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Character Introductions

Jan 20, 2011
Name: Victor
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Samurai/Alchemist
Appearance/Physical quirks: Beige, buttoned shirt with pants of a little darker color all under a brown cloak. On his arms there are metallic braces with blades welded on. He carries his blue crystal katana on his left side, on his waist. His body shows signs of great discipline and in such explains his slim figure and well toned muscles. He has no scars or tattoos.
History: Victor was born into the world like any other soul and was shoved out into the world of Sanctum. In an attack on a town, Victor got caught up and almost killed. In the disarray of combat, Xanipher, the future Queen of NEO, rescued him. From that day forwards, he swore to protect Newerth.

Victor quickly learned that he had no skill in combat and was unable to fight off even MoB remnants that popped up every once in a while. He watched a man named Kaos take them out mostly on his own and asked him for help in the skill of combat. Kaos saw the passion in the young Victor's eyes and accepted. Much was taught and when it came time to go to full on war with the other kingdoms, Victor led the assault on Bloodline, a group of murderous lunatics that sought to cause trouble during the wars.

As the evil set across the land and the Elders froze Sanctum, Victor could only sit with his fellow NEO citizens and wait. Kaos had fallen ill and Xanipher had started to show signs of weird powers. They arrived on Zeal to find themselves with new found power. Victor quickly clung to this new power and used it to further his training. After Kaos built a training area and started the town of Winterfell, he died to his sickness.

An evil group of mercenaries arose as well as a pesky thief named Acars. The mercenaries called themselves Shiroku and they targeted everyone. In a retaliation, all wars were abolished and the souls fought back against them. Victor was amidst this battle and in the first strike, he was almost killed. Piney, a child, helped Victor back to health just in time for another attack on Shiroku. This time, they burned the town to the ground and many of its men were laid on the streets.

When Victor returned to NEO kingdom, he was greeted with a ransacked town. Acars, the illustrious "Dirt" thief, had made off with little amounts of valuables and large amounts of dirt and other useless objects. The council of NEO and KRS sent Victor with Piney to destroy Kamete, Acars' town. Upon arrival, they both were greeted with open arms. The town members gladly let Victor walk free and gave Acars up without a fight. The items were returned and they were left alone.

Victor knew he had to continue training to be the best, which led him to follow Kaos' steps. When he had ventured to the land of Winterfell, the town Kaos had foresaw, Victor took up the idea with the help of a great architect. Among the construction days, a new group came into being; The Tree Creepers sought to cause Victor trouble while under his training. Not long after their assault, they attacked in an attempt to war with NEO. This halted most of the building in Winterfell. After many back and forth battles, Thorn Hollow came into existence. The TC had occupied Kamete, killing most of the citizens living within.

The conflict was brought by Victor this time in an attack on Thorn Hollow. The TC were slaughtered and their leaders left wounded. Dmil, the main leader later was killed and the news was brought to Victor by word from the Zo themselves.

Winterfell finally stood tall as one of NEO's towns, but not long after did the king of KRS, Gabizou and Queen of NEO, Xanipher offer up a merge. Thus dawned the OS kingdom, Order of the Sun. Under the new rule, Victor welcomed his friends to the kingdom. Peace did not last long though.

Shortly after, Dragons poured in from the sky and created mass panic among the souls. Victor ran for his life hoping to make it to the new world laid out by the Zo. He made it safe, but Xanipher and Gabizou were no wheres to be seen. With old friends Jack, Symbolite and Gtast, Victor rebuilt Newerth and took up the position of second in command. (Thus dawned the adventure to find Xanipher and Gabizou)*

Over in a town called Nevermore, remnants of what was KRS gathered and logically they offered to form a kingdom. Xandria Dominion, the newest of the Newerth timeline. Victor took up the role of general alongside Dazzlar from Nevermore. This created only a short peace before civil war broke out. Tensions grew between Newerth and Nevermore and Victor was right in the middle of it.

The conflict ended with little blood when Symbolite showed his opinion of being king and stepped down for Xexo. Victor still in anger, decided to take it out on Canterlot, a town under XD. They had attacked him on a stroll by their town which sparked the violent hate within. Dazzlar jumped to his aid in raiding and after a few days, Dazzlar turned into a blood thirsty beast. He left for Altum and used his new army to attack the entirety of XD instead of Canterlot alone. Because of this, Victor and Canterlot became friendly once more and they banded together with the other Xandria Dominion towns to destroy Altum.

With Altum ablaze, all threats were gone for a time except for the TC Remnants that rarely attacked. In the peace, Victor took his time to train some more, but after an arm injury in a raid on Doriath, a town of Altum members who survived, he was forced to take a leave of combat. He then went on to help Sanctum, a town that resembled his past life. In an attack from the TC remnant new recruits, Bingy and Sweord, Victor received many wounds before driving them back. The people of Sanctum helped Victor back to health and he made his way back to Newerth.

Once back, he went to create an estate for people to party with. The days passed by almost as fast as the sweat drops hit the ground, but he finally built the two story party pad. The accomplishment gave him happiness that was soon crushed by Canterlot. A masked man dodged the Zo's law and recruited Canterlot to raid Xmas town, a town filled with Victor's old Zeal friends. In an intense rage, he kicked the gate open to the Canterlot castle and stabbed Kenn followed by a hilt bash to Jotamota's skull.

