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The price of Relics

Mar 2, 2013
Cambridge, Ohio USA
Hello Kdog8936 here with a topic for discussion. The set to this discussion is that I was playing on the server and people were buy and selling relics. The price ranged widely from 150s for V or 300s for a set. I want to run an idea for a criteria pricing of relics. I have two criteria to try. One is based on rarity, and the other is based on the ability to trade 3 tier I for 1 tier 2 and 3 tier 2 for 1 tier 3.... etc in the market.

First rarity. The ranking by likelihood of finding: tier I = 0.25 tier II = 0.75 tier III = 1 tier IV = 2 tier V = 6 totaling 10. Based on these percentages the pricing comes out to be tier I = 12.5 tier II = 37.5 tier III = 50 tier IV = 100 tier V = 300 totaling 500.

Second the market thing. Pricing comes out, roughly, to be tier I = 5 tier II = 15 tier III = 35 tier IV = 115 tier V = 330 totaling 500.

What do you think? Is my rarity ranking wrong? Did I mistake the market thing? Is there pricing already accepted? Am I being clear on how I came to my numbers? Let me know, and thanks for reading!