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  1. F

    Suggestion A Better Tutorial [Content Included]

    So, right now as I see it the main reason the server doesn't have many new players is because they quickly get confused about the servers many mechanics, and leave quickly after joining because they don't actually know what to do. The tutorial Herocraft has right now is lackluster, and quite...
  2. Islestrike

    Suggestion Economy Stimulation/ Diablo Style buyback system

    Would appreciate it if somehow Kainzo/staff could setup a makeshift Diablo II style economy. Suchas armor drops off mobs could be sold for various amounts of nuggets back to game because most players aren't buying much of anything at start of map. For example Spider Silk Boots could be worth...
  3. Wither

    Event Suggestion: The return of the Creators

    Herocraft, the Realm of Wonders. Many races have settled in the realm, but their differences can be traced as far back as their origin. Namely, their creation. Many gave up on understanding their origin a long time before current day, but, they all agree on one thing, Before all the races, there...

    Suggestion Incentives For Social Media!

    We the staff of Herocraft wish to give out rewards and bonuses to the community for liking, sharing, subscribing and just generally getting our name out there so we can enlarge our player base while making you happy. We are currently coming up with ideas for this but we also need YOUR HELP! Tell...
  5. Moisty

    Suggestion Replacement for Global Market

    The global market didn't receive good feedback from...well anyone. Have we not given it any thought of ways to replace it though? Here's an idea I came up with: Global Advertisement Center: This would allow players to advertise star items they are selling, but the consumer must travel to the...
  6. Moisty

    Suggestion Daily Quests Idea

    As a Warcraft player, I am very fond of the idea of quests. Why not have a select area specifically for a quest-giver (perhaps called an Oracle) where players could walk into, and automatically be assigned a quest that actually uses the server lore? Ex.: "The Aether is slipping into our...
  7. _SystemGlitch_

    Suggestion Jobs Board/Jobs Marketplace

    Having a place to look for desired jobs would be a great thing to have on a server that revolves around classes that can do specific things. If I wanted someone to come do some redstone for me, aside from yelling in chat, I'd have no way of letting people know, and those who aren't online would...