In the wake of war, Erebos members came to aid Victor with Nevermore citizens close behind. The treason announced by Kenn before hand made this final act the last conflict to spark war. Thus Canterlot was under siege.
Personality: Victor can be cynical and a braggart, but is overall a helpful guy who only wishes the best for his kingdom. While being kindhearted, he takes betrayal on a level very different; those who cross Victor usually end up dead without a second thought. He never gets overly angry though, he tries his best to stay calm in most situations and gives fair warning to his attacks, but this is not to say he can't become enraged.
Alignment: Neutral. He is sworn to protect Newerth and its allies from themselves and others.
Weapons: Blue colored crystal katana and Dual arm blades.
Magic: Under the code of a Samurai, they do not usually posses magical power, but the time in the multiverse and the events of Zeal led Victor to the use of Inversion, a spell that allows him to draw the reserve energy of his unspent mana and force his enemy to take it in a violent shot from his blade.
Family (if applicable): Xanipher (Big Sister, Non-biological)
Interesting Facts: Even though Victor hates killing those under skilled to him, he would still do it to further his homeland's ambitions. He has also survived all three maps.
Favorite Food: Fruits of any sort, mostly bananas and melons.
Favorite Drink: He loves most sweet tasting things, but prefers none over the other.
Likes: Protecting, fair combat, Women, Gardening, Writing.
Dislikes: Betrayal, unfair combat, Sexism.
Allies/Enemies: Newerth and Xandria Dominion as well as its allies.
Roleplay Hints: ??? Unsure of this. ???

*This is in place to mark when my new Fanfict will take place, but I will not release anything at this time in case it becomes cannon.

Also the history part has many holes and is not complete (I forgot certain parts and left out certain meetings and other stuff, sue me, its a long wall of text for about five minutes of typing.)


Tier 3
Mar 21, 2011
Name: Shad.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Bloodmage/Alchemist
Appearance/Physical quirks: Long, black robe and leather black dance shoes which are rarely removed. Robe is marked with specks of blue and red representing his past ranking as a prophet of the fallen Realm of Truth, decimated during the Fall of Zeal. Long scar below left eye which makes the eye slightly closed at all times. Left eye black, right eye dark red. Scarred, thin body. Would pass off easily as a dead boy, were he not moving.
History: Shad's memories begin in what was the founding of the new world of Zeal, after a faded past of another, beautiful and tranquil world were left imprinted in his mind. At the age of 9, he lived peacefully with his family in a small, underground, hidden refuge from the chaos above, known only as Novaya - originally built as a military training camp, but captured by those who were desperate for shelter and turned into a tiny village. Shad knew nothing of the world outside. He knew not of the history of Zeal, of the chaos, of the ruins of cities that were spreading quickly through the land above him. He was innocent and idiotic, caring only for what he knew could not be a lie. But he was honest, and at peace with himself. An innocent child until the day came.

He did not know the date, nor was it recorded, for it was before the time of the clock and calendar's introduction in Novaya - not that it was ever given the chance to be introduced. It was inevitable that the encampment would be found, as greedy raiders searched far and wide for gold and supplies with which to seize power. It was a caster, one of flame and of magic, which had broken into the town. Shad had never seen bloodshed before, aside from his own small accidents - minute, careless injuries, such as a grazed knee or a bloodied nose. He could not imagine death by fire. He could not imagine pain in its whole. But for the caster, there were no such limits. The caster was a man of remorselessness, and he did just what a remorseless raider would always do; walk straight into the home of another and pocket their hard earned posessions. It was Shad's home that was first for the Caster to raid, and it was Shad's family that were his first targets.

Shad had always been gifted in ways that he did not understand, but he did not know what was coming until it happened. Seeing the raider entering and fearing for their sons' lives, Shad's parents stopped to defend their loved ones from the caster, wielding a dagger and wooden shield. But their petty weapons were no match for the caster's fireball, and they fell before their childrens' eyes. Shad's younger brother, Reg, rushed to his father's chest and fell upon it, waiting for him to get up, to tell him that everything was to be okay - but he succeeded only in becoming an easy target for the caster, and was slayed in seconds. His blood trickled slowly down into the wooden floorboards of Novaya, and from Shad's eye fell a tear as he could not believe what was happening to him so very quickly. As his younger brother's blood touched his bare skin, a hate fueled within him, giving him power that he had never felt before. It was the power of rage. Within seconds, he turned upon the caster, seeing him as the source of all of his pain, and screamed his agony away at the caster's soul. At first, there was only noise and chaos - but suddenly, a silence filled the room as the caster melted away into darkness. For seconds, Shad could not believe what he had done. But then it was over, and then he could think no more, as madness consumed him and as he realised his own pain. He did not know what to do, or what to believe. He was a boy all alone in a world of death and torture. His home was gone. His family was gone. All that he had ever cared for was gone. And so he ran to the madness which had consumed him, running to a black age which he would consume him forever, as he stranded himself in insanity.

A vision of blood stained his mind, and he began to see with rage. He saw the destruction of the casters. He saw the truth of the world around him. He saw the pain of a thousand others, dying from other's sins. He saw hell.

And so his life as a boy ended, and his life as a madman began.

