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Character Introductions

Jul 27, 2011
Name: Jarno Levia
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Ranger/Smith
Appearance/Physical quirks: Jarno resembles the look of a Finnish (finland person) man but has Irish stature and accent. He is a bit taller than average height. He has an obbern colored beard coming from his sideburns going to his chin and mustache. He has very very dark green eyes. Hes left hamstring is damaged from an encounter with a wild canine
History: Jarno was born in Southern Ireland in a nomadic guild called Leviathan. Leviathan is the seventh prince of hell in which his guild worshiped. When he was 4 and 9 months his father Grant started teaching him about the practice of Archery. Jarno was not the most easily taught child because he wanted to know how everything worked and came to be. Instead of learning that 2+2=4, in his head he heard 2+2=4 because etc. With this disfunction his father became enraged whenever he tried teaching him how to use a bow. Jarno had a constant urge to impress his father with what he learned ,but how could he impress him with something he isn't good at. For 11 years he had practiced archery and one cold night in Siberiawhere they traveled he awaited for his father eyes to grow heavy and fall asleep. He snuck out of his leather tent and ran into the forest to shoot any animal with the bow his father gave him. For hours he searched and then he saw a white ghost like figure. As he snuck closer he realized it was a white silky dog. He shot his first arrow and missed. The dog scurried away in fear. He went to gather his mis-fired arrow and saw a small rabbit not 20 yards away. He pulled the string back and had a sudden flash of anger which trigured a flashback to when he was 7. He was sitting around a fire with his mothers arm around his shoulder. The guild leader was preforming a ritual to import the religion of Leviathan into Jarno's undeveloped mind. The visions of Leviathan were dark and the morals were corrupt. He did not want to follow these evil morals after all that his mother taught him of being diplomatic and how to make someone happy. After the vision he woke up still around the fire with his mom and the guild leader starring into his shady eyes. The leader proceeded to say "Do you understand and agree?" Jarno did not understand and did not know if he agreed. His mother said "He will have to learn more he is to young for this." Jarno ran into his tent confused about why his mother would teach him things that would be denied by this religion. *Snap* the bowstring released and the rabbit fell victim to the arrow. Jarno was ecstatic with his first kill with the bow. He ran back to the guild camp. The sky was just starting to light up. Finally he arrived only to find his father dead. Grant had a gourging bitemark on his throat with the left tooth mark missing. As Jarno examined his cold father he found the missing tooth stuck on the end of the bow surrounded by blood. All Jarno could think was "Why?" why would his father have to die. He threw the rabbit against the ground took the tooth and ran away in anger. He did not like the guild and he hated the horrible terrifying evil morals of the Guild. He had no other urge but to find 'why' his father had to fall victim to a deadly creature. He was only 16 when he ran away after denying his guild. He only knew the brief archery his father taught him. With it he practiced the art of the bow and meanwhile surviving night by night hunting for the murderous soul that killed his father. One misty morning while he was hiking through an icy river bank he encountered a white siberian husky. He fired an arrow which missed the animal. The dog turned around with blinding red eyes and it wanted to wage war with Jarno. It opened its mouth with a growl and charged at Jarno. As it jumped Jarno ducked and rolled underneath it. The dog proceeded to lunge once again and bite him in the leg. Suddenly blood rushed out of Jarno's eyes and he became enraged he took an arrow and stabbed the dogs leg into the dirt. Jarno swung his bow and struck it in the throat where it lay victim to the sharp wooden bow. Jarno's eyes cleared of the blood and he felt the anger wisp out of him. He examined the body and noticed a tooth missing from the dogs open mouth. He took out the bloody tooth from his shirt pocket and it matched the dogs opposing tooth. Jarno knew it was the dog that killed his father but Jarno had a wave of guilt fill his heart. He took the arrow out of the dogs paw and it opened its eyes and they were not red anymore. They were black. Jarno drew another arrow and the dog starred right at him. Jarno's eyes filled with blood and he became enraged once again. He fainted and dreamt of Leviathan casting a dark magic into a white innocent dog. He woke up with the sun in his face and the white dog curled up sleeping on his side. He stood up and started walking as he was thinking about what the vision he saw was about. The dog sprung up and followed Jarno. He realized the dogs innosence and befriended it. Jarno proceeded to name it Grant after his father. He felt as if is fathers soul was in the dog. He had no other thought in his mind than what that flashback was.
Personality: Jarno is a diplomatic soul who follows his mothers morals. One thing he remembers her saying is. "Love everyone who you don't know"
Weapons: Fathers bow/arrows
Magic: Enragement
Family (if applicable): Father: Grant- Mother: Selestia
Interesting Facts: Jarno uncontrolably replaces adrenaline with anger.
Favorite Food: Roasted fish
Favorite Drink: Dew from pine needles
Likes: Everything that he can use
Dislikes: Everything he cant use
Allies/Enemies: Everyone/anyone who opposes with aggression
Roleplay Hints: Nomadic
If you want to hear the rest of the story just say so if not i won't post the rest of the story.
Part II!
Mar 4, 2011
Name: Stronghold

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Class/Profession: Dragon knight (Switches between Dreadknight and Dragoon)

Appearance/Physical quirks: Typical human male, jet black hair, and hazle eyes, approx 195lbs and six feet one inch tall.

