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Kainzo <3

Jul 11, 2011
Ummm.. Okay.
This is the best I could do with a mousepad... I think it turned out pretty well and I have a feeling I got my point across...
@Kainzo @Apherdite
EDIT: I covered up Kainzo's face because no one is ready to see my perfect interpretation of his face.. I mean, let's face it, by this picture you can probably draw conclusions about how spot on it'd be. Nice try @kongrave , but there's a new artist in town. Acherous Diffuse
Oct 30, 2011
Dangit, he knows to much. Was thinking I didn't have to replace anyone after Troppics... *Pulls up EtKEnn Genetic Coding*
I know everything about you and your plans. I'm way ahead of your ''extermination process'', I already changed out the Genetic files with your own.