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ALERT The Final Stand - New Era/Map Reset

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, May 12, 2016.

By Kainzo on May 12, 2016 at 4:59 PM
  1. Kainzo

    Kainzo The Disposable Hero Staff Member Founder Adventure Team

    Jan 7, 2011
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    @Admins | @Heralds | @Moderators
    Please take a moment to read this, this is important. If you are here to troll, please don't.
    You may have noticed that Herocraft (and maybe Minecraft in general) as been in bit of a decline lately, there's several reasons for this, namely that we have a map cycle of generally 6-12 months before a complete data reset, we're currently sitting at 9 months in this current map of Citadel:Towny.

    The Past
    Minecraft may not be around in 6 years. Herocraft itself is as old as Minecraft SMP and we're going on 6 years in less than 5 months. I have picked up several projects both in Minecraft and out, outside of Herocraft to ensure that I will still be able to work freely on games and continue to host Herocraft without the need to increase donation incentives to extreme levels (not to mention the EULA issues).

    This community has survived the test of time in my opinion, we have been here longer than most triple A games stay alive and I am very proud to see this happen. In order for this community to continue to stand, I direly beseech your help. Herocraft needs leadership other than myself. I have been working on and off on finding community leaders to take on responsibilities and for the most part all of this has been very promising. The search is still on so if you are exceptionally gifted in something, please put your time to Herocraft if you can spare. We need an active group of players to be on this server helping new players feel welcomed, answer questions and fit in. We also need consistent players logging back in and obtaining ranks, rewards and prizes for doing so.

    When I created Herocraft, I had one vision. Make it brutal. That vision introduced players to a type of server that they had never seen before. A brutal experience that yielded immense joy when you survived with your friends. This very same enjoyment is why we've had over 400,000 players sign into Herocraft over the last 5 years. We've seen players rage-quit for all types of things (mostly pvpers camping new players, but it happens!) To recollect on these past few years, I believe our heyday existed when we had one purpose and that was to provide an extremely brutal server to our player-base. I really want to shovel content to meet those old feelings against while embracing the new content that Minecraft has to offer and let the community decide the route Herocraft takes.

    The Future
    There's a few things that need to happen before we can really reset data and move towards a new era/map. Mainly is updating plugins, ensuring systems are in place for a good/enjoyable time and timing.

    During this new era coming up in less than a month, I hope I can entice you to try Herocraft again. I am formally doing away with our Network hub feel until further notice and keeping all servers segregated on their own IP. Factions is branded under "Factionheroes.com" and Dungeon Heroes is under Dungeonheroes.org - We hope that players will enjoy playing these servers once their times come but for now, the primary focus under Herocraft will be to survive and to provide a unique experience with immersive systems. We are pulling out the stops and that means there won't be much hand holding when it comes to leveling, pvping, questing, protection or anything of that nature. Some changes for the new era are below for May 27th.
    • Vanilla Generated Map (2500x2500)
    • Overworld Mobs with Overworld Dungeons
    • Less strict leveling (ie, pre-8.2 patch)
    • Townships Revamped (currently in-dev)
    • Spawn / Trade District Overhaul.
    • Staff Retention Plan (currency payment to active staff members)
    • Loyalty and player retention rewards for logging in daily.
    • Conquest style points active 90% of the time for at-spawn in your face action.
    • Less crafting/profession based restrictions
    • Buycraft Store changes.
    • More simplistic items.
    • Possible planned reset times of 5-6 months.
    • 1.9.4 update.
    In summation
    I have been very proud hosting the community servers for over 5 years and I hope to see Herocraft thriving once again since the EULA is now blacklisting the pay2win servers, we have a chance to shine through and show Minecraft what we are really about. I hope this community grows together and can experience an amazing server with their friends as well as their foes!

    Last edited: May 14, 2016
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, May 12, 2016.

    1. GodOfGales
      Very nice! I'm looking forward to this new map- and the new future for Herocraft!

      Good luck, Kainzo!
    2. Darkerson
      Might have to come back and check this out! Keep up the good work!
    3. LordZelkova
      Well, looks like I'll have even less of a life.
    4. Rihawk_
      Same here! Hopefully it doesn't end up being one of those 80% taiga vanilla generated maps :p

      either way, I'm excited.
    5. RegularHumanMode
      I like Taigas...

      But seriously Kainzo, good luck. I'm sure it will all be a blast when it comes to fruition.
    6. ParanoiaComplex
      I have to say that paying your staff, even just a small sum, will be a good decision. "Volunteer" work is not the way to go when your business is for profit.
    7. Rihawk_
      Haha not saying I don't, but I've had some maps where its just annoying how much of it there is lol. like every other border has a taiga.
    8. MunchlaxHero
    9. LightTheAbsol

      So how's adventure coming along?
      Last edited: May 12, 2016
    10. Ghostkeep00
      looking forward to spooking everyone
    11. Kainzo

    12. Harrygo
      You said Quest, something planed other than dungeons ?
    13. kahzei
      Kainzo, i understand the leveling is for understanding classes etc but why not just get rid of it so you don't have to reset the server every few months? That's the biggest waste of time for me, as I don't want to level or rush level after every reset period in order to pvp. If the monsters were challenging and we're given set skills, players can compete on a more even ground no matter at what starting point, except for rare items they might've found from "hardcore" monsters. Certainly, monsters being challenging was a perk that kept me staying to play on top of open world pvp but like you said, getting camped etc... that's just bad oversight.
    14. Jrr_
      Three questions;

      If conquest points are open 90% of the time, this would lead to it getting boring with it being open for such a long time. They should open every hour or so.

      Leveling, what do you mean by less strict leveling?

      Can we get some new classes? I really think this is needed extremely bad.
    15. hjanuzzi79
      nice move, but have you guys realized that the downward spiral started as soon you guys changed the private land thing?! i do remeber when all donator would have ±10x10x10 private land, and the server were clearly on 300 online all the time.

      as soon the new revamped thing happened, i never saw more than 70 people online, and nowdays 20 is the most common online i see around.

      as someone whom got frustated with that specificly private land change, whom got a huge built area vanished from the server without any reason i decided to not support herocraft anymore.
      hope you guys find a balanced way to keep the server costs and the players happy
      good luck
    16. LightTheAbsol
      I'm about 99.99% sure this is not the reason we lost players.
    17. devotedworker
      Good! Working on REDACTED and REDACTED and we hided REDACTED to do stuff. Its all going great atm :p
    18. ShadowRavynn
      anything I cam help with Kainzo? sounds like fun!
    19. MunchlaxHero
      no, go home

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