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A Beginner Guide to Herocraft!(2014-June-01)

Jan 14, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Welcome to a Beginners Guide to Herocraft! Our goal today is to inform you, the player, on any concerns or questions you may have about Herocraft. We have many points to cover so without further ado, let us begin!

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Terminology
  3. Heroes
  4. Your first day
1. Introduction

First off it's a nice tip of the hat to send a "Thanks!" towards the staff member that whitelisted you into the server. If you have not been whitelisted yet just remember to edit your original post about any updates and someone WILL get around to it. All applications are looked at. They work hard sorting through applications so it's always nice to let them know they are awesome.

Second off you should have already read through all the Terms of service and rules of Herocraft. Here is a quick link for reference.

Now that those are settled it's time for you to be introduced into the framework of Herocraft. These consist of common and rare Terminology found all over, the Heroes plugin which will shape how you play the game, and a couple ways on how to approach your first day in Herocraft!

You can find the Herocraft Wiki right Here. It has a lot of valuable information that is maintained by an in-house wiki team!

2. Terminology

Here you will find terms used throughout Herocraft with info about them.

LWC - Lightweight chest protection system. These are used to lock your chest(For a fee) so only people you choose can have access to the chest. You can find out more by clicking Here.

Spawn - Where noble plots(which can be bought with souls if there is space) and a large hub of sign shops reside.

HeroWiki - A Wiki covering most if not all the information surrounding Herocraft. It is constantly being updated with new information. Click Here to explore!

Hub - A nexus to choose between Haven, Ruins or Shrine map

Haven - The main PVP map

Ruins - The Greylisted(not on the whitelist) PVP map

Shrine - The PVE map

Staff - Click Here for a full list and their duties.

Citizen - Someone who belongs to a town

Ring - Large rings float in the sky that designate that a town is there.

Region - A region is an area of blocks that have been selected for private use for either a town or Donors. You can check for a region by right-clicking a block with a piece of Coal in hand. Only players who have been added to the region can move blocks within it.

Donor - Click Here

Sign shop - Sign shops are automated shops set up by Profession classes that can buy and sell various goods. Left click on them to sell to the shop and Right click on them to buy from it.

Coin - Was the old lifeblood of the Economy, Sometimes you referred to as just "c".

Souls - The new lifeblood of the Economy, Sometimes you referred to as just "s". You can check your wallet by typing "/money" into the Chat Box and send money by typing "/money pay [playersname] [amount]"

Chat - The chat plugin we developed is HeroChat. You can change channels by typing "/ch [shortcut]" and leave them by "/ch leave [shortcut]". For example the Offtopic chats shortcut is "0" so to talk in Offtopic you first have to type "/ch o" into chat and then anything you type afterwards will be seen in every players Offtopic chat.
Trade Chat - This is where players talk about trading blocks, items, gold, and services. Shortcut is "t".

Offtopic Chat - Offtopic chat is the general chat in the game. If it doesn't belong anywhere else it ends up there.

Help Chat - Help chat is where players ask questions and other players answer and try to help you out. Shortcut is "h".

PE - Short for Petition. This are used when a player has a problem that someone in Help chat can't help or you notice a problem in the game itself. A good example would be if you walk back to your home and half your house is griefed. You would petition it by typing "/pe open Someone griefed half my house!" and a staff member will get to you as soon as they can. There is hundreds of petitions that Staff have to go through and they check each and every one, so please be patient!

Heroes - The Plugin developed and used by Herocraft. See the Heroes section for more.

Herogate - A Herogate is a portal located at the nexus which can be found be entering any herogates you come across. Each portal details its destination and has a fee to be paid.

3. Heroes

The Heroes plugin was developed by our server's beloved coding team. With it we have more dynamic RPG progression for any of your playing needs. You can be any kind of Hero you desire, you can be a killer, a thief, an architect, a protector, a saviour. It's up to you what you want to be, review what each class can do, and pick the one right for you!

IMPORTANT: When you get a path to level 50, and you have some cash(500 coins). You can then "specialize" (or spec for short) into a new class. It's these classes that have all the cool skills.

Warrior Classes:
Dragoon - The hunters of the Warrior path, there is no escape.
Dreadknight - The anti-mage. Destroyer of the arcane, and pretty well rounded.
Paladin - Holy warriors boasting the highest HP of all Heroes, and can wear Diamond chest-plates, and Diamond leggings, more diamond than any other class can.
Berserker - A warrior that thrives in combat, increasing his damage as he takes it.