Personality: Shad is fanatical and hateful in all of his forms, and is very hostile to casters in every form unless they have gained his trust - which rarely happens unless one of his allies or trusted friends convince him to allow them a chance. He is weak and easily defeated, but his words and anger are all that keep him going, and his healing abilities keep him alive even in his worst moment.
Alignment: Evil.
Weapons: Diamond hoe, 'Regret', a raw and unfinished Caster's scythe which is carried below the robe or in dominant right hand at all times. Part of the weapon was forged from the diamond found on the scythe which was carried by Shad's family's murderer.
Magic: Healing and bloodstealing powers learnt along his path of pain. He uses these same abilities to keep himself and his allies alive. At one point in his childhood, Shadownub was a gifted healer, but his abilities were tainted upon the shock that he lived with after his family's death.
Family (if applicable): Father, mother, younger brother - all killed by a looting caster's fireball before the Realm prophecy arrived in Zeal.
Interesting Facts: Despite the murders and atrocities that have occured and the bloodstealing abilities that he has learned to make use of, as well as his involvement in the Freepers, since the day of his family's death, Shad has had a great fear of blood, in addition to one of any flames. His life is powered by his own bloodstealing abilities - if it were not for the hate and the devotion to the Realm prophecy which fueled him, he would be long dead. As a result of this, he does not breathe - he lives on the same magic that he hates.
Favorite Food: All forms of melon.
Favorite Drink: Healing Potion II.
Likes: Honesty, loyalty, melons, potions, endermen.
Dislikes: Fire, disrespect, partiality, betrayal, Tree Creepers, immorality, casters.
Allies/Enemies: All who respect his beliefs and all of those who stayed true to the Realm prophecies which changed his life are allies. All casters who have not earned his begrudging respect and all Tree Creepers who have not done the same are enemies, as well as those who spark his hate through the abuse of lies, through disrespect, through disloyalty and through immorality.
Roleplay Hints: Don't lie.
Jun 5, 2011
Puyallup, WA, USA
Name: Raoul
Age: Estimated to be about 26
Gender: Male
Class | Profession: Geomancer | Smith
Appearance/Physical quirks: Raoul is a tall man, carrying himself with a level of
respect. When Raoul arrived in Dragongarde, he discarded his robes, and adopted an armor with gems set in the armor to focus his Magicks. Under his helm, Raoul has light brown hair, and his eyes are blue green, with a faint gold dancing around his pitch black pupils. Raoul's skin is slightly pale, from hours, sometimes even days, in Mineshafts deep underground.
History: Raoul's first memory is waking up in a grand tower of Lapis Lazuli,
known as Sanctum, at the age of 14. He searched for a town to join, and found the city of SkyForge. He helped in the construction of a castle, and helped to found the Academy. After the Sundering, Raoul was able to get safely to the land of Zeal, where he helped to re-establish the guild, searching for more knowledge constantly. He joined the town of Atlas, home to the Academy, but once the town fell, he joined the Order of the Sun, in Shin Kyoto.
When exploring the fabled Temple of the Moon, he found an ancient text, that spoke of the dragons of Lord Commissiar ((Spelling?)). With this knowledge, he went to the Atlas Spire, where the Academy was located. Weeks later, he was called to Zeal to aid the 7th Sage Division, leading to the Fall of Zeal. With the rise of Dragongarde, Raoul joined with Newerth, organizing the Academy all the while with Headmaster Dazureus and the other Council members.
Throughput his life, Raoul has studied the ways of Crafting, intending to have a simple life as a Mason, however, when he stumbled upon ancient ruins, he learned a basic spell, and found the workings of the Multiverse interesting, and worked to become a Geomancer, with control over the elements.
Personality: A friendly person all together, Raoul can be quite stubborn at some
times, and care-free at others. Raoul will go out of his way to help others, and is very trusting, even to a fault. He prefers to talk rather fight, all though will fight if necessary, and even at times for sport in the Arena. He prefers to advise people than to lead, and has joked that if he took command of a town or guild completely, "It would fall in a matter of weeks".
Alignment: Raoul has no true alignment, but rather sides with whatever protects
and supports his ideals, though this is usually Good, or Lawful Neutral.
-A staff, hand carved by himself, imbued with ancient runes to help hone and control the elements
-His very words, acting as a basic control over the Elements of the Multiverse, though not very focused
Magic: Some control over the Elements, Raoul has much to go to reach Mastery of
his chosen Path. Raoul has a slightly stronger connection with the Multiverse than most, although the cause is unknown.
Family (if applicable): Raoul has no known family.
Interesting Facts: He has always had a thirst for knowledge, as well as secrets.
Favorite Food: A nice, warm, beef stew, with succulent vegetables...
Favorite Drink: Pure H2O
Likes: Lore, secrets, anything of a good nature, creation/building
Dislikes: Anything of a bad nature, destruction
-Allies and towns of the Xandria Dominion
-Allies of The Academy
-Tree Creepers
-Enemies of the Xandria Dominion
-Enemies of The Academy
-Those who threaten his values
Roleplay Hints: N/A
~ ~ ~ ~​


Ancient Soul
Staff member
Tier 7
Jan 17, 2011
Finally sat my ass down and added all of these to the wiki. Check off another completed project! (So many unfinished ones, though :oops: )
Oct 28, 2011
Name: Leftern
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Ranger / Farmer

Appearance/Physical quirks: Leftern is a youthful, yet heavy built fellow with the pale, hardy skin of a Northerner. His time in the harsh, brutal conditions of the North has given him a powerful, stoic aura about him. His beard extends far beyond his chin, and the hair on it gives a chill to all that touch it. He only wears a light sort of leather pants and an iron helm, his chest able to bear the biting cold. A true Viking.

