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Recent content by yeelowsnow

  1. yeelowsnow

    Online Map

    Touche M'Lady
  2. yeelowsnow

    Online Map

    16 days since the server owner last replied :p
  3. yeelowsnow

    Online Map

    ~16 days doesn't equal graveyard lol
  4. yeelowsnow

    Suggestion [Township] New Townships Code for Discussion

    Very interesting topic to read. If you can deliver on everything, this will be a big benefit for herocraft. edit: the mroe I read, the more excited I become.. @Ahrall check this out
  5. yeelowsnow

    Welcome to Herocraft: New Player Guides

    @Ahrall Are both videos meant to be the same?
  6. yeelowsnow


    Thats bullshit. My loki prime with a Crimson Dervish Dakra Prime will destroy absolutely anything in waves 30+ on defense. Add on the x3 stealth multiplier and you've got a weapon of mass destruction in your hands. Melee in warframe is not just for low tier enemies. Get your shit straight
  7. yeelowsnow


    decay rates for the Kubrow got nerfed last hotfix. Should be much more manageable than before. Me: yeelowsnow @Ahrall: Ahrall @Jonsoon: Jonsoon heh btw, anyone have a spare tranquil cleave that I an trade them?
  8. yeelowsnow

    ALERT Community Meeting - State of the Server - 08/03/14 - 3PM CST

    First ~hour of IRC logs from the meeting http://pastebin.com/ftJJ0Sff [13:02] <@Kainzo> Alrighty 03[13:02] * Oryinn ([email protected]) has joined #Herocraft [13:02] <@Kainzo> We are coming underway - T5+ and staff have voice, so feel free to speak up, this will take...
  9. yeelowsnow

    Suggestion Make PvP more sought out

    haha every thread... 'getting awesome' = 'dying'
  10. yeelowsnow

    I have reached the promised land!

  11. yeelowsnow

    wasted money due to no modpack download.

    instant access...all my what
  12. yeelowsnow

    AEGIS Untrustworthy Players

    Why do you need admin/moderator approval? This is a player run thing service/thread..
  13. yeelowsnow

    Providence [31] - not actively recruiting

    Hello, We are not recruiting at this time and you also do not meet our minimum age requirement. Feel free to apply at a later time or over at our sister town: CobbleDumperTon