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  1. Khoshekh


    Ok, So I have played before but it's been like a year, and I have a few questions: Do I have to walk all the way to the dungeons coordinates to get there or is there some sort of warp i'm missing? Do I have to be a certain level to do some or is it just advised? Also I have a mini...
  2. Wither

    Event Suggestion: The return of the Creators

    Herocraft, the Realm of Wonders. Many races have settled in the realm, but their differences can be traced as far back as their origin. Namely, their creation. Many gave up on understanding their origin a long time before current day, but, they all agree on one thing, Before all the races, there...
  3. Paradoxical7

    Bug Dungeons are completely broken...

    When I logged on this morning at about 8:20 AM CST, dungeons spawners were, and as of the moment continue to be, broken. The block doesn't emit any particles, and no mob spawns.
  4. Sanogono

    Bug Trickster's Domain issues

    Bug 1: Ghasts when their projectile hits you has the ability to do up to 800 damage. Words fail me considering how many times I've been fighting the boss only to be 1-shotted by a ghast when I have 7 hearts remaining (600-700 HP) Bug 2 (See picture attached): The boss has the ability to spawn...