History: Leftern was born in the snowy village of Verstad, the son of the great chief Ver, with his mother dying in giving birth to him. Ver was not a kind man, but he taught his son many lessons of the way of the wilderness. From Ver, Leftern learned his astounding knack at using a bow as well as his keen ability with an axe. He learned which trees to chop, which mushrooms to eat, as well as which animals to kill and when. Destined for leadership, the village expected great things from this prodigy called Leftern. However, the last thing Leftern remembers of his town of Verstad was a great boom that swept across the land, and his village aflame.

Around the age of 18, Leftern’s life changed forever, he was awoken in a strange place called Zeal, with nothing but the hair on his chin. Confused by his surroundings, Leftern ran from the place he awoke in into the far reaches of the land. Surviving by himself, Leftern crafted many amenities he was used to from his old village. From everything to a handy axe to a solid bow in his hand, he was prepared for any fight. No matter how tough he was, though, his lone house was incapable of standing up to the dozens of raiders that passed by daily. He could not survive alone, he realized, and joined the nearby town of Skyforge. Content with the altitude of Skyforge, Leftern rebuilt his house there, but did not seem satisfied. After less than a week, Leftern embarked again on a great journey. Finding himself at the gates of the great city of Ironpass, a kind individual known as Malphagus let him in to join this place, a place as equally stoic as the Viking. From there, Leftern worked in the farms and slayed the occasional beast, training himself for every battle that might happen. Leftern continued working on his great bow, Windshot, when not training, until the ages of Zeal drew to a close.

Dragons flew about his newly found homeland of Zeal, and the world was in a stage of transformation. He woke up again similarly as he had in Zeal, to a world called Dragongarde. An aspiring ranger, Leftern went right back into the fray. Wary of his mistakes in the past, Leftern quickly joined the seemingly friendly town of Altum, located on a snowy plateau, as per advice of a certain Wolfboy. There, he befriended Farroes, Darroes, and a disciple known as White. He spent his days training on the large slime farms located in Altum, until he finally became a true ranger. As Leftern grew stronger, civil war was brewing in Altum. His friends Farroes and Darroes left to start a new town known as Solitude, and there he went with them.

Leftern continued to hone his skills in archery in Solitude. Inspired to help create another town, he and Farroes began work on what would be known as Oblivion. Connected by a fine rail to Solitude, Oblivion became an oasis in the vast desert in the soon to be region of the Legion of Oblivion. Rising to second of command of Oblivion, he soon welcomed a kind fellow known as Lost to his spot in leadership. Deeply interested in politics, Leftern acted as Oblivion’s diplomat to towns such as Windhelm. Soon, the Legion of Oblivion welcomed the town of Solstheim, led by Shado, now known as Acherous, built into the sea. Solstheim fell and transformed into Jazza’s Sento. Soon enough, Sento fell just as beloved Oblivion’s banker Jonsoon created Dawnstar. During this time, Farroes committed treachery to the world of Dragongarde, and his legacy was erased from the world.

With Farroes gone, Leftern stepped up to lead the people of Oblivion. After this period of misfortune, the Legion of Oblivion continued to expand its forces to become a sizable force on the world of Dragongarde. With his beautifully crafted, and finally finished bow Windshot, he and allies dominated the northeast corner of the world. However, he needed to garner more forces to fight off the rabid Tree Creepers that were ever pervasive to his kingdom. In doing so, he created the guild known as Resist, originally led by Digger, to fight of the Tree Creepers. From there on, Leftern can be found training alone in the woods, harnessing his skills for upcoming battles.

Personality: Leftern is a stoic individual known to fiercely defend his allies, and just as fiercely decimate his enemies. He is known to often be calculated, but is often conflicted in moral decisions.

Alignment: Leftern is neutral to the average person, but is known to extend his friendship to the lowest individual, and offer fights to those that rival him in strength.

Weapons: Windshot, a bow that shoots arrows held aloft by the wind itself.

Magic: Leftern is capable of harnessing the power of the wilderness, and in doing so is able to take control of fire, ice, and poison. He is able to use vision magic to look far beyond the capacity of any average human.

Family (if applicable): His father Ver.

Interesting Facts: Leftern has difficulty standing up to fire and heat, but is training himself to acclimate to it in his desert home of Oblivion.

Favorite Food: A hearty slab of steak.
Favorite Drink: Any sort of ale.

Likes: Training, strength, bows and arrows, snow, axes, loyalty, respect

Dislikes: Heat, betrayal, deception

Allies/Enemies: Leftern is dedicated to the Legion of Oblivion, a kingdom passed on to him from Farroes. He has a fierce distaste for the towns of Lorien, Safehaven, Erebos, and Netheril.

Roleplay Hints: Leftern is a listener, but can be vocal when the time arises.
Jun 16, 2011
Name: Dsawemd
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Retired man of the cloth, turned Ranger. Semi-competent master Engineer.
Appearance/Physical quirks: Tall, unshaven, not often seen.

