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Recent content by Troppics

  1. Troppics

    Bug Cannot PM certain forum members

    It is seemingly random but I cannot message certain people on the forums.. An example of this is when I tried to send a PM to: zacka123321 I was just told... "Participants: You may not start a conversation with the following recipients: zacka123321." Not sure what else there is to say.
  2. Troppics

    So what did Santa get you this year?!

    "He sees you when your hacking, He listens to your TS3, So if you didn't save his presents, Don't be expecting me!" (Here is a picture I managed to snap of Santa and Rudolf) For all my hours of effort I got 5 ice and 3 plants.. Pretty dope right? So.. What did Santa get you this year?
  3. Troppics

    Tectum Grotto ♦-RECRUITING-♦ PVP

    @Admins Can I have this thread moved to Southern Continent Townships seeing as we have regions and are no longer in planning! Thanks in advance :D
  4. Troppics

    Tectum Grotto ♦-RECRUITING-♦ PVP

    Attention townies! The town council has decided to change the town name to something that better represents the spirit of the town. And so the name Tectum Grotto has been chosen. We hope you all like it.
  5. Troppics

    Tectum Grotto ♦-RECRUITING-♦ PVP

    Tectum Grotto "Home of Heroes" Synopsis Hidden in the lush green pastures of Herocraftia is Tectum Grotto.. Tectum Grotto is home to some of the most talented and enthusiastic players on all of Herocraft, with years of experience on several maps. It is this enthusiasm that has driven the...
  6. Troppics

    Steps to Drastically Increase Map Life

    Personally I think we should bring back Mob Arena. I cant remember why it was taken away in the first place, (perhaps because worries about it being to easy to level?) but it was such a great experience that really made Herocraft more enjoyable for me and many others. Nothing is more exciting...
  7. Troppics

    ALERT Back to the Basics - Complete Reset | New Era - December 21st

    Well, well, well... Look what we have here :D
  8. Troppics

    [Hamlet] Burgundia *RECRUITING*

    @jaywjay03 Happy with this application, looking forward to see you taking part on our new building projects coming soon :) Check your PMs and message a townie in-game for more info!
  9. Troppics

    [Hamlet] Burgundia *RECRUITING*

    @silent11327 Good App! Welcome to Burgundia!
  10. Troppics

    [Hamlet] Burgundia *RECRUITING*

    @Jacobpanther Very pleased to see this application! Welcome to Burgundia Jacob, Message a townie in-game for more info!
  11. Troppics

    [Hamlet] Burgundia *RECRUITING*

    @caiodrago Welcome to Burgundia! Message a member in-game for more info!
  12. Troppics

    [Hamlet] Burgundia *RECRUITING*

    Some very nice pictures! :o I will include them in the town thread when I update the rooster later today! @ReadyAimHIDE
  13. Troppics

    [Hamlet] Burgundia *RECRUITING*

    @SashaPupp Welcome to Burgundia! Message a townie in-game for more info!
  14. Troppics

    Suggestion Please allow Chest Organiser Mods!

    What he said ^^ :)