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Recent content by Delta788

  1. Delta788

    ALERT Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.04 (07/01/2022)

    Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.04 Most of the changes this week were already posted this week on discord as they were hotfixes. Sorry for the delay on the patch notes covid has been kicking my butt. I have included the hotfixes posted on discord throughout the week into the post for our...
  2. Delta788

    ALERT Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.03 (06/24/2022)

    Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.03 Greetings heroes, today is patch day! We have had a busy week, lots of class changes, and more to come! World Additions: - Add in PVP Arenas General and Balance changes: - Conquest points will now give Essence of Battle & Medals of Vengeance on capture -...
  3. Delta788

    ALERT Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.02 (06/17/2022)

    Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.02 (06/17/2022) The Balance team has been hard at work trying to balance the classes the best we can for PVP combat, they have been working closely with our skill development team. This patch has quite a few class changes in it, so please be sure to check them out...
  4. Delta788

    ALERT Herocraft remastered Patch 1.01 (06/10/2022)

    Hero Craft Remastered Patch 1.01 Greetings heroes, today is patch day... I know we are a couple of days late, we had some things we wanted to make sure we got done beforehand. We have added several new people to our team to help us with development and balance. Give them a warm welcome...
  5. Delta788

    ALERT Herocraft remastered Patch 1.01 (06/10/2022)

    Here is our first round of balance changes, our balance team has been very hard at work this week. We are going through each class one by one. Bard: - Add music discs as usable weapons - Lower Boomingvoice healing on from 20 -> 10 hp per second (attribute scaling oversight) - Lower base hp by...
  6. Delta788

    AtomicTempest ban appeal DISCORD lol

    Been removed for a few days now =)
  7. Delta788

    Architect App: JenksLaw (Now Jenk)

    Do you have some free time this upcoming week, so we can sit down and discuss this in more detail?
  8. Delta788

    Architect App: JenksLaw (Now Jenk)

    I'd just make a schematic, but Fairly big, I'd say 100x100 inner arena area.
  9. Delta788

    ALERT Herocraft Early Access Patch 1.0 (06/01/2022)

    HeroCraft Remastered Early Access Patch 1.0 Lots of changes, from the beta to launch, here is a list of what to expect to be fixed from beta to launch. A TON of back-end work was done by Tommo to update the plugin to 1.18.2, so give a HUGE thank you to him for his hard work if you see him. New...
  10. Delta788

    Architect App: JenksLaw (Now Jenk)

    How do you feel about making dungeons or arenas? Red stone could be used in both for traps and other various things. We are in need of a PvP Event arena (I'd prefer to have a different one for each season.)
  11. Delta788

    Architect App: JenksLaw (Now Jenk)

    @JenksLaw I see you bumped this, do you have any recent creations, and are you familiar with the 1.18 block pallet?
  12. Delta788


    Just a quick update, we ran into some last-minute issues that we need the weekend to finish working on. We have moved Launch to the following. June 1st 8pm CT = 3 day early access (buy it here @ https://hc.to/store) June 4th 8pm CT = Full release date for everyone! Sorry for any...
  13. Delta788

    Ready for launch!

    Ready for launch!
  14. Delta788


    That's right ladies and gentlemen the time has come, LAUNCH TIME, on the LATEST Minecraft version (1.18.2.) It's been a MASSIVE time in the making. We hope you enjoy it and as we draw closer we wanted to give you guys a heads up to prepare and get your friends together. Remember, Herocraft is...
  15. Delta788

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    Done, to login use your new name =)