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ALERT Herocraft: Rise of Atlas! (NEW MAP, NEW ERA)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, May 5, 2017.

By Kainzo on May 5, 2017 at 11:48 AM
  1. Kainzo

    Kainzo The Disposable Hero Staff Member Founder Adventure Team

    Jan 7, 2011
    Trophy Points:
    Greetings Heroes and Heroines!


    FULL RELEASE = 7PM CST 05/19/17.

    We are announcing a new map named, Atlas!
    Atlas will introduce many changes and improvements to the server in order to provide a much better experience for new and older players.

    A beta test of the new systems and changes proposed is currently being planned and we are aiming to begin the beta this Friday the 5th of May (ETA 6 pm CST) with a full release following in 1 to 2 weeks. During the beta the survival server will be shutdown and the ip will be forwarded to the beta server.

    The beta will run for roughly one to two weeks, during which we will fix bugs, prepare for the new release and gather feedback on the changes and new content being released


    • First Mastery of COMBAT class -- 1000c at the start of the map
    • First to 100 kills -- 10 unopened crates at the start of the map
    • First Mastery of CRAFTER -- 500c at the start
    • First Mastery of Profession -- 1000c at the start
    • Highest Upgraded Town -- 1000c at the start
    • /pvp top (#1 slot - gets a FREE SUPPORTER TIER UPGRADE)
    • /pve top (#1 slot - gets a FREE SUPPORTER TIER UPGRADE)
    • /money top (#1 slot - gets a FREE SUPPORTER TIER UPGRADE)

    Key changes to note:
    New Map:
    • There will be a new map with this update which will be called Atlas!
    • We will be reducing (or removing) the number of NPC guards around spawn to help with clutter and the entity count at spawn.
    • Spawn plots will return! Players will be able to purchase/rent areas of spawn where they will be able to construct housing for themselves to store items and act as a base in the center of the map.
    • Atlas will be 2500R and release 500R every month until it caps at 5000R.
    • Gold will return to being the main currency in Herocraft
    • Soul prices will no longer be traded for coins but will still be able to be used for EXP.
    • Item durability will be making a return on weapons, this should encourage trade between players and create more of a reason to utilize professions.
    • Class weapons sold by villagers in spawn will require the correct materials E.G. Samurai Weapons will be traded for diamond swords etc.
    • A form of chest shop will be making a return however the first implementation of them will be limited to merchants as this is a plugin restriction. However, this may be resolved in the future.
    • Spawn plots and the trade district should be making a return with players being able to pay up-front to purchase/rent plots to construct housing or shops.
    • Ore regeneration will be removed, this flooded the economy with an unnecessary amount of resources and with no costs to repair items, craft items it only served to reduce the value of resources.
    • Herogates will have their cost increased.
    • TNT will be purchasable from a vendor, not craftable.
    • Items will be upgradable via a REAGENT crafted, found in crates and off hard bosses.
    • Warp will return to being limited to basic crafter class only. This should encourage more trade and interactions between players.
    • With the change to durability on weapons all class weapons are returning to their diamond variants. E.G. Paladins will now use Diamond swords instead of Iron swords etc.
    • The ability to craft TNT will be removed from all professions, TNT will be sold at spawn for coins.
    • More changes to be announced!
    • The numbers of chunks a tier 1 town can claim will be reduced. (This is to allow players to start a township to recruit players cheaply while encouraging players to upgrade past Tier 1)
    • Minor adjustments to township costs will be made, more details will be released at a later date.
    • TNT will be enabled in townships however destroyed blocks will regenerate over time after the detonation.
    Personal Regions:
    • Residence will be replaced with a new plugin in order to resolve issues like preventing players being allowed to disable PvP in their region.
    • The new plugin will utilize WorldGuard regions and should allow us some more customization.
    • Regions will now cost more to create but will cease to have regular taxation applied to them.
    • DeathChests will now require a chest and a sign in the player's inventory to spawn.
    • Villagers will actually be added to spawn to trade in your medals of vengeance! \o/
    • Speed Potions & Fire resistance potions will be allowed in combat again.
    • The PvP Arena plugin will be present in the new map
    • Each month the top PvPers will receive rewards for their performance.
    Conquest Castles:
    • The Castles will be located further from the Herogates in order to allow defending players some time to regroup before the next fight. This should turn contests over castles into actual fights instead of fights of attrition.
    • Diamond Castle will remain in spawn this castle provides significantly larger bonuses than the other castles thus should be more difficult to capture and hold.
    • The capture cooldown of Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire & Topaz castles will be reduced to an hour and a half (down from 2 hours)
    • The capture cooldown of Diamond Castle will be increased to 10 minutes (up from 1 minute). This should allow players to actually take advantage of the point while still allowing other players to contest it regularly.
    • The capture time of Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire & Topaz castles is being reduced to 3 minutes (down from 5 minutes) Diamond castle will remain unchanged.
    • Darkrooms will become illegal once again as dungeons have returned again they are no longer necessary.
    • Players will be required to kill bosses in order to progress through the dungeons. E.G. Will need to kill the Tier 1 dungeon boss in order to progress to Tier 2.
    • The overworld low-level dungeon will be removed as it will not be needed any longer.
    • PvP will be disabled in Dungeons level 30 and under however past that point you will need to defend yourself!
    • The increased HP on dungeons drops will be lowered to reduce the power difference between higher level and lower level players.
    • The EXP gained from crafting items as professions will be lowered to reduce the effectiveness of mass crafting to level.
    • A small experience boost will be given to players who sign up on the forums. This is to try and encourage new players to get more involved with the community.
    Staff Activity:
    • This is something we noticed has been a problem in recent months so in order to try and improve staff visibility and activity we will be paying a few coins automatically to staff who are active in-game.
    • In addition to the rewards for an activity we will be performing regular activity checks and we will be more strict on removing staff who are not performing their duties.
    • Last map there were too many mob events this caused the player to level far too quickly. While we are not going to stop doing them as these are events player enjoy we will be running fewer of them. However this does not mean there will be less event, we will be trying to schedule events at least once a week during a time that will be suitable for both EU and US players.
    • There has been a distinct lack of PvP tournaments in recent times so they will be making a return with far more notice and structure being provided in order to give players time to prepare!
    • Current ideas for an Event Roster include:
      • Dome of Death events (Mob spawning events)
      • PvP Tournaments! - We will try and schedule these monthly so that they will be predictable and players will be able to plan around them.
      • Spleef and other minigame tournaments for fun and prizes!
      • Treasure Hunts - Players will need to solve riddles and puzzles in order to find clues to the final prize!
      • Dungeon Runs - Players will start simultaneously and will have to race through mazes, traps, parkour area and puzzles in order to claim victory!
      • Admin Hunts! - Bounties will be placed on staff members and players will have to work together in order to try and claim the bounty for their own!
      • Free for All - Players will be placed in an arena where they will have to compete to be the last one standing, will it be you?
      • Build Competitions!
    General Notes:
    • We're hoping to have a return of the monthly Discord meetings where players can voice their opinions on the direction of the server so that we can try and further improve and head in the right direction. During the meeting, we will make notes of what was said and discussed so that a forum post can be made for those to see who weren’t able to attend the meeting.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kainzo, May 5, 2017.