Dsa spent his days in Zeal happily following his faith, healing and smiting whomever he saw fit. Then he went into an incredibly fast downward spiral of depression, brought on by the destruction of his home city of Jericho after being hit by a brutal meteor. Also he never actually saved a patient per se (unless you count saving PART of them to attempt and use on the next poor fool who comes into the church looking for healing), and that can have an immense psychological affect on your conscience.

He spent a large portion of his time in Dragongarde either drinking or roaming the Sewers trying to earn coin for ale by healing adventurers who were knee-deep in sludge and creepers. He arrived at the realm Bastion drunk and excited to hear of a new pub. After only beginning to fix his thirst, he was accosted by a stranger in the corner of the bar.

His face hidden in shadow, his armor wrapped by a grey cloak, the man sat with Dsa and drank, reveling in the rumors flying around the land. They each had a startling affinity for strong liquor. As the night grew old, and the stranger rose to retire, he turned his words to Dsa himself.
"You are a rogue, a wastrel, a filthy failure of a cleric who has drowned himself in drink. You will find your way again, and when you do, seek me out in the armory of Bastion's stronghold."

That man's name was Strider. Since then I have learned much from him. Though he is from this realm and I am from another, it is clear from our height and general appearance that there must be some common blood among us. I have been able to see it in some of my fellow adventurers as well. We are descendants of the men of Arnor, an ancient kingdom, thousands of years dead when Sanctum was but beginning to write its history.

I obey Strider, as he is the descendant of the King my ancestors once knew. He has charged me with several tasks, from erecting a communications network to deliver messages in a manner only understood by our kin, to stocking wilderness caches with arrows and materials for bows, so that we might never be caught completely unawares. And impressively, together we have built a Camp where our kin can find companionship, enjoy a fine pipe bowl by the fire, and more importantly, drink.

Personality: Largely unknown, but prone to fits of inebriation.
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Chaotic.
Weapons: Bow, arrow. When sober, redstone circuitry and turrets also.
Magic: None, save the uncanny ability to disappear into the brush when needed.
Favorite Food: Fish, caught with bare hands from freezing streams (plus the barkeep in Bastion pays for raw fish with booze). Also Watermelon.
Favorite Drink: Strong.
Family: Though saddened by reading about how many Fathers and Mothers have been killed by bandits, Dsa's parents are healthy and alive. They live on a farm somewhere quiet with his two younger siblings.
Likes: Other Rangers.
Dislikes: Wizards in particular, Strider insists on their usefulness and often cavorts around with them, they just anger me.
Allies/Enemies: Strider above all else. The LO Kingdom is also my ally, since my old missionary in Braavos is where I usually pass out after a hard night of drinking.
Jun 5, 2011
Puyallup, WA, USA
Oh I thought I made one already, guess it was an old thread for the previous round of lore from maps past.

Here you go:

Name: Dielan
Age: Undeterminable
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Ninja/Scribe
Appearance/Physical quirks: Dielan once flesh and bone all the way through, but after one bad trip to the nether only strange magic keeps this guy alive. The Ghast facemask covers a face that can best be described as a black, leather mask whose only opening resemble a creeper's face, and when someone looks upon the leather mask sees a strange red glow.
History: Was once a noble in the Kingdom of the Rising Sun, but KRS has since merged with NEO, then that entity merged with KoE, and after a long period of time has become the Order of the Star that we know in today's world. As a devout officer of Newerth, Dielan servers as a chief representative of The Order and is often seen as "the face of OS".
Personality: Despite the strange appearance, very friendly and open to adventure.
Alignment: True Neutral
Weapons: Simple Iron Shortsword
Magic: None at his disposal since the last age where Dielan was a Necromancer, has since turned from the dark path to live as a humble ninja
Family (if applicable): Ironee (ironee212, IRL girlfriend, usually play together, fit that into the lore however you see fit)
Interesting Facts: Chose the path of the Ninja to use stealth, and deception to avoid combat with other players. Would rather see everybody put down their weapons and get along. Founded the first tavern of Newerth with Ironee to promote friendship and togetherness among the townsfolk. Was appointed by gabizou to be his successor to the throne, but passed this rite on to xexorian, who now serves as rightful leader of The Order of the Star; thus giving Dielan more time to be a man of the people.
Favorite Food: Good 'ol minecraft bread
Favorite Drink: The "Drastikos Melon Martini!"
Likes: Exploring, Adventure
Dislikes: Bloodshed
Allies: Ironee, Xexorian, Gabizou, Drastikos, TheMormon(RP Name: Raoul?), Victim(Victor), Kingtom, Jazza, Madsplatter, EtKEnn, Domitius, Stronghold, Elmeerkat, Brutalacerate, JMoney, Gtastuntdude, Symbolite, Bluejack, Sidgil, WoleverEntun
Enemies: Dielan does not hold grudges
Roleplay Hints: Personally I'd rather be a comic relief character. For example, in Zeal as a Beastmaster I killed more allies (on accident) than enemies with my wolves!

aaaaand that's all the RP you get for free ;)
Yup. RP/Lore I'm Raoul Erron. Need to revamp that some time... Yesterday thinking about that, I somehow got the idea to write a book. Dangit, mind. Stay on topic when I'm doing my homework. :(