History: Before his death in the Sanctum Uprising, stronghold worked as a Loremaster for Kainzo. He ran Seagate, a humble, but thriving town when he was not off on some adventure. He most notable built Lorebraries, one under Sanctum the Loremaster HQ, and his hidden library somewhere on the planet of Sanctum. There are more, but locations are unknown. Stronghold took interest in the Heroes of Old and archived every location of every tomb somewhere. The archives have never been found.

Personality: Extreemly blunt, takes little account for feelings of other people, however means well. Helps when he can and is extreemly loyal and honor bound. Not afaid to butt heads with supperiors.

Alignment: Lawful Nuetral

Sunspear, a holy dragoon lance that sets the enemy on fire
Deathshard, an unholy dreadknight sword that drains life from the enemy

Magic: Unknown

Family (if applicable): No known family

Interesting Facts: Does not appear physically strong, but is stronger than the average man. noteably possesses the power of the Bloodrage.

Favorite Food: Anything you put in front of him

Favorite Drink: Capriqa: a non-alchoholic lemon-lime drink from the island chain of Capria.

Likes: Women, food, friends, tits, cold weather, fights, lore, history, intricate workings of the universe.

Dislikes: Assholes, injustice, layabouts

Allies/Enemies: Situationaly versitile
Sep 2, 2011
Hiding under a rock
Name: The Azian, for he is so old, he has forgotten his name.
Age: 92
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Disciple/Engineer
Appearance/Physical quirks: Theazian is an old, hearty old man. He is past 90 years old, and experienced much. His age shows, with wrinkles, baldness, and a long white beard. He travels the world with nothing but the shaolin robes on his back, and his staff. It is said that the staff was passed to him by his master, the creator of Kung Fu. The Shaolin robes mark his birth place.
History: He was born atop the highest mountain in Zeal. He cannot tell you where, or when, for it would mean to break the oath of secrecy he took. He spent much of his life up on the mountain, training with his brothers and sisters. He was happy, and he was content with his life.
But then.....it began
Possible a group of bandits, or maybe a band of ninjas, but nonetheless, The Azian's temple and home,were attacked. It was so long ago Azian forgets the details. Or maybe, he just doesn't want to remember. He was the sole survivor, and with no where to go, he traveled down the mountain, into an unknown land. It was there that he leanred about civilization, and other people. He spent many years alone, quietly working. And then one day, he was invite to join a group of people. These people were friendly, and Azian could tell that the chi of the earth was right, and this was a place for him to belong to.Personality: Sometimes quiet, sometimesloud. Old and wise, and enjoys a good laugh.
Alignment: Neutral, but does not pray on the weak.
Weapons: Fists, sticks, and nature.
Magic: Using his chi, he can send waves of force, either blasting enemies away, orplling them closer.
Family (if applicable): None. All dead.
Interesting Facts: Old. Very very old. Has a long beard. Was married.
Favorite Food: Ramen.
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper. Possible his favorite thing in his new life.
Likes: Jokes. Fighting competetions. The number seven
Dislikes: Loud people. Young people being loud. Loud, young people, who do stupid things.
Allies/Enemies: Valor. Enemies? Preferably, none. But when his home is attacked, he will fight.
Roleplay Hints:He will smack you with a fish for being stupid.
Jan 16, 2011
Sydney, Australia
Still Under Construction:

Name: Freyr Skarsgård
Age: Unknown (Mid Twenties)
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Dragoon/Smith
Appearance/Physical quirks:
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Weapons: 2H Hammer
Family (if applicable):
Interesting Facts:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Roleplay Hints:


Ancient Soul
Staff member
Tier 7
Jan 17, 2011
Name: Alator
Age: Stopped counting
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Loremaster
Appearance/Physical quirks: Height is slightly on the tall side. Hair lays in loose curls, with the color being brown with a hint of red. Hazel eyes, build moderately athletic due to his constant walking, he would be mostly unassuming if not for his clothes. His purple and blue robes identify him as a Loremaster, the blue section draping down from his chest around to his back. He wears a hooded cloak most of the time he is in public, with a golden L in a blue/purple shield emblazoned on the back. Long ago, he decided that his work would be made easier if people saw him for his position, not his physical appearance. With this in mind, he went to a man of magic and enchanted his cloak so that it shrouds his face when the hood is up, leaving only two pinpoints of light to denote his eyes. However, this has caused interference from frighting interviewees, so he will drop the hood when needed.
History: One of the survivors of the Cataclysm, he has existed in the Multiverse for a very long time. His thirst for knowledge lead him to work for the central library, where he ascended to Loremaster shortly before the fall of Sanctum.
Personality: Friendly, but vague at times. His desire to observe and collect knowledge puts many people off due to it making him seem aloof or inconsiderate. Loves to talk, loves to create connections, and loves to dig up secrets.
Alignment: True Neutral
Weapons: None
Magic: 'Knows' things, can get books to write themselves for him
Family (if applicable): None (Was a Lost Soul)
Interesting Facts: While he works for the Elders, he does not interact with them much, preferring to observe on his own.
Favorite Food: Ground beef patties on a bed of fine grains, covered in a mushroom sauce.
Favorite Drink: Weak spot for Hot Chocolate
Likes: Books, secrets, knowledge
Dislikes: Whatever threatens the security of the archives
Allies/Enemies: Allies are other Loremasters/librarians. No enemies, for he works hard to stay a neutral observer.
Roleplay Hints: Always has one of his books out writing for him. Be careful what you say or do near him, for everything is recorded.
Aug 23, 2011
Well, here's my shot at it...

