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  1. Beau_Nearh

    Connection Issue

    Hello, an issue that I am currently facing whilst trying to connect to the server (play.hc.to) is that I am teleported between both limbo and Atlas leading to me being left within a loading screen. Is this a known issue as I haven't been able to find anything within these forums? Many thanks...
  2. Kophka

    Bug Voting Crate Bug

    Just after today's update, I voted at the 3 vote sites. Upon voting, I received coins, but did not receive any crates.
  3. biowaier

    Bug Endurance Skill Bug

    When using the SK skill "Endurance", the skill notification says "[Player] uses Endurance on %target%!". Not sure if intentional. Am post bug. Am also put screenshot.
  4. Silverbond

    Bug Boss doesn't fight back when attacked

    Yesterday while grinding in the dark palace dungeon i came across a boss named: Bit-stream the untimely, A red name boss that has a bow, the mob doesn't shoot arrows, nor does it do anything other than run at you, stop and wander away, it doesn't respond to melee, ranged, or fire damage...
  5. B

    Bug Attribute Menu Mislead/Bug

    What: Attributes Where: Herocraft Server When: December 30th, 3:30 AM CST Problem: [/attributes] menu is misleading Short Desc: Currently the attribute allocation is static and cannot be redistributed... I did not know this so I did [/attributes] and did an attribute reset and wasted my 100c...
  6. Kotios

    Bug Pyromancer: Inferno Orb + Dark Bolt

    Wiki description say that they are able to shoot fireballs not inferno orbs, and I'd prefer if it were fireballs because fireballs seem less glitchy than the current inferno orbs. Inferno orb doesn't work at close range, I nferno orb is nigh-impossible to use at long range when it's supposed...
  7. JerCoolDude

    Noble Plot

    At 1:10 EST on 5/15/16, I checked MorganFX's profile and they haven't been on since February 21. He owns a noble plot and it has been over 30 days and the plot still isn't deleted. Aren't the rules that if you are offline for more than 30 days your noble plot disappears? Please consider deleting...
  8. Paradoxical7

    Bug The exchange at spawn doesn't work

    As of right now, about 9:00 AM CST, the exchange isn't allowing me to sell soul drops. I left click the sign that I am trying to sell to, but it doesn't recognize that I have soul drops in my inventory and just says that I don't have enough items to sell.
  9. Paradoxical7

    Bug Dungeons are completely broken...

    When I logged on this morning at about 8:20 AM CST, dungeons spawners were, and as of the moment continue to be, broken. The block doesn't emit any particles, and no mob spawns.
  10. JerCoolDude

    Bug Set Items Are Broken

    In the RPG part of the server, at 12:30, Eastern-standard time, I bought 22 Soul Fuses. I then went and got my crystal and blaze rod and tried to create a Blessed Blaze Rod. But when I clicked the prismarine shard, it disappeared and didn't come back, not even when I disconnected. I tried making...