Feb 3, 2011
Name: Helios Echelon

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Class/Profession: Bard/Alchemist

Appearance/Physical quirks: Few have looked under the costume of Helios, but those who have describe it as unnatural, possibly from his time in the Madlum war. There is a tale told of NATO capturing him for a period of time during the war and its probable that the torture they committed disfigured his face, but those who knew him saw him enter Madlum normally, and leave forever masked. Being a bard of highest renown, performing for the courts of mighty monarchs, Helios attained the fine clothes he wears today. A jeweled tunic of regal purple with a hood to cover his face. The hood features a tinted glass for him to see through and the jewels are of every valuable gem available. The tunic ends half a foot before his ankles, where purple silk pants featuring similar jewels show over a pair of heeled boots. Over his hood Helios rests one of his most precious gifts, shrouds made of silver and mithril chain.

History: Fresh from the spawn, Helios was a proud Madlumite. Only just getting his footing in the wondrous world around him, not yet able to understand its vastness, he found Madlum under the angry eyes of the rest of the souls. With nothing but innocence and ignorance the young Helios could not understand the fury directed towards him and his kin, but it was not long till there was no longer time to understand. When the wall was erected Helios was frightened. With cowardice he tried to hide himself away from his problems, but his fellow Madlumites gave him support. He had a cause he had to fight for, but did not know how. It wasn't long before a venturing noble had crossed by to see the hullabaloo and Helios walked strait up to him and opened his mouth. From his lips spilled forth reason, intellect, debate, and not without a touch of personal passion that swayed the noble, who told him he'd bring the issue up with his kingdom. With a new vigor, having found his way to fight, Helios went before the courts of nobles 'cross the world, telling the story of Madlum, the injustices pressed against them, and called for an end to violence, but no matter how he swayed the nobles, the people had been filled with violent taint and found new leaders who would fulfill their new desires, such as Amgroma, the fire-tongued, leader of NATO. Helios also found this violent taint spread to officials and nobles alike, and realized there was no swaying these people, no way to stop this war with simple words. When Helios returned to Madlum from his campaign, it was said that, with tears upon his resolute expression, Helios for the first time dawned a sword and turned to his fellow Madlumites and said, "May no other tears be shed than these I shed today." For the most parts, the battles of the Madlumites against NATO involved bleeding their forces before retreating to Madlum in an attempt to make this a war of attrition, but NATO was so powerful, that the reinforcements never seemed to end. During one such attack, Helios had been captured by the enemy. No one knows how, but he escaped after two days with a torn cloth covering his face and a bloody NATO sword in hand. All seemed lost to Helios, clenching the hilt of his sword, holding back his tears, then a sound came from the blockade. The few of them who were awake at the time ran down the road out of Madlum to see a female warrior slowly limping towards them. Originally the band had their swords out and ready, but upon this sight Helios and company sheathed their swords and ran to greet this person who survived the blockade. She was Apple and to Madlum she was a hero of the highest honor. After treating to her wounds the army of Madlum, lead by Apple, completely overwhelmed the forces of NATO and tore down the blockade. With wood from the blockade itself, Helios started fashioning signs holding his powerful words and in turn every Madlumite and even Apple herself began placing signs conveying their thoughts. This was a reminder of what their battles were truly about, the right to be free for that is the spirit of Madlum. This victory was, however, short lived. Amgroma himself and a vast army of murderous devils carried the strongest black rocks one had ever seen and tubs filled with liquid fire. With these NATO erected the single greatest monstrosity known to the multiverse, the Black Fortress. When Helios went to see the structure for himself, he found the broken remains of their signs. These fiends and their impenetrable fortress spat at his, no, Madlum's freedom. All he could do, though, was stand there, on the desert road, and stare at his prison with eyes frozen by a focused hate. When it came out to the citizens of how Maikky had betrayed their trust, there was no mercy. The Black Fortress had changed everyone in Madlum, perhaps into exactly what NATO claimed them to be, murderers and thieves. After Madlum lost its leader, no one stayed and moved on to new lands. Helios wandered for a time, avoiding society, for he could not come to accept these nations who had oppressed him. So when an old Madlumite friend invited him to join a small town, he readily accepted; however, this venture did not last long. Such a small village without the support of the Kingdoms of the time just didn't have the funds to survive and Helios again became a wanderer. It was less than a week after that Helios came across the most spectacular sight in the entire world, Ultima. A floating island, Ultima was a town that did not rely on the Kingdoms, but had great internal support from its citizens. It was in Ultima that the Mayor's wife, a very amicable woman, simply insisted on making him new clothes, for his old Madlumian uniform and torn cloth over his head were old and tattered. Accepting her kindness, and the hospitatlity of Ultima as a whole, Helios lived in what was possibly one of the greatest peaces in his lift. Peace, however, is never a permanent thing. As is his nature, Helios communicated with the upper crust often. His skill of voice had become renown, particularly when upon one evening at a grand party, the each guest passed along in the merriment of song and when Helios stood to sing the whole room went quiet. The highest nobles in all the world looked at a lowly Madlumite in total and complete awe. It wasn't long before his name was the talk of all the Multiverse. It was around that time that he became good friends with a new-spawn named Jorict, who would pull Helios into a new conflict. Helios would often invite Jorict to a location near what were now the ruins of Minaret, the village that never was to play and enjoy the beauty of the scenery. After a long time of eachother's company, Jorict made a new ally, Rane. The two hid in the ruins of Minaret, practicing heresies against the Zo and plaguing the world with their harmful pranks. As their group of heretics, Bloodline, grew, Helios was assigned to the dangerous task of being an agent against them. While he was successful at infiltrating and obtaining their plans, the murder and heresy surrounding them were too much for him. Before seeing Bloodline's fall, Helios returned to the Aether, escaping the evil taint he could feel spreading through the world that would later be known as the influence of Dagith-Narr.