Rogue Classes:
RuneBlade - Applying magic to their sword and being able to sneak effectively they can swiftly kill their foes.
Bard - The Bard is the team player, the world warrior, and the seasoned traveller. The Bard's skill-set includes a variety of party based skills that will bring victory to your party! Buffs buffs and more buffs!
Ninja - Ninjas are masters of stealth. Through their abilities to sneak up on their enemies and swiftly kill them, anyone who has angered one lives with a constant fear in the back of their mind.
Ranger - The Trackers of Heroes. The Ranger can use their bow to hunt down any foe no matter where they hide.

Caster Classes:
Wizard - Masters of the arcane. Passing through space on a whim and calling on the skies to cry down lightning is a trademark of the Wizard.
Pyromancer - A melee caster that has embraced fire to an insane level. They can burn anyone to a crisp with their hot tempers and fiery spells.
Necromancer - Masters of the dead, dying, or soon to be dead. With their ability to open hell gates into the nether to acquire rare materials as well as a suite of debuffs to slowly and painfully kill you.
Beguiler - Masters of distressing and misdirecting their foes. Being able to play tricks on your enemies to make them vulnerable to attacks as well as allowing their companions to forget how tired they are.
Shaman - Bringing the full fury of nature to the battlefield the shaman is a site to behold. Summoning totems to heal allies and wreck your enemies as well as powerful spells to shock your targets whoever they may be.

Healer Classes:
Cleric - A powerful white mage with the ability to cleanse and soothe the most battered player as well as the ability to smite their foes with divine light.
Bloodmage - For every effect there should be cost, to these healers that cost is in blood. Using their lifeblood as a resource bloodmages can control the blood of party members and enemies draining and filling them as he sees fit.
Druid - Commanding the renewing properties that are in nature to rejuvenate their allies and the earth and trees to hold down their foes. A druid is truly in tune with nature.
Disciple - Disciples are disciplined fighters shunning weapons to favour their fists. With hardened bodies through harsh training and meditation they have the ability to subdue and shut down any foe while soothing the wounds of your allies with their very presence.

Crafter Classes:
Alchemist - Brewing potions and making rare blocks in their cauldrons an alchemist is a very useful class to have around.
Engineer - Engineers abilities to use redstone in unfathomable ways and the ability to make lifts and bridges and engineer is a core character in any town.
Smith - Creating and maintaining armour and weapons a smith is able to preserve your favourites assets.
Enchanter - Using their own experience to make weapons stronger and armour impenetrable an Enchanter has a hand in every combat with their work.
Farmer - Breeding and growing crops a Farmer has the ability to make a large food supply for his friends and himself and his ability to spawn animals is an asset to any town.
Merchant - Using sign shops to automatically sell goods across the world and the ability to trade with minecrafts native villagers. No matter where a Merchant goes there is money to be made.
Miner - Cutting through rock and extracting the earth's gems are on the miners mind everyday at every moment. Vital for clearing out large swathes of land and keeping the coffers full.
Runesmith - The ability to use runes to make special recall points make the Runesmith a very valuable profession.

4. Your first day

Your first day in Herocraft will have you at a special spawn where no matter where you log out at you will return there first. Walking in any direction you will see letters in the sky made out of Glowstone. The main server is the one with "RPG" floating ahead. After walking towards it you will be teleported to the hub world where three portals lie in your path. To your left is the PVE world where there is no PVP but you will find less souls and less exp. To your right is the PVP world where the larger majority of the player base lies and regular amounts of exp and souls will be found. I would suggest going straight ahead to the tutorial portal in the centre where you will learn many, many commands to help you progress as well as more in depth reading about the different classes.

Either way pick your portal and proceed!

Be cautious, there are many players wandering around who will just not like the look of your face no matter how awesome you can sweet talk. That's just one of the many faces that make up the final form of Herocraft.

A great way to get off on the right foot is to make your way over to Offtopic chat by typing "/ch o" into the chat box and saying Hello! No matter how busy the channel is you will most likely grab a response or two. If anything is confusing you or you have any questions at the time pop into Help chat by typing "/ch h" into the chat box and type out your question. Someone will answer soon if not right away.

Now that you are acquainted with the community you have a couple more options open for you. You could either run into the Wilderness or join a Town.

