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Recent content by joshtsai

  1. joshtsai

    Enabled so you can review skills and stuff, you can make it opaque but I think it should be visible.

    Enabled so you can review skills and stuff, you can make it opaque but I think it should be visible.
  2. joshtsai

    Week 3 balance

    Some discussion went up today about Geomancer vs Hydromancer in the current state in chat today before the meeting so I thought I would take a look at some skill values, mainly on the skill Earthquake Earthquake 200 dmg 1 per INT 25 sec CD 100 Mana And it also does the knocks up on people...
  3. joshtsai

    Suggestion Remove Griefing

    Agreed with Irish, as I showed Radi after the fact, the ban came from someone outside of the town. Maybe contrary to staff before I try to not get involved in staff issues; bans, mutes, etc when it involves me or my town. I do this to avoid what could seem like salt from a town that has staff...
  4. joshtsai

    Suggestion Samurai Balance Changes

    I agree to something like that.
  5. joshtsai

    Suggestion Samurai Balance Changes

    From the repos I can see, bleed is a DOT so I assume you mean 100 dmg over time not per tick so the math for this to happen would be: Skill lasts: 10 seconds, ticks every 2 seconds meaning: it will tick 5 times 100/5= 20 dmg per tick (on the skills repo it is currently listed as 15 dmg per tick...
  6. joshtsai

    Suggestion Remove Griefing

    thanks for the free obby
  7. joshtsai

    Sneap's Ban

    Ban is 10 hours, because of a troll attitude toward everyone on the server along with constant persistent messaging of everyone for unmutes. Mute will stay for another week, bump this post on 6/18 to get unmuted. I hope you fix that attitude of yours. Refer to hc.to/rules for Chat rules, on what...
  8. joshtsai

    Suggestion TNT Minecart

    @Piptendo this should be an easy addition to Engineer's crafting recipes if there isn't any issues with TNT minecarts. Item ID is 407. We already talked about this in discord a few days ago.
  9. joshtsai

    Bug No farmer exp for beetroot

    I think you can craft it into beet soup which heals.
  10. joshtsai

    Patch #1

    Been thinking about it for today, honestly I love the personality behind hydromancer, its the most fun I've had with a class since I learned about disciple/monk. I would be heartbroken if it was nerfed really hard. Although some of the skills had unintended consequences, it's given character to...
  11. joshtsai

    Patch #1

    Hydromancer Engulf is time based. Right now I believe it's six seconds, suggested reduction from 6 seconds to 5 seconds. Flood: I would rather this skill stay the same, I don't like the idea of a warm up, especially if entangle is going away. but knock back reduction is ok Agree with remove...
  12. joshtsai

    Bug Polymporhing irongolem pet makes caster and pet owner's minecraft crash.

    I also witnessed this when someone used polymorph on a wither pet. It only crashes clients near the site.
  13. joshtsai

    Suggestion SK Atrophy

    That sounds good, I didn't even realize that terror was gone.
  14. joshtsai

    Suggestion SK Atrophy

    It has wraithform which helps it a little bit, but I don't see an issue with give it a bit more because other classes go so much. Maybe adding speed when going into wraithform, but keeping the fact that you cant hit? @Balance Team @Irishman81 @Dewyn Thoughts?
  15. joshtsai

    No One Is Safe

    who the hell are you