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Event Suggestion: The return of the Creators

Would you like for this to be an event?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Nah

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • It's cool, but, can it really be implemented?

    Votes: 5 71.4%

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Jun 23, 2016
Puerto Rico
Herocraft, the Realm of Wonders. Many races have settled in the realm, but their differences can be traced as far back as their origin. Namely, their creation. Many gave up on understanding their origin a long time before current day, but, they all agree on one thing, Before all the races, there was only one, called the Creators. All the races believe that the Creators cracked the secret of life, but vanished due to a revolt. Here is where they begin to have different versions of what happened after. The interesting thing about the Creators is how and why they were killed by their own creations.

Their return, couldn't have been expected, It wasn't something that they could've prepared for. The races would be forced to lay their differences aside, because this battle, could very well be their last.

One day, the dungeons went silent, with no explanation, and the other races stopped fighting the other humans. The humans were in the blind of why their struggle had ended. They began to believe they'd been conquered by a higher being, and that they were the next targets. Fear spread, but, the heroes did not give up. They took up arms and vowed to find what was happening. They sent scouts to search the realm and what they found, was astonishing.

An enormous Sphere shaped object with a pillar which went all the way to the ground. The scouts dared not to go inside, but as they prepared to return and report what they saw, two huge golems emerged from the bottom of the pillar and obliterated most of the scouts. Only two survived. When they returned to the capital to report what they saw, one began to go insane from fear, while the other claimed he could see his fellow scouts haunting him.

The heroes learn of this threat and search for an old man who claims to know what the sphere means. After finding him, he tells them that those are the Creators and that they have returned to claim vengeance on the people who tried to annihilate them. They are back, and out for blood. The heroes discover that the races weren't wiped out, they went into hiding out of fear. The Old Man tells the heroes that it is all over, and to spend what time they have left of their lives with their loved ones. An aura of grim fills the Citadel(Spawn). After everyone settles down, the heroes decide that if they will die, then it won't be without a fight. They all rally together and march for the Sphere, The battle begins, and only the strongest will survive.

How the event plays out gameplay-wise:
-Event: Return of the Creators is played in chat
-Two NPCs known as The Insane Scout, and Traumatized Survivor appear in Spawn(namely, in the Exchange). These two can be talked to for information of what happened, and the location of the Old Man.
-A third NPC the old man tells you about the Creators, He says the heroes don't stand a chance, but that, if they find a way to kill a Creator, then they will gain unparalleled power and gear. Finally, he tells you their location.
-The Sphere:
It is a dungeon, in a way, the location, is up for debate, as this is a concept, but it'll be a vertical cylinder with one entry gate which contains multiple floors leading up to the sphere. The Sphere is made up of various chambers starting from the cylinder, or, "Pillar", which all end up leading to the center of the Sphere. In the center, you find the Oldest Living Creator, known as Vitae (Life). The heroes all struggle to fight him, but, after a long battle, they emerge victorious. (In the sphere, PVP is off, and parties are very recommended for the boss EXP). the one who kills him receives the "Key of Life" which is used to open the door to the true nucleus of the sphere. Once there, Everyone feels a power surging through them (Exp, I'd say about 3-5k for effort (-U-)b). Drops from each mob can range from Souls to weapons, the best of which is a guaranteed drop from killing the boss. After the heroes get their loot, they are teleported near the sphere, and it self-destructs.

*Pvp remains the same except when in the dungeon

(I priorly apologize for any errors this might contain, please leave any suggestions in the comments, and, hopefully, this becomes a reality if the admins and players like how it looks)

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Jul 6, 2013
There's new lore that is being implemented that doesn't really fit this. It can be adjusted a bit to work with it though. I do like that you put time and effort into this, though.

That being said I can't imagine an Event with more than 1 or 2 steps working on this server. Plus, we can't shut down the dungeons. It would cause an outrage among people wanting to level.