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  1. Eldrex

    Suggestion [Township] Block Decay

    Simple suggestion really. Make it so that if any blocks are destroyed or placed within a certain radius of a town decay. What I mean by this is, if someone breaks blocks or places them near by a township, I'd say 100 block range is good, the blocks will disappear after a certain amount of time...
  2. Dielan9999

    Suggestion What do YOU want for the townships system?

    Heroes, I am helping pick up the slack on the townships plugin. There's only a few broken things I want to fix, and a whole lot wrong on Herocraft today that comes from how our plugin is configured. These are things we can easily change, but it needs to be changed in the communities best...
  3. Dielan9999

    Bug Ongoing wars restarting after server reset

    Looks like our wars are starting over after server reset. This might have been missed in bug testing because two active towns at war shouldn't notice this but if you war an inactive town the automatic point gain is so slow your war will go on over 24 hours, so we get hit by a reset. Here's a...
  4. Dielan9999

    Bug War Victory is bugged

    We warred an inactive town and during the entire duration of the war they never logged in and none of us died - yet we still lost. We were getting notifications every hour that we scored one point due to them being offline. Did it award the wrong town the victory? Can I get some kind of...
  5. Jippuper

    Question about towny war

    Hey, not sure if this is in the right subforum but w/e. I have asked this question a few times in game but I have not recieved an awnser on it so far so im trying my luck here. I've read that in towny war, blocks can be broken by non residents of a town. Im wondering what happens to these...