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  1. Spinam

    Suggestion Druid Earth Wall Exp

    I think druids should get PVE exp for suffocating mobs in Earth Wall. It's a tricky move to land, and is really the only thing that does dmg. What does that entail? Making the dirt blocks an entity that belongs to the player? Kinda like the eggs that get tossed on fire spells?
  2. Eldrex

    [World] Add Daily Bonuses / Objectives

    I've been playing Herocraft quite a bit lately, and I've been getting a little bored sometimes.. I don't really know what to do, even though there are lots of things I CAN do and my class is currently maxed; so I took the time to think of some ways to help solve this for players who are dealing...
  3. Eldrex

    Suggestion [Profession Skills] Make SmeltIron Instant

    Make SmeltIron and SmeltGold instant cast. Currently it takes 4 seconds for SmeltIron to warm up. I'm suggesting that instead of having a warmup, they have a 4 second cooldown, or however long their current warmup time is. Overall it doesn't change much, but it would allow you to use it while...
  4. Eldrex

    Suggestion [PvE & Leveling] Remove Ghasts!

    Hello! I'm going to get straight to the point here. Ghasts suck. Anyone who levels around the Southwest Area often knows that Ghasts are the literal Satan of the biome. I'm suggesting a simple removal of them in this area. They do not add to the game-play in any way, and most of the times are...
  5. Spinam

    Suggestion Farmer Update

    Something I realized is that I don't see my farmer getting XP from breeding animals or planting crops - both of which are major parts of farming. Considering there are easy ways to bar players from abusing this new XP (juvenile animals cannot breed, and blocks broken don't give XP if placed too...
  6. Eldrex

    Suggestion [General] Class Creation?

    My idea is, that on the shop, there should be an option to create your own custom class. Basically for $20 you can select 5 skills that would be added to a class called "custom". Along with receiving these skills, all your other combat skills would be removed. You would also get 4 atribute...