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  1. Byrozy

    Two-Year Veteran Title

    I have received my two-year veteran achievement on the forums but haven't received an Ingame rank yet @Kainzo @Admins any help, please?
  2. CanDoBlue

    Herald App. CanDoBlue

    === Herald Application === Job Description: To spread the word of Herocraft on any facet available. Filming/Recording events, activities and posting to the Herocraft media channels. Retweeting @HerocraftOnline / @Kainzo, etc. "updating" our posts daily for MCF, Reddit, and others found here...
  3. Xerot

    Mod App: Xerot

    Minecraft IGN: Xerot Position applying for: Moderator Age|Timezone:26|CST How long have you been on Herocraft?:How long has HC been around again? 6 years? 5? A very long time. Why do you think you would make a good mod?: Well. I've been on the server for a long time. People come and go, and the...
  4. pasta14

    Bug Ender Pearls working in offhand for any class

    so i found this exploit / glitch / bug where u can throw enderpearls as any class by with having the ender Pearls in your off hand i would be game breaking so i posted this as Quick as possalbe.
  5. Block_O_Water

    Bug Chestshop Dark oak wood bug

    Hello, On the survival server on 9/24/16 I tried to make a chest shop for dark oak wood and noticed that it wouldn't work. I also had my friend Jotamota see if it would work at level 60 which it didn't work. I hope you read and consider fixing this soon, thank you. From Block_O_Water.
  6. Block_O_Water

    Bug Paladin Skill absolution

    Today - 9/17/16, after the reset I tried to heal myself and realized it wasn't working, Then i checked my macro and it was fine, but then checked /hero skills and saw that absolution was no longer on the list. I wanted to know if this was a bug or was intentional. Thank you - Block_O_Water
  7. Eldrex

    Resolved Why Were Herogates Made Free?

    As the title suggests, I am curious as to why Herogates became free as opposed to being 50c and free for T5 donators or higher? I thought this was a great thing to motivate players to support the server, and it also prevented the Herogate camping that we now can see at South West.... Rip the...
  8. Eldrex

    Suggestion [Profession Skills] Make SmeltIron Instant

    Make SmeltIron and SmeltGold instant cast. Currently it takes 4 seconds for SmeltIron to warm up. I'm suggesting that instead of having a warmup, they have a 4 second cooldown, or however long their current warmup time is. Overall it doesn't change much, but it would allow you to use it while...
  9. S

    Technic launcher and Herocraft launcher !

    Hello This is mainly directed to kainzo and or the higher ranking admins in the community. I am able to make a technic launcher and herocraft launcher download and run tutorial, And i was wondering, If i do that would you guys post it on here officially, So if any new or old players have...
  10. Jreems

    Suggestion DK NEEDS to be fixed

    I strongly agree with what pew had said about DK. Here are a few things that i believe need to be changed on DK. I do not think that anyone on balance really plays DK so that is why its so bad lol. 1. GET RID OF BASH, the class does not need a skill that takes up too much stamina and does shit...