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minecraft rpg

  1. Kainzo

    November Notes

    Patch 8.2.4 - All melee damage left-swings now scales in damage per level against PVE. - All arrow damage now scales in damage per level against PVE. - Added a GY respawn point in the center of Citadel Spawn Patch 8.2.5 - T3, T4, T5 and T6 dungeons have had their exp rates increased by 100%. -...
  2. Kainzo

    Suggestion Dungeon World: HeavensGate Feedback

    More info to come here. 11 Dungeons 6 Tiers 350 unique mobs 200+ unique items Please let us know what you think.
  3. Kainzo

    Releasing Crate III and Preview of Dungeons 8.1.0!

    Happy Friday! ---- Crate Keys are on sale until Oct 1st! 25% off! hc.to/keys We'd like to announce that there's changes in the level experience of Herocraft afoot. The base experience between beginning to mastery will be increased. The exact amount will be released on Patch 8.1.0. There...
  4. Kainzo

    ALERT Herocraft Overflow: FFA + Heroes

    Greetings Minecrafters! We just released the overflow server to reduce lag on the primary server! You can access this server by using /overflow command while on Survival. This server isnt scheduled to last forever. However, in order to increase player cap, we must scale our servers in...
  5. Kainzo

    September Notes (8.0.0)

    Minecraft RPG Patch 8.0+ 8.0.1 - Crop grief is now legal, please protect your crops by using locks, regions, etc. - Re-enabled Miniboss spawns. -Remove skill-chaoticvisions from beguiler, and replace with Plaguebomb (15 second cooldown, 130 +3 per intellect magic damage -Change Rejuvenate: Heal...
  6. Kainzo

    ALERT Herocraft 8.0 - War of Souls - Complete Reset! 09/04/15

    Greetings Heroes! @Admins @Heralds On September 4th at 6pm CST (if all goes as planned) we will be releasing a new network! This includes a complete wipe all of all Heroes levels, classes, items, currency and map-data. This is a chance for something great, a chance for us to re-invent the way...