Name: Wallace Bricks

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Class/profession: Ranger/Engineer

Appearance/physical quirks: A young man of average height, but thiner with a shallow, angular face. Nothing out of the ordinary but his unkempt dirty bold hair and his sky-blue eyes are what stands out the most. His hair seems to fall wherever it wants yet always seems to settle in the same place while this eyes have a crisp-icey look to them as he peers out though his bangs. He wears a worn green cloak, which he trimmed in yellow himself to keep himself from looking too dull. He wears a hood and face-wrap when outdoors, not to hide his face, but to keep himself shaded in the warmer biomes and warm in the cooler ones. To top of the ensemble he wears a red cape that he acquired in his travels as a lost soul outside the multiverse.

History: Wallace was drawn to the multiverse out of a desire to find a greater purpose in life o which he was never able to fulfill. To his dismay the Multiverse had existed well before his time. The vacuum of power that he envisioned himself stepping into in some heroic way was already filled. Dispute his disappointment, the little architectural part of him was captivated by the unique style of zeal prompting him to stay a little while longer.

As he explored the depths of the wilderness He would occasionally stumble upon books, and other sources of information and slowly gathered a knowledge base of the world around him. Once he felt his knowledge of the world around him was sufficient he decided to journey to Jericho, a city fabled to be awe both awe inspiring and nigh impossible to break into. Finding Jericho to be nothing but a ghost of it's former glory, crumbling at the seems, Wallace joined under the banner of Rangupr and that is where his story began…

Personality: Wallace is quiet and reserved, preferring to listen and observe, rather than speak. He is best described as a romantic, always daydreaming of being someone better, stonger, more important. He tries to dabble in a little bit of everything (some with more success then others) including redstone, building, and archery. He hates to be stuck in conflicts between groups, preferring to mediate and resolve issues instead.

Alignment: Neutral

Weapons: Wallace always carries a bow with him, preferring to deal with enemies from afar instead of having somebody up in his face.

Magic: always intrigued by the arcane arts Wallace hopes to learn magic, but always seems to have something more pressing come up.

Family: As with most lost souls, the only family Wallace has are allies and comrades met during his travels.

Interesting fact: Despite his docile nature Wallace is a rationalist at heart. He will always side with whoever has the most benefits. When in combat, he prefers evasion, stealth, and sabotage instead of direct offensives.

Favorite food: A nice crisp apple.

Favorite drink: A cool glass of water with just a hint of orange in it.

Likes: peace, understanding, carefully exicutedcuted plans, reason, philosophy, and dabbling

Dislikes: Misunderstandings, unprovoked violence, laymen

Allies/Enemies: Circumstantially allied with the TCs and Lorien / Anyone who crosses or attacks Wallace without provocation

Roleplay Hints: Will remain neutral to you as long as you don't do anything to offend him. Always willing to help… for the right price.


Feb 3, 2011
Name: Helios Echelon

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Class/Profession: Bard/Alchemist

Appearance/Physical quirks: Few have looked under the costume of Helios, but those who have describe it as unnatural, possibly from his time in the Madlum war. There is a tale told of NATO capturing him for a period of time during the war and its probable that the torture they committed disfigured his face, but those who knew him saw him enter Madlum normally, and leave forever masked. Being a bard of highest renown, performing for the courts of mighty monarchs, Helios attained the fine clothes he wears today. A jeweled tunic of regal purple with a hood to cover his face. The hood features a tinted glass for him to see through and the jewels are of every valuable gem available. The tunic ends half a foot before his ankles, where purple silk pants featuring similar jewels show over a pair of heeled boots. Over his hood Helios rests one of his most precious gifts, shrouds made of silver and mithril chain.