Time passed, Sanctum froze in time, and Zeal rose in its stead. All of this happened while Helios wandered the Aether, finally returning to the World of Souls, but not as he knew it. The number of Kingdoms had grown as did the overall population inhabiting the world. Upon Helios' arrival he immediately returned to his wanderlust. Arriving at many kingdoms to chat and perform, engaging with all parts of society, until a new force arose from the shadows. The Monarchy of Blasphemy the appeared during the early ages of Zeal following Helios' return and enforced a murderous regime throughout the world. At times he had to wield a sword against them himself while traveling, but as much as the Zo enjoy conflict, they discourage the heresies that so often accompany the types of evil the Blasphemites committed. Eventually, the Blasphemites were smote for their heretical actions and those who were unaffected abandoned the broken kingdom. Despite the end of MoB, Helios was still worn from the heresies, and took refuge far from society. Much time passed, the world changed around an unknowing Helios. Returning from his hermitage, things did not seem to have changed much. Kingdoms rose and fell as the world met a disturbing fluctuation in its populace. As one town was built, two more mysteriously disappeared. The first friendly face he encountered was of G'Tastunt, an eccentric Newerthian noble whom Helios found amicable. As the two chatted it up, Helios came to learn the horrible turn that was occurring. A foul band of knaves calling themselves Tree Creepers was taking root, taking the place of the long gone Monarchy of Blasphemy. The ensuing conflict would surely have its effects on Helios, but G'Tastunt had a plan. He hired the greatest architect known to Newerth to construct an impenetrable, but aesthetically pleasing city to hide themselves away from the TC and was all to ready to invite Helios to come live there. Helios agreed without hesitation and found the rest of his time on this incarnation of the World of Souls peacefully. The nobles of every respectable Kingdom came to the great construct that was Overdeep to see Helios' performances. In time the Tree Creepers would become a small shadow of what it was as their heretical leaders were plucked from the Multiverse and in their imprisonment they desired to hear the songs of the bardic Helios. Helios had heard and mustered all his courage to brave the Prison of Banishment, but to his surprise they could be just as fun and friendly as any Hero. Dancing an singing he made their acquaintance, but merriment never lasts in the Multiverse. Dragons swarmed the world, wreaking destruction to absolutely everything and unlike any had ever seen all the Heroes in the Multiverse, Helios included, joined the fight to defend their world, but their actions were futile against the rogue dragons and the Elder Zo knew it. A new world was created and everyone was moved to the new land of Dragongarde.
In this knew world, Helios attempted to keep on good terms with his new friends of a Tree Creeper past, but it wasn't long before he noticed they maintained their heresies still and thus Helios left their company. This world was still new, but conflict among societies still continued and Helios still found himself involved. What action will he take in order to secure his peaceful lifestyle? Not even the Zo know.
Personality: Helios is a peaceful soul who prefers talk over action, but despite this he has been involved in a war for each incarnation of the world he's experienced. Steadfastly Helios rejects heresy and becomes depressed when people close to him practice such heresies. With lyre in hand Helios is always ready for a song and loves to add the dramatic touch. While tired of politics, he always holds a strong stance to support his ideals.
Alignment: He allies himself to his friends. Newerth gives him the most peace, but for the most part as long as you won't attack him or his allies, his only actions will be friendly. His end goal is peace for Herocraft, leaving PvP to become a sport.
Weapons: A silver sword and a lyre
Magic: Helios can alter the elements by combining the music of his voice with the magical energies around him.
Family (if applicable):
Interesting Facts: Helios finds the most enjoyment when being theatrical. He likes to live only where the scenery inspires awe
Favorite Food: Lamb Chop
Favorite Drink: A bubbly ginger drink aged in the cold breweries of Neverast.
Allies/Enemies: Peaceful people are allies, Enemies are NATO, Blasphemy, Tree Creepers, and all heretics.
Roleplay Hints:

Here's a little update on the profile, as can be seen in the above.

History: Dragongarde left our brave Bard in deep despair. Evil began securing its hold and Helios could find no place for him within it. Even within the ranks of his allies a foul taint like that which gripped the attackers from NATO gripped at individuals and spread. It was too vivid, too surreal how everything began to repeat itself, but there was no sign of a Renaissance to come after. For Herocraft, evil became the only interest, which would even taint the Zo.

As the world of Dragongarde began to reach its end an idea popped into Helios's head. He could write a guide, a last and final Word, on how everyone should be acting. Everyone was losing themselves in conflict, but if he could spread these books, then he could at least save those who were redeemable. The finale of Dragongarde, however, struck him and left him in a sleep, one which he would not awake from until some time passed in the new world of Bastion.

