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Recent content by Ultanian

  1. Ultanian

    On class design.

    back on the forums readin stuff and really eye opening about class design reading those abilities really giving me Yasuo vibes
  2. Ultanian

    Thinking of coming back

    oh I guess I still have the adventure team/boss scripter/quest team tags, oops. What's happened with the adventure server? Not happening now?
  3. Ultanian

    Thinking of coming back

    What has changed in the past 2 years? I last remember the class system where you could upgrade your class once mastered, but it required a codex. I am kinda wanting to start playing again for nostalgia's sake but I have no idea how similar the game will be to two years ago.
  4. Ultanian

    Account and Email cleanup.

    Safe I hope
  5. Ultanian

    Suggestion If Herocraft was a MOBA...

    I'd totally work on something like that if given permission @Kainzo
  6. Ultanian

    Suggestion If Herocraft was a MOBA...

    Updated to include casters, tomorrow will be warriors
  7. Ultanian

    Suggestion If Herocraft was a MOBA...

    Not exactly a suggestion, but if the classes of the Multiverse were altered and fought in the arena, what exactly would their kit look like? How would that arena function? The following is my interpretation on that idea. So, without further ado.... Heroes of the Multiverse Souls of the...
  8. Ultanian

    [Spoilers for 1.9] 1.9 News & Pics

  9. Ultanian

    Misthalin, The Magic Capital.

    Age: 17 IGN: Ultanian Timezone: Pacific Mountain Time How long have you played HeroCraft: 2+ years Class/profession and level: Bard 13, Crafter 20 Why do you want to join Misthalin: In need of shelter, also wanting to be able to support teammates in battles. On a Scale of 1-10, what would you...
  10. Ultanian

    The Floating Islands of Frost!

    Name: Ultanian Age: 16, 17 tomorrow Levels (Combat & Prof): 13 Bard, 20 Crafter TeamSpeak?: Yup Skype?: Yup Mic?: Yup, sometimes Length of stay on Herocraft?: I think this means how long I've been on the server? Just over 2 years Timezone?: Mountain Pacific
  11. Ultanian

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    Just checked mine too- didn't know webpages could be so wide
  12. Ultanian

    [Spoilers for 1.9] 1.9 News & Pics

    Credit goes to /u/redstonehelper on reddit The End: set amount of obsidian pillars arranged in a circular fashion ender dragon protects pillars more the further you progress - Screenshot ender dragon has fire breath, can be collected in bottles ender dragon can be respawned as many times...
  13. Ultanian

    What League are you aiming for?

    Whats your battletag?
  14. Ultanian

    What League are you aiming for?

    I don't play league, but what I've heard from so many other league players that HotS is better... you guys should try it :D
  15. Ultanian

    Suggestion Bringing more RP to the Server

    Just wait for adventure ;)