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ALERT Herocraft remastered Patch 1.01 (06/10/2022)


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Aug 10, 2011
Here is our first round of balance changes, our balance team has been very hard at work this week. We are going through each class one by one.

- Add music discs as usable weapons
- Lower Boomingvoice healing on from 20 -> 10 hp per second (attribute scaling oversight)
- Lower base hp by 50 (bard has 70 higher hp than the next rogue)
- Reduce Warsong bonus damage from 120% to 30% (attribute scaling oversight)
- Reduce Voidsong silence duration from 5 -> 3 seconds (attribute scaling oversight)

- Increase Siphonblood cast range from 8 -> 10 blocks
- Increase Combustblood base damage from 60 -> 80
- Remove Infusion warmup

- Lower Sacredword warmup from 1 -> 0.5 seconds
- Lower Sacredtouch warmup from 1.5 -> 1 second

- Increase Jump stamina cost from 200 -> 300
- Increase Tremor radius from 5 -> 8 blocks

- Increase Airburst base damage from 80 -> 100
- Lower Corruptedseed self damage from 20 -> 10 per tick

- Bamboo damage 18 -> 13
- Blaze Rod damage 26 -> 21
- Add bamboo to apply Fist-of-Jin
- Increase Flyingkick stamina from 100 -> 200
- Increase Chakra stamina cost from 50 -> 100
- Increase Forcepush cooldown from 5 -> 7
- Increase Forcepull cooldown from 5 -> 7
- Increase Barrier stamina cost from 100 -> 250

- Increase Bonespear damage from 110 -> 120
- Increase Plague damage from 21 -> 25 per tick
- Increase Famine radius from 4 -> 8
- Increase Famine stamina drained per tick from 75 -> 100

- Decrease strength by 2 (lowers left click damage by 6)
- Increase Backflip stamina cost from 100 -> 200
- Increase Blackjack stamina cost from 200 -> 300
- Increase Eviscerate stamina cost from 150 -> 250

- Increase Divinestun stamina cost from 150 -> 300

- Increase Explosiveshot radius from 3 -> 5

- Increase Flash distance from 6 -> 8
- Increase Toxicrune bade damage from 25 -> 30 per tick
- Increase DevourMagic base resist from 20% -> 25%
- Increase DevourMagic mana restore of resisted damage from 80% -> 100%

- Increase ArtofWar damage multiplier from 5% -> 10%
- Increase Bladegrasp parry duration from 1 -> 3 seconds

- Increae Blink range from 8 -> 12 blocks
- Increase Pulse damage from 80 -> 100
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Aug 10, 2011
Hero Craft Remastered Patch 1.01
Greetings heroes, today is patch day... I know we are a couple of days late, we had some things we wanted to make sure we got done beforehand. We have added several new people to our team to help us with development and balance. Give them a warm welcome!!
Skill/Class development team additions: JazzDesignation, MeLlamoPeter, Werwew, and Wolfzee.
Balance team additions: Jbird, Keff, and WarriorLlama.
Be sure that you also check out the balance patch that has been pushed this week, you can find it here: https://herocraftonline.com/main/threads/herocraft-remastered-balance-patch-1-0.61010/#post-482141

World Additions:
- The discord bot now alerts everyone when an EXP Boost is purchased on the server
- Added nether mobs + respective drop tables to them.
- Implemented Farmcontrol plugin - there were over 2500 passive mobs causing big lag on the server
- Added more Conquest points for towns to capture.
Oakenfield ford: X:-65, Y:-27
Foylark Castle: X:35, Y:114
Mechano City: X:-212, Y:-157
Wellaria Town: X:-138, Y:221
- Added an Arena in spawn "Capital Arena" - pvp is always on X:-210, Y:-60

General Changes:
- Townships have had their price, upgrade cost and rename cost all lowered considerably
- Removed legacy skills from MythicMob that was causing significant latency during prime time
- All of the Tradepost Conquest points now have PVP on in the respective chunks
- Conquest points now have a capture cooldown of 1 hour (tradeposts) and 15 mins at Capital point
- Increased the EXP bonus for holding Capital Conquest Point (CCP)
- Conquest points now correctly countdown and are not instantly captured
- Tradepacks will now announce their creation at the current station
- Tradepack effects when worn are now given every 4 seconds on a timer (this is to prevent issues where potion effects are not applied properly)
- Precious Gemstones Tradepack now gives 3500 XP and 3 emerald blocks
- Players can now place Vehicles in Capital Spawn
- Deathchest expire timer will now last twice as long, based on user group (30 mins default, 1 hour t5 donor)
- Removed Damage II potion/splash
- Decreased magic damage mitigation for Igforvers, Temkurins, and Frotherts (Snowy Mobs) from 90% to 30%
- Backpacks are no longer an item in inventory and can be used with /bp or /backpack
- Players on overworld map (dymap) are now defaulted to hidden
- Removed Heroes XP from vanilla mobs to be replaced by MM vanilla mobs exp
- Cogs tradepack now requires 64 copper_ingots and 32 iron_ingots
- You can no longer put chests on your head
- Damage on gear got greatly reduced to now a maximum of +2.25 damage per gear slot, and knockback resistance has been greatly reduced. All old armor with greater than 2.25 will be replaced.
- Adjust enchantment protection (0.1)
- Re-enabled suffocation damage

Class Changes:
- Merchants can now place enderchests.
- Increased max stamina on all classes to 1000

Skill Changes:
- Miner - Superheat - now drops ingots for Copper and Iron/Gold/Copper DEEPSLATE variations
- Miner - Passive Skill will now correctly drop raw Iron and raw Gold when mining their respective blocks. It will also now work with Copper Ores and Iron/Gold/Copper DEEPSLATE variations
- Miner - New skill: SmeltCopper - Allows you to smelt copper ore.
- Bloodmage - Bloodunion - will now heal correctly when the caster causes damage with abilities
- Ranger - Feathered Shot - Should now function as intended.
- Ranger - Serrated Arrows - Should now function as intended.
- Farmer - New Skill: SummonBee - Allows you to summon a Bee
- Skill: Port - reagent cost is now 32 redstone.
- Skill Hellgate - reagent cost is now 8 enderpearls.

Bug Fixes:
- Hotfixed townships that generated far more than possible and reduced all banks by a large factor in their bank.

Exploit Fixes:
- Tradepacks cannot be hotbar swapped into another inventory(s).
- Blocked /Township spawn and /ts spawn command in combat.
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