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Recent content by Calovichi

  1. Calovichi

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    My in game name has changed from kdog8936 to Calovichi. Can I get a name change in the forums to reflect this change?
  2. Calovichi

    Can I get your thoughts?

    If I can draw your attention to the Herocraft online map. In the bottom corner around the SE Herogate you will find some road ways. I will first state that the road is not complete in its construction but the part closest to the Herogate is an adequate sample. This road way is intended to be...
  3. Calovichi

    PVE developments between Towns and Independent Players

    Question One: is there interest in creating a united PVE experience where everyone works towards some goal? Question Two: What would that goal be? I would like to throw out there the idea of a community city, a hub if you will? Maybe a uniform (by town) road way. Interesting community mechanics...
  4. Calovichi

    A butler to the core. Here you serve you however I can.

    A butler to the core. Here you serve you however I can.
  5. Calovichi

    ALERT How did you hear about Herocraft?

    Google search for an rpg server, and found herocraft. I joined a few before herocraft but this one stuck as the best.
  6. Calovichi

    Thanks for all the effort you put into running this excellent server. I personally see that you...

    Thanks for all the effort you put into running this excellent server. I personally see that you take the extra time to help out the "little" people with their questions and that in itself is a tremendous effort. So thank you for everything you do, not only the things we see but the things that...
  7. Calovichi

    The price of Relics

    Hello Kdog8936 here with a topic for discussion. The set to this discussion is that I was playing on the server and people were buy and selling relics. The price ranged widely from 150s for V or 300s for a set. I want to run an idea for a criteria pricing of relics. I have two criteria to try...
  8. Calovichi

    Solaris Trade Town.

    What is your in game name? - kdog8936 How old are you? - Nineteen How long have you been on the server? - Highly active a year and a half ago, then no activity for a year and now (1/24/15) begin again. How often will you will be online? - On a weekly basis I will play five out of...
  9. Calovichi

    [Hamlet] Papadopatropolis 38 (Now Recruiting)

    Name: kdog8936 Are you over over the age of 16?: yes, 17 What Class do you plan on being?: the next rogue class or ranger if i decide not to wait Previous towns?: none What can you contribute?: I can not say for sure. I rather say that I will try my best to support the town in what ever way i...
  10. Calovichi

    ALERT Minecraft 1.7 and Herocraft!

    You sir have found a gem in the rough. Thank you for telling us of this change!
  11. Calovichi

    Suggestion Aimedshot Has to Go.

    this is an excellent idea pew, nicely done!
  12. Calovichi

    LoL Username Thread - Post yours!

    kdog8936 - kdog8936 NE us
  13. Calovichi

    [Assassin's Guild] Evil {3}

    there must be some confusion, the base is outside of a town called Threshold(No affiliation). As for a test assassanation you may kill anyone from Threshold that is on at the time you are or you may defeat someone in a duel that has a rating better than 1400.
  14. Calovichi

    [Assassin's Guild] Evil {3}

    To join fully, you will have to complete an test assassination. I will fill you in on your target ingame or on the forums if you are not on when i am. As for buildings, we have the main base at the coordinates in the first post, so make yourself at home.
  15. Calovichi

    Revamp #2 & Patch 4.92

    they have, really great job guys.