The Wilderness
  • +No structure code
  • +Nobody to tell you what to do
  • +Never have to pay taxes
  • +No plot restrictions
  • -Raiders can go through and take anything from your chests
  • -Though griefing is ILLEGAL wilderness houses are prime target for griefers.
  • -Very little protection
If you want to make your home in the wilderness you have to find a spot that is not in the 400 radius of spawn and cannot be within a 100 block range from any block on a town ring.
Joining a Town
  • +You can protect your chests from raiders
  • +Towns have regions which means only people in the town can move blocks
  • +Towns have walls and other citizens to protect you
  • +It's own community to play with
  • -plot restrictions
  • -May have to pay taxes
  • -Towns may enforce a structure code
To find a town enter the recruitment channel by typing "/ch re" into the chat box and then press enter. Now type away saying how you are looking for a town to join. If you have no such luck online head on over to the Township Forums and apply to any towns you like through their threads.
Now on making Money, The lifeblood of Herocraft. Money is called "Souls" in Herocraft and can be found as items from mob drops and there is a chance for ores to drop them as you mine. You can turn these souls into currency by going to the trade district in spawn and selling them at The Exchange. You can check your money by typing "/money" into chat and "/money help" to see all the commands. You can also hunt down bounties that other players have placed on each other to make money as well!

Once you have all that settled up you are pretty much set to go! If you ever need more help in game and looking for someone to talk to look for someone with the title [Guide] next to their name. They know a LOT about the server and will always do their best to help you find your place here! You can find them loitering in the "/ch tour" channel. You can find a complete list of current Guides Here.

Remember, play Herocraft for you to have fun! If you find great enjoyment in slaughtering hundreds of players, farming melons as far as the eye can see, or even founding a Kingdom and rise to prosperity, go for it!

Thank you for reading and good luck in the land of Herocraft! If this has helped you any way, Like the post!

A few extra Tim-bits

  • Be polite! You will find more people to play with when you are nice.
  • Don't be a douche! Don't insult and harass other players. This is a pvp server so you may get ganked by multiple players at once, play safe and be aware!
  • A good rule of thumb is if someone griefs your house and it would take less then 10 seconds to fix, don't Petition it. There is a lot of issues that staff need to go to and it's very frustrating for them to be dragged to an edge of the map to inspect a couple missing cobble from a wall.
  • You can find me in game if you need any more help! My IGN is "7thKnight"

Credit goes to Ilsyde for a lot of Terminology.
Credit to Danda about the Signshops.
Credit to Zaspar for Region explanation.
Credit to Strongholdx for multiple parts.
Credit to Dielan9999 for parts of the Heroes section.
Credit to Kainzo for various info
Credit to DJAlphawolf for helping me update spawn information

(I'm looking for any pointers or contributions to make this guide even better. I will list people who contribute!)
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Aug 13, 2011
I'd HIGHLY recommend joining a town. Having a base by yourself gets VERY boring. Please mention how towns have region protections and how you can raider-proof a chest by placing a block over it as long as it is in the region. I'd also add that you can check block regions by right clicking on a block while holding coal.
Jan 14, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
I added region checking to the Terminology and implemented your suggestion Zaspar. Thanks!

Thanks Bay!

EDIT: Such a giant Paragraph, going to find a way to cut it down. Bullet-points maybe?
Jul 5, 2011
Nice work! I remember in March or so when I joined I was only accustomed to vanilla Minecraft, in fact this was only my 2nd server I had ever been on besides my own. So obviously the plethora of mods from iConomy to townships and even the chat system was confusing as hell haha. Hopefully this helps some newbies out. :)


Staff member
Tier 9
May 1, 2011
South Louisiana
I think this is great work, Dom thumbs up, and to all the others that helped
Now if it could be sticky'd in the guide area for easy reference, to the new server players!!
Opps sorry didnt see its in the guide area already
Mar 9, 2011
Temple of Melonmancy

I'd like to contribute to summarizing the Heroes plugin in a nutshell. I'm pretty good at it and have done it several times to different people.

Just give me some time to write it up and I'll PM you.
Jan 14, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Awesome! Make sure it's user and beginner friendly! ;D

Also! If anyone wants to add more Terminology just PM with terms and I'll it into the list and put you in the credits list. I'm currently writing in a large part that Strongholdx PM'd with.