    1. HelsEch
      I actually am aware of all the things you've mentioned, either through actual practice(I didn't always spread the Word y'know) or through observing and listening from the side-lines. Two of those are actually common in many other PvP and Survival games, so it would be odd for me not to know of them.

      Your precious MC PvP isn't actually all that unique. You can find the skills used to MC PvP sprinkled throughout the PvP universe in much more refined and exciting forms.
    2. Jrr_
      Not talking here, I'm talking from the 1.7.10 community (HCF)
    3. HelsEch
      I've never played that server.

      Though that doesn't change the fact I understand motion mechanics or strafe strategies or anything else you throw at me.

      That's because instead of pre-occupying myself with some niche modded server on a game played primarily by ten year olds, I tend to fill my time with more variety. Maybe you should, too. It might help you see a bigger picture.

      Anyway, I'm bored of playing with bad ad hominems. If you can't even manage to attack the material of my argument, then it's not even a debate.
    4. victim130
      Hels may not have played competitively, but I have. What he says is true, from WoW to Rust or ARK and any game that features some level of melee combat (even halo to some extent lol) use all the same strategies. But guess what? MC vanilla is boring because it makes such a basic effort to use these strategies. Then on top of that, exploiting or hacking with a third party program is easy as fuck and unless you have downs, getting caught is near impossible. Looking at my man Chazza.

      Plenty of games do a better job at what vanilla mc does and so that is why HC needs to try its best to be different. If you want clicks per second epeen growth, their are plenty of other servers.

      I really hope this new era is healthy for HC and Kain. Hopefully people will start realizing the intent to make a more interesting experience rather than a boring clone with magic.
    5. ChazzaMaGazza
      You're making it come across like I closet cheat which I don't, the one time I hacked I flew around the server and killed you in your town which was stupid but also very entertaining. Think what you want doesnt really bother me, looking forward to shitting on you next map :)
    6. w0nd3rb0y
      Franky is biggest haxor in da game. Erry body no that. He is the infomas hax0r four chan
    7. Avoir
      I use the best hax in entire universe, ma fingers... I also use them to finger my asshole.
      Last edited: May 18, 2017
    8. w0nd3rb0y
      ooohh, can i get in on that?
    9. Cwallcon
      *insert facepalm here*
    10. werwew19
      Maybe Chazza is just a more seasoned competitive gamer than you.
    11. Kainzo
      Reporting burn unit... haha
    12. Avoir
      Of course bro I'll turn it into dinner for two.
    13. w0nd3rb0y
    14. MysticMight
      Bugs: Geomancer's wall does no damage (push/pull)

      I also received this: "There was an error in FlashFreeze, let someone know"
    15. radicater11
      Did you use it on a player or a mob?
    16. BeasttRecon
    17. Kainzo
      FULL RELEASE = 7PM CST 05/19/17.
    18. Eldrylars
      Lol, this conversation really brings home the HC feel to it all. I commend both sites for their efforts and words that have given me much entertainments!
    19. Avoir
      Sexy ass nigga over here.
    20. Dielan9999
      When you're so compeditive you gotta hack :cool:

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