History: Fresh from the spawn, Helios was a proud Madlumite. Only just getting his footing in the wondrous world around him, not yet able to understand its vastness, he found Madlum under the angry eyes of the rest of the souls. With nothing but innocence and ignorance the young Helios could not understand the fury directed towards him and his kin, but it was not long till there was no longer time to understand. When the wall was erected Helios was frightened. With cowardice he tried to hide himself away from his problems, but his fellow Madlumites gave him support. He had a cause he had to fight for, but did not know how. It wasn't long before a venturing noble had crossed by to see the hullabaloo and Helios walked strait up to him and opened his mouth. From his lips spilled forth reason, intellect, debate, and not without a touch of personal passion that swayed the noble, who told him he'd bring the issue up with his kingdom. With a new vigor, having found his way to fight, Helios went before the courts of nobles 'cross the world, telling the story of Madlum, the injustices pressed against them, and called for an end to violence, but no matter how he swayed the nobles, the people had been filled with violent taint and found new leaders who would fulfill their new desires, such as Amgroma, the fire-tongued, leader of NATO. Helios also found this violent taint spread to officials and nobles alike, and realized there was no swaying these people, no way to stop this war with simple words. When Helios returned to Madlum from his campaign, it was said that, with tears upon his resolute expression, Helios for the first time dawned a sword and turned to his fellow Madlumites and said, "May no other tears be shed than these I shed today." For the most parts, the battles of the Madlumites against NATO involved bleeding their forces before retreating to Madlum in an attempt to make this a war of attrition, but NATO was so powerful, that the reinforcements never seemed to end. During one such attack, Helios had been captured by the enemy. No one knows how, but he escaped after two days with a torn cloth covering his face and a bloody NATO sword in hand. All seemed lost to Helios, clenching the hilt of his sword, holding back his tears, then a sound came from the blockade. The few of them who were awake at the time ran down the road out of Madlum to see a female warrior slowly limping towards them. Originally the band had their swords out and ready, but upon this sight Helios and company sheathed their swords and ran to greet this person who survived the blockade. She was Apple and to Madlum she was a hero of the highest honor. After treating to her wounds the army of Madlum, lead by Apple, completely overwhelmed the forces of NATO and tore down the blockade. With wood from the blockade itself, Helios started fashioning signs holding his powerful words and in turn every Madlumite and even Apple herself began placing signs conveying their thoughts. This was a reminder of what their battles were truly about, the right to be free for that is the spirit of Madlum. This victory was, however, short lived. Amgroma himself and a vast army of murderous devils carried the strongest black rocks one had ever seen and tubs filled with liquid fire. With these NATO erected the single greatest monstrosity known to the multiverse, the Black Fortress. When Helios went to see the structure for himself, he found the broken remains of their signs. These fiends and their impenetrable fortress spat at his, no, Madlum's freedom. All he could do, though, was stand there, on the desert road, and stare at his prison with eyes frozen by a focused hate. When it came out to the citizens of how Maikky had betrayed their trust, there was no mercy. The Black Fortress had changed everyone in Madlum, perhaps into exactly what NATO claimed them to be, murderers and thieves. After Madlum lost its leader, no one stayed and moved on to new lands. Helios wandered for a time, avoiding society, for he could not come to accept these nations who had oppressed him. So when an old Madlumite friend invited him to join a small town, he readily accepted; however, this venture did not last long. Such a small village without the support of the Kingdoms of the time just didn't have the funds to survive and Helios again became a wanderer. It was less than a week after that Helios came across the most spectacular sight in the entire world, Ultima. A floating island, Ultima was a town that did not rely on the Kingdoms, but had great internal support from its citizens. It was in Ultima that the Mayor's wife, a very amicable woman, simply insisted on making him new clothes, for his old Madlumian uniform and torn cloth over his head were old and tattered. Accepting her kindness, and the hospitatlity of Ultima as a whole, Helios lived in what was possibly one of the greatest peaces in his lift. Peace, however, is never a permanent thing. As is his nature, Helios communicated with the upper crust often. His skill of voice had become renown, particularly when upon one evening at a grand party, the each guest passed along in the merriment of song and when Helios stood to sing the whole room went quiet. The highest nobles in all the world looked at a lowly Madlumite in total and complete awe. It wasn't long before his name was the talk of all the Multiverse. It was around that time that he became good friends with a new-spawn named Jorict, who would pull Helios into a new conflict. Helios would often invite Jorict to a location near what were now the ruins of Minaret, the village that never was to play and enjoy the beauty of the scenery. After a long time of eachother's company, Jorict made a new ally, Rane. The two hid in the ruins of Minaret, practicing heresies against the Zo and plaguing the world with their harmful pranks. As their group of heretics, Bloodline, grew, Helios was assigned to the dangerous task of being an agent against them. While he was successful at infiltrating and obtaining their plans, the murder and heresy surrounding them were too much for him. Before seeing Bloodline's fall, Helios returned to the Aether, escaping the evil taint he could feel spreading through the world that would later be known as the influence of Dagith-Narr.

