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Recent content by judgedread540

  1. judgedread540

    ALERT Back to the Basics - Complete Reset | New Era - December 21st

    Seems like quite a lot of good decisions, I may come have a peek. I like the war/peace system, do I smell inspriation from archeage? Or am I just playing too much of that game?
  2. judgedread540

    Just a proper goodbye

    I never properly returned after I went on holiday mostly because my return marked the start of school however my flame (not the kind you'd find on league) for HC burnt out. I've spent a few years of my life playing HC and enjoyed it all most of it and I'd like to thank everyone for forming such...
  3. judgedread540

    Cobbledumperton:Newbie Starting Town(PVE)

    I may apply to this at some point but I'd just like to say that one big deterrent for newbies is making an application to join a town. It may be better if a mentor just had a conversation with them to see if they'd fit in.
  4. judgedread540

    Holiday for 2 weeks.

    I like you to!!! Edit: I'm clearly retarded and incapable of knowing when to use "to" or "too"....... I wont correct it so you can laugh at me as much as you like.
  5. judgedread540

    Holiday for 2 weeks.

    What's wrong with magnesium?
  6. judgedread540

    Holiday for 2 weeks.

    You didn't know? Me and lightning are the same person he's my french alter ego.
  7. judgedread540

    Holiday for 2 weeks.

    Going on holiday to Tenerife for two weeks, flying on the 25th of July get back on the 5th of August. See you all then! @Admins Could this be moved to the Leave/Absence area of the forum as I don't have perms to post there. Ty vm.
  8. judgedread540

    Strange bug I have.

    I can't restart minecraft every time I tab out or I'll kill myself. I already have 8gb on minecraft hehe so already too much, I'll just keep using my haxor print screen fix :P
  9. judgedread540

    Strange bug I have.

    When I tab out of minecraft and go onto my second monitor, when I return to my main and hover over minecraft there is a loading cursor, if I click on minecraft while the loading cursor is there it starts to not respond and will eventually crash. To kinda fix this if I hold down print screen...
  10. judgedread540

    Nether Questions

    Do backpacks transfer to and from the nether?
  11. judgedread540

    Attribute Builds

    The strength is a filler point, I ended up with one left over ik it's not efficient but meh. As for the BM I presumed 26 wis would be more than enough because I can basically use enlightenment as much as I want, then again I guess 50 int is an overkill. Ty for the advise, I'll probs make some...
  12. judgedread540

    Attribute Builds

    Just a few builds I have saved. Paladin- This is while attributes were only on test, pretty terrible lol Stren 20 Cons 21 End 34 Agil 0 Intel 0 Wisdom 20 Char 0 Necro build- Str = -2 Con = 20 End = 27 Agi = -1 Int = 32 Wis = 15 Char = 4 Beguiler build (first attempt, defence too heavy) Str...
  13. judgedread540

    Problems With Signing Up

    *removed* I'm a spack, there's two different people.
  14. judgedread540

    Freepers {Evil}

    Name/Age: judgedread540 16 Teamspeak (Required): Ye Class/Profession(Please be specced): Beguiler/Merchant (Maybe changing prof to something else)
  15. judgedread540

    Just Sayin' (Laptop Minor Upgrade)

    If you didn't know - you're only using 3/4 GB of ram b/c you have a 32 bit OS which can only use up to 3gb, if you want to use all 4gb you'll need to upgrade to a 64bit OS