When Helios awoke from his deep slumber, in the care of old allies, he found that his books, which he had never shown anyone, were there among his possessions. Never before had items crossed between worlds like this before and Helios considered it a sign. He spread the book far and wide and recruited others who would help him. They built temples in the high mountains where they could live in their peace, following and even worshiping his book.

At last, Helios had found a home. It wasn't in a town, nor involved in war, but it was a society that lived across the world, in different towns and temples, all calling themselves the same thing, Heliolyte.

Alignment:Heliolyte. Does not involve himself or others in war.
Weapons: He doesn't have need for weapons any longer.
Magic: Helios can alter the elements by combining the music of his voice with the magical energies around him. He can also inspire others with his presence.
Interesting Facts: Few have ever seen Helios's face and it is highly unlikely anyone ever will again.
Allies/Enemies: He tries his best to be cordial and polite with all and keeps no enemies.
Jul 3, 2013
Name:Xazhi, or Narok ei Xazhi vo'e T'ebaer iinalik e' T'inhi'nsaev among his people.
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Cleric, Scribe
Appearance/Physical quirks: Xazhi is a tall, slender fellow with long, dark brown hair tied into a ponytail and bright silver-blue eyes. He dresses modestly, wearing a dark grey tunic with simple red embroidery over a lighter grey long-sleeved undershirt with dark grey pants and black boots. He wears no jewelry, but occasionally dons leather armor dyed white, black, and red to visually identify him as a Cleric while on missions away from his Temple.
History: Narok ei Xazhi was born into the world in the far North-East, to a humble clan of religious folk who called themselves T'ebaer Solunm. There he learned the ways of Healing Magic and the teachings of the Rii'daela Soh, or Old Gods. When he was still a young lad, Xazhi contracted a sickness of the throat which damaged his vocal folds irreparably before it could be cured. While he could still speak, it caused him great pain, and his voice was hoarse and raspy. Thus, he learned to be silent, and speak only when necessary. When he came of age (17), he began his first journey away from home, setting out from his clan's ancestral grounds to seek new horizons. But this was no ordinary adventure; he was on a mission, a pilgrimage, to find wherever people were troubled and lend his aid to the best of his ability. To this day, Xazhi walks the path of peace, and only engages in combat to defend himself or his companions, and never actively seeks conflict. While he still has much to learn, Xazhi is happy to give whatever help he can to any who leave their enmity behind, if only for a little while.
Personality: Xazhi is usually very passive and reserved, and most often keeps his silence. He rarely becomes angry, preferring instead to maintain a calm and peaceful state of emotion, to reflect that which he attempts to bring to others and his Temple. He never attacks another creature that has not attacked him first, unless one or both of two conditions are true: Necessity, either be it either in defense or for supplies, or if the creature is among the tortured souls of the world, and thus inherently hostile. In either case, he will stop and pray for the fallen after the deeds are done, thanking the animal for their sacrifice, or blessing the tortured soul for relief from it's bodily prison of hate.
Alignment: Good
Weapons: A staff (hoe), if ever necessary.
Magic: Healing/Divine
Family (if applicable): The T'ebaer Solunm clan, to the far North-East.
Interesting Facts: He has two piercings, one in each ear, which to the untrained eye might appear to be some form of Jewelry. This is not the case. They are made from Bone, and are in place as a symbolic reminder for him to listen and understand all views.
Favorite Food: Potatos
Favorite Drink: Water
Likes: Winter, Traveling, Helping people, Music
Dislikes: Summer, Fighting, Chaos
Allies/Enemies: Those willing to make peace / Those who seek conflict.
Roleplay Hints: Due to his vocal impairment, it is very difficult, and often painful, for Xazhi to speak, let alone clearly. As such, rarely will you see him actually speak (even OoC). Expect a lot of /me's.
Jan 15, 2013
Name: Artix
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Pyromancer / Enchanter
Appearence/Phisical quirks: Blond hair, orange eyes, wears a cape and robes that hide something that others do not have honor to see,
History: Many say he is one of the creatures born when the Zeal was destroyed but in Bastion is when this story begins, he either is not linked with the nether, but people don't know the truth, only the gods may say it, so lets begin .When he was 10 years he lived in a village, the village was attacked by the evil forces, when he was the only survivor, he shouted in fury and all the ground near him come into flame destroying the monsters, then he ran away trying to run, always having nightmares, 3 years later, after walking for almost all the Multiverse, he climb a mountain, in that mountain there was a old man, that old man teached him how to use his powers after that, the evil prince appeared in front of the old man`s house, and slayed him, then Artix using his powers tried to defeat the evil prince, but he failed, and he was almost dead wings of pure flame appeared on his backs and he was no longer himself, he had powers no one can even imagine to and slayed the prince, when he wake up he didn't remember what happened, but then he saw the wings, he thank that if the world saw him like he was, no one could understand him, so that's why he lives alone in a tower, only some people know where is it and his story.

Personality: Rages easily and has no fear of the evil creatures.
Alignment: Good.
Weapons: A battleaxe.
Magic: The Pure flame from the hearts of the world.
Family (if applicable): Nobody know, even him don't, he was adopted.
Interesting Facts: He fears the world reject him.
Favorite Food: He don't need to eat and drink.
Likes: Justice and flame.
Dislikes: The evil.
Allies/Enemies: His allies are the one ho seek his purpose and the enemies the one that stands on his way.
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