Time passed, Sanctum froze in time, and Zeal rose in its stead. All of this happened while Helios wandered the Aether, finally returning to the World of Souls, but not as he knew it. The number of Kingdoms had grown as did the overall population inhabiting the world. Upon Helios' arrival he immediately returned to his wanderlust. Arriving at many kingdoms to chat and perform, engaging with all parts of society, until a new force arose from the shadows. The Monarchy of Blasphemy the appeared during the early ages of Zeal following Helios' return and enforced a murderous regime throughout the world. At times he had to wield a sword against them himself while traveling, but as much as the Zo enjoy conflict, they discourage the heresies that so often accompany the types of evil the Blasphemites committed. Eventually, the Blasphemites were smote for their heretical actions and those who were unaffected abandoned the broken kingdom. Despite the end of MoB, Helios was still worn from the heresies, and took refuge far from society. Much time passed, the world changed around an unknowing Helios. Returning from his hermitage, things did not seem to have changed much. Kingdoms rose and fell as the world met a disturbing fluctuation in its populace. As one town was built, two more mysteriously disappeared. The first friendly face he encountered was of G'Tastunt, an eccentric Newerthian noble whom Helios found amicable. As the two chatted it up, Helios came to learn the horrible turn that was occurring. A foul band of knaves calling themselves Tree Creepers was taking root, taking the place of the long gone Monarchy of Blasphemy. The ensuing conflict would surely have its effects on Helios, but G'Tastunt had a plan. He hired the greatest architect known to Newerth to construct an impenetrable, but aesthetically pleasing city to hide themselves away from the TC and was all to ready to invite Helios to come live there. Helios agreed without hesitation and found the rest of his time on this incarnation of the World of Souls peacefully. The nobles of every respectable Kingdom came to the great construct that was Overdeep to see Helios' performances. In time the Tree Creepers would become a small shadow of what it was as their heretical leaders were plucked from the Multiverse and in their imprisonment they desired to hear the songs of the bardic Helios. Helios had heard and mustered all his courage to brave the Prison of Banishment, but to his surprise they could be just as fun and friendly as any Hero. Dancing an singing he made their acquaintance, but merriment never lasts in the Multiverse. Dragons swarmed the world, wreaking destruction to absolutely everything and unlike any had ever seen all the Heroes in the Multiverse, Helios included, joined the fight to defend their world, but their actions were futile against the rogue dragons and the Elder Zo knew it. A new world was created and everyone was moved to the new land of Dragongarde.
In this knew world, Helios attempted to keep on good terms with his new friends of a Tree Creeper past, but it wasn't long before he noticed they maintained their heresies still and thus Helios left their company. This world was still new, but conflict among societies still continued and Helios still found himself involved. What action will he take in order to secure his peaceful lifestyle? Not even the Zo know.
Personality: Helios is a peaceful soul who prefers talk over action, but despite this he has been involved in a war for each incarnation of the world he's experienced. Steadfastly Helios rejects heresy and becomes depressed when people close to him practice such heresies. With lyre in hand Helios is always ready for a song and loves to add the dramatic touch. While tired of politics, he always holds a strong stance to support his ideals.
Alignment: He allies himself to his friends. Newerth gives him the most peace, but for the most part as long as you won't attack him or his allies, his only actions will be friendly. His end goal is peace for Herocraft, leaving PvP to become a sport.
Weapons: A silver sword and a lyre
Magic: Helios can alter the elements by combining the music of his voice with the magical energies around him.
Family (if applicable):
Interesting Facts: Helios finds the most enjoyment when being theatrical. He likes to live only where the scenery inspires awe
Favorite Food: Lamb Chop
Favorite Drink: A bubbly ginger drink aged in the cold breweries of Neverast.
Allies/Enemies: Peaceful people are allies, Enemies are NATO, Blasphemy, Tree Creepers, and all heretics.
Roleplay Hints:
Jan 12, 2012
Name: Alcarnus

Age: Unknown.
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Rogue/Crafter
Appearance/Physical quirks: A tall muscular man, Alcarnus is the perfect example of a battle-hardened war veteran. Though his face is rarely revealed, some have said that a scar runs across his chin up to his left eye. He appears to have once been a handsome young man, and the reasons for the way his life has turned out is one of great sorrow and anguish.
History: A long time ago, in a realm far far away, there lived a young man by the name of Alcarnus. He was a noble of the Family of Alc. Like all nobles, he was arrogant and self-righteous. He had a history with the women at the capital of his homeworld, Alcaria. His father was Kaesor of a vast empire that spanned across the mountains and oceans. For most of his childhood, there had been peace and prosperity in the empire. Alcarnus knew nothing of war or its horrors. On a festive holiday, Alcarnus walked the river with his future wife. It was peaceful and romantic for the couple. However, this all ended when an explosion was heard. Alcarnus spun around to see Alcarii burning.

