. This is somewhat of a simple change but its important that everyone knows it. The Dungeon Nexus has been removed for all players and will be reintroduced via custom items or skills...
  4. Kainzo

    Releasing Crate III and Preview of Dungeons 8.1.0!

    Happy Friday! ---- Crate Keys are on sale until Oct 1st! 25% off! hc.to/keys We'd like to announce that there's changes in the level experience of Herocraft afoot. The base experience between beginning to mastery will be increased. The exact amount will be released on Patch 8.1.0. There...