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Suggestion Dreadsteed is a Knightmare

May 23, 2013
A handful of Herocraftians can recall me [Psychedelic Lemon] rambling off hourly on the state of the ShadowKnight's high level skill "Dreadsteed".

As a seasoned practitioner of the edgy Dreadknight who has used Dreadsteed more than a couple of times (both pre and post our latest map), I can confidently say that this skill, in its current state, is not worth the 2.5k credits required to obtain it. Hear me out:


Tweak the skill

Or remove the skill altogether.
Don't get us hyped and eager to spend hours of our lives farming for a skill that we'll never use.

There's no mistaking that I absolutely love this skill; in addiction, I'm wholly aware that perhaps giving the two tankiest warrior classes arguably the highest mobility in the game isn't an amazing decision to make. However, making Saddles a reagent (or perhaps catalyst.. I donno) just isn't a viable decision in a game where the only method of obtaining such an object is through sheer luck in a new, unexplored vanilla dungeon underground. We're on a rapidly growing server. There are far too few dungeons containing saddles to justify using them in the spell. Any herocraftian with any sense of supply and demand would charge high charges for any saddles they come across in the world--I bought one off of a certain ninja for 250c.

Once the spell is cast, the saddle is not returned to you. I've tried multiple times. Perhaps the saddle cost decision was made to prevent players from farming infinite saddles. I completely agree with that reasoning. Perhaps this is unintentional, in which case I'd **loooove to be compensated. xD
But, as it stands, eating a saddle for a minute of riding a horse just isn't worth it while other players get hyperspeed or seventeen methods of teleportation for a lesser cost, if not for free.
Mind you, that's an upwards of 200c per ride. With speed potions taken to account, a typical minecraft horse can travel anywhere between 4.8 and 14.5 blocks a second (A player's walking speed is around 4.3 blocks per second). That means if one wished to idly trot around spawn with his trusty buttstallion, he'd achieve roughly 288 blocks before the spell runs out. He if paid 250c for a saddle, that's roughly 1.15c per block traveled--which would make 2 dirt (or stone, in this case) blocks just as expensive as a single gold ingot. It isn't worth it. Even if a leveled Pally or SK was lucky enough to obtain a couple, they'd NEVER use them.

My suggestions to the cost:
1) Make Dreadsteed (and the Paladin equivalent) cost a common and fair material of equal or slightly lesser value, such as an emerald, diamond, or lapis. You guys could even make it free. Since riding is disabled elsewhere on the server, this change will kill instinctive to farm the skill for saddles. They'd be useless.

2) If the steed spells must cost a saddle, at the very least have it reliably return one to us once it is over. Fix the bug where the saddle isn't returned and make it so that the saddle cannot be removed while the skill is in effect (or make it so that if the saddle is removed the spell will forcefully end).

3) If all else fails, use the magic of code to create horses that can be controlled without the need for a saddle and make the spell cost a shit load of mana. No saddle = no saddle farming = no saddle cost.

My suggestions to the skill itself:
>Unmount the player once they get in combat or decrease both damage dealt and movement speed while mounted in combat for sick rpg elements.
>Increase mount time by 30 seconds - a minute and give a fair warning through a skill message once the spell is reaching the end of its effect.
>Give steed skills a longer warmup. It takes time to summon anything in traditional rpgs and tank classes shouldn't be granted a get-out-of-jail free card whenever things start hitting fans.

I'm aware that there are more pressing matters to tend to; that is why I waited for the big boy update to post this thread. Now that the workload has dropped a tad, I'd love to make my Butt Stallion's voice heard.
Lemon out~

**- I know compensation is against the rules. Chill.
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The Disposable Hero
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Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
Lets make these changes
>Unmount the player once they get in combat or decrease both damage dealt and movement speed while mounted in combat for sick rpg elements.
>Increase mount time by 30 seconds - a minute and give a fair warning through a skill message once the spell is reaching the end of its effect.

I've removed the reagent cost and increased the cast time to 4 seconds.

Also note: we'll need to add in a saddle recipe - saddles shouldnt be 200-250c.
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Jul 13, 2014
Strange only seeing this now, after coming across it...

I actually fixed the skill taking the saddle and it refunds the saddle on ending the skill (time out or otherwise). This is set by a config option (not yet set in live). However this fix currently has a duplicating side effect, which I am unsure on how to fix (unfortunately even conditionals wont work).

Which effect would you like for when the player enters combat @Kainzo ?