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ALERT Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.02 (06/17/2022)


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Aug 10, 2011
Herocraft Remastered Patch 1.02 (06/17/2022)
The Balance team has been hard at work trying to balance the classes the best we can for PVP combat, they have been working closely with our skill development team. This patch has quite a few class changes in it, so please be sure to check them out below.
World Additions:
- Tombstones (Deathchests) - REVAMP
Will now have a random chance to lose items on death - 5% (Enchanted gear will not be affected)
Players who die with a tombstone will now have a GUI Menu appear after respawn.
Players who die in PVP will have a shorter lock duration and eventually will not drop a tombstone if dying in quick succession.
Spawning a tombstone now costs 0.01V (1 coin)
Players can now PREVIEW their tombstone in the GUI Menu
Coffins are now available for purchase from Exchange for 100v and allow players to FETCH their coffin from anywhere in the world - one use per
- Added several items to the Exchange NPC, building blocks, coffins, and other things!
- Added a new dungeon to the map, it is located around X:-1600 Y:450

General Changes:
- Foylark Port location has been updated to port to Foylark
- Disabled damage indicators as they were causing issues
- Reducing crit multiplier to 1.3x from 2x
- Reducing possible crit chance on weapons from modifiers to 8% from 20%
- Added chainmail armor to tiered drops
- Nether gold ore - added to XP tables.
- Enabled biomes for townships harvests in the nether
- Boats can now be placed in Oakenfield
- Binding skills to Staffs/Lutes will now let you use those skills and they will deal their normal damage.
- Disabled right-click effects on staff/Lutes
- You can no longer use an item(s) ability such as the Staff's attacks or Lute's attacks in your offhand

Class Changes:
- Paladin - passive - now has the correct healing value.
- Paladin - HeroesCall - Decreased the duration from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
- Paladin - HeroesCall - Decreased the range from 8 blocks to 6 blocks.

- Cleric - Passive - now has the correct healing value.

- Monk - passive - now works with bamboo
- Monk - Removed the ability to use shields (this was a config oversight that effectively gave Monk an additional 150 hp)

- Necromancer increased health per level from 3 -> 5, which is standard across all classes
- Necromancer increased range on famine from 8 blocks to 10 blocks
- Necromancer increased the range of plague from 8 blocks to 10 blocks.

- Samurai - can now wear full chain and diamond helmet
- Samurai - Passive bonus damage Increased from 5% to 10%
- Samurai - Bladegrasp duration Increased from 1 second to 3 seconds
- Samurai - Masamune - Speed Decreased from 3 to 2

Skill Changes:
- Runeblade - flash - now works below y0
- Miner - Light - now works below y0
- Miner - Superheat - Stone will now drop sone instead of cobblestone when mined.
- Blacksmith - Repair - cooldown removed, it now uses stamina (200)
- Blacksmith - Repair - added netherite armors to the list of repairable gear.
- Shadowknight - DreadAura - Removed from the class.
- Shadowknight - New Skill - Desecration - Marks the ground with unholy power, dealing 21.5 damage every 0.5 second(s) for 5 second(s) within 5 blocks to the side and 2 blocks up and down (cylinder). Enemies within the area are slowed. Stamina cost: 100. Mana Cost:150. Cooldown 25 second(s).
- Ranger - NimbleDraw - Removed from the class and replaced with the skill BowStrength
- Ranger - New Skill - BowStrength - Your arrows fly much faster.
- Ranger - RuptureShot - Removed from the class and replaced with the skill Trap
- Ranger - New Skill - Trap - You set a trap that lasts for 30 seconds underneath. The first player who sets off the trap will be rooted for 2 seconds. Cast time: 5 seconds.
- Wizard - AetherOrb - Removed from the class and replaced with the skill Entangle.
- Wizard - New Skill - Entangle - Roots your target in place for 3 seconds. The effect breaks when the target takes damage. Cast Range: 12 blocks.
- Dragoon - PiercingStrike - Removed from the class and replaced with the skill RisingLance.
- Dragoon - New Skill - RisingLance - You raise your lance straight up and launch into the air, grabbing any target foolish enough to be in your path. Cast range: 3.5 blocks.

Bug Fixes:
- Changed mastery loss to false in config,yml for Heroes. This might solve issues where players cannot switch classes as their professions exp had been lowered.
- Fixed some control points where players could cap them from outside of the intended area. (if I missed any please pm me - Delta)
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