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Recent content by biowaier

  1. biowaier

    Suggestion Dreadsteed is a Knightmare

    A handful of Herocraftians can recall me [Psychedelic Lemon] rambling off hourly on the state of the ShadowKnight's high level skill "Dreadsteed". As a seasoned practitioner of the edgy Dreadknight who has used Dreadsteed more than a couple of times (both pre and post our latest map), I can...
  2. biowaier

    Read Working To-do List: Community Edition

    Dreadknight's Dreadsteed is mountable, but doing so eats the saddle if you use the full 60 seconds.
  3. biowaier

    Bug Endurance Skill Bug

    When using the SK skill "Endurance", the skill notification says "[Player] uses Endurance on %target%!". Not sure if intentional. Am post bug. Am also put screenshot.
  4. biowaier


    All caps and comedy aside, it would be nice for a command that would display an emote to players in a short radius, much similar to how our lesser used /ch local interacts. I find myself instinctively typing emotes into local whenever I'm in a roleplaying mood, only to find the "[Player name]...
  5. biowaier

    Suggestion Enchanted Paper

    It was I should have been more specific. I posted the survey as such to get a conversation going and bring attention to the thread. Posting spelling errors to annoy was not my intention.
  6. biowaier

    Suggestion Enchanted Paper

    I know, I did it perposely XD
  7. biowaier

    Suggestion Enchanted Paper

    I was sitting along the shores of a beach when a thought came to me. I had just finished my annual zombie-slaying and stared yonder; fascinated by the eerie white rectangular clouds that float aloft. "Why not add in more mob drops?", I wondered with a sigh, and lo, this thread is the result, as...
  8. biowaier

    [Hamlet] DemonsWood **Now Recruiting**

    IGN: biowaier Class & Level: Dreadknight (21) Profession & Level: Crafter (14) How long have you been playing HC? Before the self-healing nerf, 5 or so months? What other maps of HC have you played on? Baston, Heaven, Shrine.. What other towns have you been a citizen of? DemonsWood Why do you...
  9. biowaier

    The BlackKnights[Evil]

    IGN: biowaier (Case sensitive) Date of birth: 4. 23. 1999 (Making me 14.7932222222) Spec: Dreadknight Level 6 Profession: Crafter level 12 Teamspeak?: No, but I can download it. :I What guilds/towns have you been in?: Demonwood, Applied for Rapture. What maps have you been in HC for? Baston...
  10. biowaier

    Rapture {Recruiting}

    In game name: biowaier (Case sensitive) Level: Lvl 6 Dreadknight, Lvl 11 Crafter. :I Age: 14 Previous Town(s): Demonwood, How often you plan to play: Weekends, plus whenever I get bored Can you use Teamspeak 3? : Yes I can. Do I use it right now? No. Also: I have mastered Disc before the big...
  11. biowaier

    Suggestion Skill set 3

    A random things I have invented overnight; Special note: This page was created for the mere purpose of entertaining the ones who glance upon it.In do way do I believe any of these ideas should be implemented, for they were created for fun. Ice Mage:A fierce rival to the Pyromancers, the Ice...
  12. biowaier

    Suggestion Passives suggestion

    In my opinion passives are the backbones of RPG. Blocks are implemented in Herocraft, so I'm pretty sure the ones I have in mind are possible. No attacks, no weird impossible suggestions, just passives that help increase survival. Especially since the Mob rate and zombie view distance were...
  13. biowaier


    IGN: biowaier Age: 14 Class/Level: Disciple Lvl 49 Profession/Level: Smith lvl 20 Citizenship: DemonsWood Do you agree to the agreement contract?: Yes Any extra information?: Im good with potions and redstone.
  14. biowaier

    Suggestion List of Ideas for Skills

    I have a few...NON OP Disciple: RapidPunch: 3-5 punches in one attack, medium cooldown. It helps with their low overall damage. Jump: Small jump height (Around tree level) Disciples train their body and stuff. Paralyze: Prevents a player from moving for 1-2...
  15. biowaier

    [Town] DemonsWood [15] [Neutral / Good]

    biowaier Age: 14 Secret Key: Plankton and Tortoise! Primary Class/Level: Disciple 14 Profession/Level: Crafter 13 (Ill join any profession you need) How long have you been on HC?: A few weeks How often do you play on HC?: At least once a day or every other day (very often) Why do you want to...