One of their most trusted allies, the Dominarians, had pulled a sneak attack on the Alcarians. The grand and majestic city of Alcarii lay in ruins, but its people reacted to these acts of war with such force, that the realm soon fell into war, one that would be remembered throughout history. Alcarii wasn't the only thing lost though, for Alcarnus, the lost was greater. His fiance, his father, his mother, and his entire family except for a missing brother, was killed during the siege. With a rage that burned into his very soul, Alcarnus took the title of Kaesor and led the Alcarians to war. War is was, for the mighty armies of Alcarii marched across the realm, destroying all in their path. Soon, the entire realm lay in ruins; their cities burned and their soldiers lay dead on the ground. These weary men soon reached the Dominarian capital, Teriarses. They stared their hate enemis in the eyes. The Dominarians hid behind their walls in fear of this ruthless warmachine they had unknowingly awakened.

The siege of Teriarses began later that day. The tnt cannons were set up and they soon ate away at those walls that seemed so impenetrable. Within days, the walls fell. The Alcarians went berserk and charged at the walls with such force and ferocity, that it drew the attention of the gods. A few hours later and the Dominarian people have been exterminated and their city sacked and razed. The immortal gods of Wolflypius saw these acts of barbarianism, and it angered them. Arbo, the god of the skies and all things war, appeared to Alcarnus during the festivities. The gods were not pleased that these bloodthirsty warmongerers had all but left the realm in a dark age, where the only light was Alcarii. Arbo threatened to banish him and his men to the Underworld if they did not spread the riches to the few people left alive. Alcarnus, in his fury at this outrage, marched on Wolflympius. The men shook in their armor at their Kaesor's rage, for such an act was a sure way into the Underworld. This shining city was the birthplace of all mortal souls that entered this realm, and the gods will never forgive Alcarnus for such an act. Regardless, the cannons were ordered to fire. The entire army disappeared in the blink of an eye.
These Alcarians soon awoke in the Underworld. Banished from life as mortals to mine Obsidian. So many years passed by, that they were forced to live as barbarians in the fiery darkness of this hell. Their bodies soon mutated from prolonged exposure to the harsh environment of the Underworld. They looked similar to the Orcs of distant worlds. However, a few men found a portal, one that led to other realms. Knowing not what lies ahead of them, the Alcarians entered, and soon were spread out across all the different realms that existed. The Alcarian name shook many of these unfortunate realms. The legions of Alcarii marched across them all and brought destruction and war to them all.

Not all were lucky enough to enter the portal. Alcarnus was left behind. Nyre, king of the gods, teleported him into the inner sanctum of Wolflympius. All the immortals hovered above him with their magical ability of flight. They talked for days. Soon, they reached a conclusion, Alcarnus was to be granted immortality. This warlord soon became a war god, responsible for all things related to war and constructs. He received powers that would baffle all mortals, but it came at a cost. Contact to all mortals was not allowed, this meant he had to be abandon all that he held dear. Alcarii would be left with no heir, and his people had to fend for themselves. So it was, Alcarnus wandered the lands as a god, building massive constructs and wonders of such grandeur and marvel that it filled all mortals with awe. He was forever responsible for helping all those new to this realm, and for maintaining law and order among mortals and immortals alike. The gods saw Alcarnus' wisdom in war, and they admired his strategic mindset and his ability to accumulate random people and turn them into the most loyal of followers. With immortality however, came a thirst for what was had during mortal life. After achieving his goal and bringing this realm to its glory, the newly appointed god vanished.
Personality: Cocky and arrogant, Alcarnus confident of his abilities in war. Though mostly serious, he occasionally jokes around while doing something with his comrades. Most of the time, he is grim and moody.
Alignment: He was a shining example of good, but was consumed by the dark side. He is pure evil, though when touched by a certain cause, he can be pure good for a period of time. For the darkness is strong, but the light of good still shines.
Weapons: A massive blade forged of the finest iron the lands could see. It is sharp and will slice through the best of armor.
Magic: None, for Alcarians banished sorcery long ago.
Family (if applicable): None. The only family he has is his long lost army.
Interesting Facts: Though a bloodthirsty warlord, Alcarnus has a strange tendency for nice things. So, his constructs will never look horrible.
Favorite Food: Beef!
Favorite Drink: Milk from the fattest cows.
Likes: People that are like-minded to himself, and the dark.
Dislikes: Scum whose insolence is laughed at.
Allies/Enemies: Mtornar is currently the only ally he has in this realm.
Roleplay Hints: He will most likely kill on sight. However, he wants to gauge the quality of mortals in this realm. So, he may or may not act in kindness to you.
Jun 5, 2011
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Name: Raoul
Age: Estimated to be between 22 and 27.
Gender: Male
Class | Profession: Geomancer | Smith
Appearance/Physical quirks: Raoul is a slightly tall young man, with light brown hair, always slightly messy. He wears a Blue and Purple cloak, generally with the hood down. His eyes are unnaturally colored, a blue green, with a hazel-ish gold just around the pupill, at the center of the iris. He bears an interesting silvery mark on the back of his hands.
History: Raoul's first memory is waking up in a grand tower of Lapis Lazuli, known as Sanctum, at the age of 14. He searched for a town to join, and found the city of SkyForge. He helped in the construction of a castle, and helped to found the Academy. After the Sundering, Raoul was able to get safely to the land of Zeal, where he helped to re-establish the guild, searching for more knowledge constantly. He joined the town of Atlas, home to the Academy, but once the town fell, he joined the Order of the Sun, in Shin Kyoto.
When exploring the fabled Temple of the Moon, he found an ancient text, that spoke of the dragons of Lord Commissiar ((Spelling?)). With this knowledge, he went to the Atlas Spire, where the Academy was located. Weeks later, he was called to Zeal to aid the 7th Sage Division, leading to the Fall of Zeal. With the rise of Dragongarde, Raoul joined with Newerth, organizing the Academy all the while with Headmaster Dazureus and the other Council members.
Throughput his life, Raoul has studied the ways of Crafting, intending to have a simple life as a Mason, however, when he stumbled upon ancient ruins, he learned a basic spell, and found the workings of the Multiverse interesting, and worked to become a Geomancer, with control over the elements.
Personality: A friendly person all together, Raoul can be quite stubborn at some times, and care-free at others. Raoul will go out of his way to help others, and is very trusting, even to a fault. He prefers to talk rather fight, all though will fight if neccessary, and even at times for sport in the Arena. He prefers to advise people than to lead, and has joked that if he took command of a town or guild completely, "It would fall in a matter of weeks".
Alignment: Raoul has no true allignment, but rather sides with whatever protects and supports his ideals, though this is usually Good, or Lawful Neutral.
-A staff, hand carved by himself, imbued with ancient runes to help hone and control the elements
-His very words, acting as a basic control over the Elements of the Multiverse, though not very focused
Magic: Some control over the Elements, Raoul has much to go to reach Mastery of his chosen Path. Raoul has a slightly stronger connection with the Multiverse than most, although the cause is unknown.
Family (if applicable): Other than a rumor in some Tomes that Raoul is related to a great Warrior-Mage, he has no known family.
Interesting Facts: He has always had a thirst for knowledge, as well as secrets.
Favorite Food: A nice, warm, beef stew, with succulent vegetables...
Favorite Drink: Pure H2O
Likes: Lore, secrets, anything of a good nature, creation/building
Dislikes: Anything of a bad nature, destruction
  • @Dielan9999
  • Dazureus
  • strongholdx (Before death)
  • @Domitius
  • @Kingtom404
  • @ShadoWall555
  • @Troppicz
  • @madsplatter
  • @Shadownub
  • No real "enemies", really...
Roleplay Hints: N/A

