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Recent content by pure_autism

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    Just saying, I'm 10 times more likely to want to kill a player if they talk mad shit. Where do you think conflict and rivalries come from, towns' admiration and respect for how nice other towns are?
  2. pure_autism


    someone tell me why I'm crying in a minecraft thread rn
  3. pure_autism

    NewAtlas Revisited Notes

  4. pure_autism

    Suggestion Who reallllly enjoys leveling?

    I'd rather level in BDO than in Herocraft
  5. pure_autism

    State of PVP

    pvp died after Bastion/early Haven
  6. pure_autism

    Account and Email cleanup.

  7. pure_autism

    How do you play/Setup pictures

    What are your specs?
  8. pure_autism

    R I fucking P man, it was fun playing with you. We won't ever forget you, bro.

    R I fucking P man, it was fun playing with you. We won't ever forget you, bro.
  9. pure_autism

    A Fallen Hero..

    I always had a real fun time PvPing with and against him. Can we get a shrine or something dedicated to him in spawn?
  10. pure_autism

    hehe xd

    hehe xd
  11. pure_autism

    ALERT Townships War!

    Shoot guys, guess we gotta AFK 24/7 now.
  12. pure_autism

    GrandMaster Legendary Class

  13. pure_autism

    Drastikos - Promised Land of The Word of Helios and Melonmancy - The Pillars of Faith on Herocraft

    IGN: Bomba How long you have played Herocraft: 3 years Willing to use Discord: Yes Combat Class: Ninja Crafter Profession: Miner Are you ready to take up arms in defense of Melonmancy from heretics?: Yes Are you familiar with the prophet Drastikos?: Yes, I was a member of Newerth in Bastion. Are...
  14. pure_autism

    Suggestion [item] way to repair "elytra" / possible drop or event

    For 10k coins, they should have infinite durability.