Aug 27, 2011
Name: Aetos Korvid

Age: Nobody knows.

Gender: Male

Class/Profession: Wizard / Too "Focused on other matters" to have a proffesion

Appearance/Physical quirks: Wears the red robes of a Baelfire Sorcerer, with the lithe body one would expect of someone who doesn't like wearing heavy armour, and a wooden staff topped with a piece of eternal flame.

History: First documented in a labour camp excavating the site that became Lorebraries in Zeal, it is thought he roamed the multiverse before that.

Personality: Quick witted, slow to anger, and morally flexible

Alignment: Evil

Weapons: A wooden staff bound with gold, holding an ever-burning flame at its top.

Magic: Mastery over the fireball, teleportation, summoning lightning from the skies, and rooting his enemy in place with fear.

Family (if applicable): None known. He is of Artemite / Athenian descent [[[Ooc- View the Herocraft Heritage thread for information on races]]]

Interesting Facts: He despises a lack of intelligence. His staff is thought to have been a gift from the Rogue Dragons which rendered Zeal unlivable.

Favorite Food: Charred squid, tastefully seasoned with the 'herbs' grown in the subterranean passages of Erebos.

Favorite Drink: Marvelous Madlum's Magical Elixir.

Likes: A quick wit, a sharp mind, healthy disregard of morals, talent, and dark humour. War, anarchy, and chaos.

Dislikes: Hard nosed, order forcing, armour wearing simpletons who make up much of the ranks of the Heroes. Peace.

Allies/Enemies: Erebos / Anyone he can find that's not likely to do much harm to him.

Roleplay Hints: A moral nihilist, hedonist, intellectual, and aimless anarchist, who is likely to respond as such.
Nov 12, 2011
Name: Truelinko Darkscythe
Age: Magic doesn't age.
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Caster/ Geomancer
Appearance/Physical quirks: a little pussy bitch, good at running.
History: Raped and saved women
Personality: Retarded.
Weapons: The Forces of Nature!
Magic: PVP
Family (if applicable):
Interesting Facts: is sensible from time to time, doesnt like to give up, and holds a grudge
Favorite Food: Flesh of Enemies
Favorite Drink: Blood of Jesus.
Likes: Trust
Dislikes: Little bitches who cant 1v1 without it turning into a 9v1 (Canterlot, Freepers, Panorama)
Allies/Enemies: Allies : @duco323, @Shadowall555, etc, Canterlot, @Troppicz,
Roleplay Hints: Speaks from 1771
Feb 1, 2011
New York
Name: Greek
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class/Profession: Dreadknight/Alchemist
Appearance/Physical quirks: Always armored, and wields an axe which is always of the best quality. never leaves the safety of his castle unless prepared for any type of combat. He also specializes in the creation of potions, to be sure that whatever fight he's fighting, he's gonna draw it out as much as he possibly can.
History: As a Lost Soul, conceived toward the dawn of Sanctum, Greek was an unexperienced player. New to the feel of such a large community, looking to gain riches as soon as he could with the little time he could. He never knew that in his future lied the leadership role he only dreamed of obtaining. As a King, he was successful in stabilizing the state of the Organized Republic of Engineers (ORE) by enlisting newer players into his ranks and offering large sums of land and items to get started. His dreams of building his dream Capital of Artemis was crushed by the Apocalyptical ending to the great world of Sanctum.
Only to be reborn once again, in the World of Zeal. After being beaten repeatedly by raiders known under the town of Shiroku, Greek and his equals, atvrider312, aceshooter11 and unknownloner, promoted a server-wide raid, to teach said raiders that the server is not to be screwed with, and that our crafter based community was not to be abused. The raid was effective to say the least. Zeus's Kingdom of Heroes proved their strength, along with other kingdoms such as KRS and NEO. To go on, Greek was the founder of the capital of Athena, which flourished for the remainder of the time until Zeal came upon the same fate as Sanctum.
Upon the creation of the new world of Dragongarde, Greek and his accomplice, atvrider, set out to make a simple town, a town set in a fortified castle with a lava reinforced ceiling and a complex redstone entrance. They strove to kill everyone who lay in their path, and crush other evil forces, to fuel their monopoly on blood and the tears of innocents. The active player base of the town which lurks in the shadows, or Erebos, is one to be reckoned with. One that Greek is proud to have stacked together. One that he is sure won't fail. He's united these players, taught them all he knows under the categories of survival, killing and collecting resources.
His time spent slaving away on previous worlds have granted him the wisdom and strategically knowledge of Athena, given him the strength and skill of Thor, the passionate urge for blood and war of Ares, awarded the talents of Poseidon, along with the scars of the undead, leaving himself as a commoner in the underworld, a confidant of Hades himself. Finally, The powers of the Zo have entrusted him with the powers of Leadership and Law. Bias is not in his vocabulary, and decisions he make are what are considered the best for the community.
Personality: Hot headed (only when you tick him off), intelligent, open-minded, outgoing, unbiased, thoughtful, noble, wise, a bit on the selfish side, bloodthirsty, poised, organized
Alignment: Evil
Weapons: Diamond Axe, Poison Potions,
Magic: Wields the ability to suck the life out of his opponent. Can deal a whopping amount of damage to his opponent in exchange for a small amount of mana and his own well-being. Contains the ability to inflict a plague upon his opponent, which slowing depletes said player's health as his flesh decays to that of a zombie's. Holds the capacity of luck, in which using his knowledge held in spell books, he can Curse his opponent, causing his attacks to miss in certain cases, given him an advantage in close-quarter combat. Maintains the power to freeze the mana regeneration of any opponent he encounters, leading to an advantage against mana-based classes such as caster and healer. He has learned the common Thu'um of the Dov, Disarm, in which he can remove the weapon of his opponent for a short period of time. Lastly, he has the power to call upon Hades and receive an invitation into the underworld, in which he is not attacked by other undead, and can breath underwater.
Family (if applicable): Greek considers all of Erebos family.
Interesting Facts: He has been nicknamed GreekFapShot by the great BrutalAssRape, and it HAS stuck. Greek holds a Kill/Death Ratio of 4.8. He also has never been killed by Diffuse as a Combat Class ^_^.
Favorite Food: Rotten Flesh and Bacon.
Favorite Drink: Instant Health II potions, Milk and Diet Coke.
  • People who know their grammar
  • People who don't bitch when they get killed by me
  • People who put up a fight despite their class and level
  • Organization
  • Fire resistance potions
  • Killing
  • Fortune
  • Dragon travel
  • Tanking
  • Killing Diffuse
  • People who wrte lik dis bcz th snd lk fst grdrs
  • Un organization
  • People who steal from my town
  • People who cry about classes that look overpowered because they got killed by someone in that class
  • Every other town other than Erebos
  • Root + Fireball combo
  • Glass roofs
  • Tree Creepers
Allies/Enemies: The only people Greek is friendly with in terms of PvP'ing is Erebos, due to the fact it is the town he is Second-in-Command of is Erebos. Everyone else is his sworn enemy and will not be spared, no matter what.
Roleplay Hints: Kills anything on sight unless they are in his town, and will ALWAYS put up a fight. A fight you pick with Greek will not be easily won. You will be dead or near death by the time your battle with him is over. You may have done damage to him, or you may have only put a dent in his armor. If you ask him how close you were to killing him, he will give you the honest answer you deserve for attempting to kill the madman.
May 30, 2011
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